Jan’s Legal Letters to Google Adsense & Youtube have been drafted: Class action against Youtube?

In recent weeks I have been concerned by how slow the legal stuff has been on all fronts. So I decided to throw my energy into other cases that I was intending to leave for early in 2019.

The 2 most critical were my Google Adsense letters and my Youtube letters.

Now the Google Adsense was rather minor, compared to the Youtube one. But there were issues I wanted to raise with Adsense, because I’ve been dealing with them since 2010, and I’ve observed some interesting, and most annoying patterns.

The really important letter however, is to Youtube. I finished the first draft of it last week.

There are “technical legal” issues regarding taking on Google Adsense and Youtube, which I won’t go into here. In other words, there is a possibility that my legal moves might fall flat under certain conditions which I won’t discuss here.

The letters I drafted were pretty friendly, because these are the opening discussions.

In the Youtube letter though, I did tell them that if I was not happy with the way they were handling the matter, that I would not hesitate to take them to the High Court! I am VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. I don’t bluff. This is indeed my intention.

But I started out by stating various facts, pointing out their behaviour, among them, being the fact that they even break their own rules. I pointed out inconsistencies and then, at the heart of the matter, outright, repeated censorship.

I pointed out things that I would like, which could help resolve matters pleasantly.

Among my “nice” talk, was something critically important.

I had someone with a legal background go through them, and the feedback was that my requests were very reasonable and clearly stated.

Regarding the “critically important” matter, my legal advisor said that Youtube would refuse this outright. If they do this, then that will definitely be a critical reason why I would want them in the High Court, for that alone even.

My legal advisor checked some points I had made about both Google Adsense and Youtube BREAKING THE LAW OUTRIGHT. My legal advisor said that I’m dead right on that.

My legal advisor also explained to me an interesting fact that I did NOT KNOW. Youtube changed the rules regarding the conditions to earn money MASSIVELY – insanely actually. They placed incredible conditions on anyone with videos on Youtube for earning even one cent, compared to what they had before.

My legal advisor even made a suggestion to me. I was told that the issues I raised, especially with regard to Youtube, were of such massive importance, that it could easily fit the mould for a CLASS ACTION against them. It was even suggested that I should lead a Class Action against Youtube! I smiled at the idea.

There is no question in my case, that Google Adsense and Youtube have been breaking the law. What Youtube did to me, is in reality tiny, compared to what it did to vast numbers of people. What they did to me, will qualify for me to take them to the High Court. But, imagine if everyone who was screwed over royally by Youtube could band together. It would be ENORMOUS!

The amount of money that Youtube screwed creators out of across the world, must be a massive sum. Youtube could probably be cornered in enormous cases. The best however would be a massive class action against them. Their actions also need to be scrutinised by Congress. I think both Google Adsense and Youtube need to be hauled before congress for the monies they have been stealing from creators and website owners. Google Adsense for example, has been screwing over conservatives for years. It is easily provable. I can prove it using even my own statistics from them. But Youtube is the super criminal when it comes to outright theft. The magnitude of what they have done, financially, to creators is beyond belief. Yet they boldly did it in front of everyone’s face.

I’m waiting for a 2nd Legal Advisor to check my Google and Youtube documents before I kick off the process with them.

If Youtube wants to make this difficult, they may find that I’m quite keen to drag them into court.

6 thoughts on “Jan’s Legal Letters to Google Adsense & Youtube have been drafted: Class action against Youtube?

    • 19th October 2018 at 2:27 pm

      Hi Loki, have you joined my mailing list yet?
      This is very interesting about free speech in Canada. So many of your patriots are in jail, some in Germany.
      Canada is a Jewish hell.

  • 15th October 2018 at 12:13 pm

    When dealing with jews, legality doesn’t matter. Jews are more equal than others. The (((other side))) has heaps of jew lawyers who would like nothing better than to shut History Reviewed down.
    There is no rule of law when dealing with the kike. It’s Talmudic law (((they))) use on us.

    • 15th October 2018 at 7:59 pm

      Right. Whites never seem to understand that it’s useless to defend yourself from the point of law against those who operate outside of it or refuse to recognize those laws. Someone once said, good will only prevail when it exerts itself with the same ruthlessness as evil. In essence, we’re too good for our own good, and that has been much of the reason for our downfall.

      • 19th October 2018 at 2:11 pm

        I understand exactly where you come from. I too thought like this. It is true that I will likely lose. But there is much to be gained from making these moves. It is important to take these things to their proper conclusion and to show what you’ve done. Also, I don’t need to win, in order to make progress. Let me put it that way. I’ll leave it at that. Just rest assured, the concept and reasons are deeper than you think. This is part of “Political warfare” and in Political warfare we have to do many things where we don’t win outright, but they all play a part in the bigger picture AND they will help us to gain momentum.

    • 19th October 2018 at 2:31 pm

      Hi Jim,
      I don’t need to win in order to make progress. This is much more subtle than you realise. This is part of what you could call “Political Warfare” in which whites make moves which are rebuffed, but it is well worth the effort. I don’t want to go into deeper issues. This is a subtle but important game and whites must do this much more often. Also, why is it that we whites don’t have attorneys and law students on our side who are willing to assist us? This is one of the key questions we must ask ourselves. The opposition is not invincible. We just need more people to try, and we need more people with the right skills, who are willing to get stuck into this. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye.


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