Is the White Race prepping secretly & massively? – Hundreds Of Billions In Gold And Cash Are Quietly Disappearing

[I read this article with tremendous fascination. While the rich, and the Jews may also be siphoning money off, I almost get the feeling that vast numbers of whites, in general, may be doing something. I do think, our race is reaching a point where vast numbers of whites no longer believe in the system or anything that is said in public. 

I was astounded by Germans hiding 150 billion Euros!!!! That's insane. But, maybe not. My suspicion is that our German brothers and sisters, might not say in public, what they think in private and they may be looking at the way things are going and hiding savings, etc. That would make sense to me. I could understand them doing that. 
Here in Africa, US Dollars are indeed the most prized currency. Some countries like Zimbabwe use it as a currency. In Africa, US Dollars are like gold. 
While I think the rich are prepping, and the Jews may also be stealing as usual, I think the case can be made that LARGE numbers of whites no longer trust the system. I suspect almost no white in any Western Country actually believes in the Jewish Clown show called Democracy. 
To me it is a GOOD SIGN if normal whites are prepping and saving. It tells us 2 things:-
They don't trust the system at all AND they are preparing for a meltdown. 
I like it. I think it bodes well. And yes, let the system sink. The fact that US interest rates are heading to negative … and they're printing $100 billion per month … shows, things are going wild. 
JEWS: I suspect the Jews will keep printing fake money until we have a global Weimar inflation. I think the entire system is teetering ever more. I like it. I say: LET IT EXPLODE… let it BLOW. Its time for white males with guns to fix things, and kill who need to be killed. Its time for a return to ADULT WHITE MALE SUPERVISION. 14/88. Jan]

omething strange is going on: at the same time that central banks are injecting $100 billion each month in electronic money to crush volatility and ramp markets, a similar amount in hard physical currency and precious metals is literally disappearing.

Take gold: as we reported last week, it was none other than Goldman Sachs which recently laid out the case for gold, saying “gold’s strategic case still strong.” One reason for this is that the same central banks that are “full tilt” printing cash, they have also been splurging on gold, and as a result of “geopolitical uncertainty” there has been a record surge in gold demand by central banks themselves. As Goldman notes, “CBs globally have been buying gold at a very strong pace” and “2019 looks to be a record year for CB gold purchases with our target of 750 tonnes combined purchases likely to be met.”

But it was another, even more bizarre discovery by Goldman, that caught our eye: according to the bank there has been a whopping 1,200 tons, or $57 billion, of “unexplained” gold flows in just the 3 years.

As Goldman’s Mikhail Sprogis writes, “rising political risk – together with negative European rates – may be an important reason behind the large share of unaccounted gold investment over the past several years. Exhibit 17 shows cumulative unexplained gold demand based on World Gold Council (post 2010) and GFMS (pre 2010) balances data. It surged since 2016. Similar dynamics can be seen when we look at implied vaulted gold stocks built in the UK and Switzerland, which is calculated as implied cumulative total net imports minus transparent ETF gold stocks.”

And another remarkable observation, or rather lack thereof: “One can see that since the end of 2016 the implied build in non-transparent gold investment has been much larger than the build in visible gold ETFs (see Exhibit 18). This is consistent with reports that vault demand globally is surging. Political risks, in our view, help explain this because if an individual is trying to minimize the risks of sanctions or wealth taxes, then buying physical gold bars and storing them in a vault, where it is more difficult for governments to reach them, makes sense. Finally, this build can also reflect hedges by global high net worth individuals against tail economic and political risk scenarios in which they do not want to have any financial entity intermediating their gold positions due to the counterparty credit risk involved.”

In other words, Goldman points out that just over the past three years, there have been tens of billions in gold flows which have mysteriously and inexplicably disappeared from the official record, yet which are most certainly taking place behind the scenes as the world’s “top 1%” brace for a major shock.

But it’s not just gold that is disappearing: according to the WSJ, so is the world’s cold, hard cash.

Some Australians are burying it. The Swiss might be hiding it. The Germans are probably hoarding.

Indeed, while banks are printing more bank notes than ever and, these seem to be “disappearing off the face of the earth” and nobody knows where or why. or as the WSJ notes, “central banks don’t know where they have gone, or why, and are playing detective, trying to crack the same mystery.”

We do know one thing: of the $1.7 trillion in US dollars in cash circulation in 2018 (up from $1.2 trillion 5 years prior), the vast majority is offshore, where it is quickly and quietly disappears as the world’s second best physical store of value (after gold of course). A Fed economist, Ruth Judson, wrote in 2017 that about 60% of all U.S. currency, and about 75% of $100 bills, had left the country by the end of 2016 — for a total of about $900 billion in U.S. dollars kept overseas. Socking those bills away “provides some protection against economic turmoil, especially in countries with a record of instability in their own financial systems”, the paper said.

Take Australia: there the stock of Australian bank notes on issue relative to the size of the economy is near the highest it has been in 50 years, said Philip Lowe, governor of Australia’s central bank: “He showed off newly printed bank notes to diners at a recent event in Melbourne and estimated that about $2,000 in printed bills exists for every Australian.” And just to inspire confidence in his own job, he added: “I, for one, don’t have anywhere near that amount” on hand. In a few years, he will wish he did.

To be sure, there is the criminal element: as anyone who has watched a documentary on Pablo Escobar knows the Colombian drug kingpin buried tens of billions in the ground for “safe keeping” (in fact, as “The Accountant’s Story” writes, “Pablo was earning so much that each year we would write off 10% of the money, or about $2.1 billion, because the rats would eat it in storage or it would be damaged by water or lost“). As such, dollar bills are often vital grease for criminal gangs and tax cheats.

Physical cash is also popular with preppers and “collectors” who worry about a future collapse of the financial system.

But these two groups are far too small to explain the wholesale loss of cash as central bankers scramble to “follow the money” and glean how society’s saving and spending patterns change in a time of zero and negative interest rates. As the WSJ notes, bankers aren’t just hunting down cash to satisfy their own curiosity. If central banks don’t know how much cash is out there, they could print too much currency and risk inflation.

Then there are bizarre incidents such as these:

Construction workers recently dug up an estimated $140,000 buried in packages at a site on Australia’s Gold Coast, prompting a police search to find the trove’s owner.

In September, a court in Germany ruled on a case brought by a man who stuffed more than 500,000 euros in a faulty boiler only to see it incinerated when a friend made a fix on a cold day while he was on vacation. The man sued his friend for the value of the lost bank notes plus interest. He lost.

“People hide their money everywhere,” said Sven Bertelmann, head of the Bundesbank’s National Analysis Centre in Mainz, Germany. Sometimes bank notes are buried in the garden, where they start decomposing, or hidden in attics, where they are used by mice for building nests. “It happens again and again that people keep money in an envelope and then they shred it by mistake,” Mr. Bertelmann said. “We pick up the bank notes with tweezers and then start to put them together, like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Few are as perplexed by the fate of the missing cash as the German central bank: according to the Bundesbank more than 150 billion euros are being hoarded in Germany.

This has led the European Central Bank, and others, to ask the public for help.

“Everyone says that they are not hoarding cash but the money is clearly somewhere,” said Henk Esselink, head of the issue and circulation section in the ECB’s currency management division.

Some stunning facts: Australia’s central bank says its best guess is that only around a quarter of the bank notes in circulation are used for everyday transactions. Up to 8% of cash is used in the shadow economy—tax avoidance or illegal payments—while as much as 10% could have been lost. That is $7.6 billion Australian dollars ($5.2 billion) missing at the beach or in couch cushions…Or simply lost in a “boating accident” to avoid the taxman until the rainy days arrive.

The biggest use of cash is as a store of wealth “in safes, under beds and at the back of cupboards, both here in Australia and elsewhere around the world,” Mr. Lowe, the RBA governor, said.

Officials at the Swiss National Bank came up with another theory: hoarded bank notes should wear out less because they aren’t being used for everyday transactions. Demand for high-denomination bank notes tends to rise when interest rates are low, households feel distrustful of the banking system or people want to make transactions anonymously.



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Sure enough, SNB officials found that hoarding of Swiss francs jumped around the year 2000, likely motivated by fear of the Y2K bug infecting computer systems, the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the September 11 terrorist attacks and introduction of the euro. The financial crisis that began in 2007 encouraged people to stash even more.

Meanwhile, with a financial crisis looming – and getting closer by the day – for some countries, such as New Zealand, making money disappear is becoming a national pastime.

Christian Hawkesby, of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, wonders where all the cash has gone.

As the WSJ concludes, around a third of New Zealand’s new bank notes headed overseas in 2017, up from 6% four years earlier. That happened around the time that tourism overtook dairy as the country’s main export money-spinner, leading officials to speculate on the role played by currency exchanges, especially in Asia.

The trail mostly ran cold after that. The bank could only identify the whereabouts of around 25% of New Zealand’s cash. The rest, of about 75%, has disappeared.

“Our sense is that we’re in the same boat as a lot of other central banks out there,” said Christian Hawkesby, assistant governor at the RBNZ. “We can’t fully explain why holdings of cash are rising and where they are going.”

Well, Christian, the answer to where all that cash is going is simple and is shown on the image below…

Unfortunate boating accident.Source:

3 thoughts on “Is the White Race prepping secretly & massively? – Hundreds Of Billions In Gold And Cash Are Quietly Disappearing

  • 9th January 2020 at 8:42 am

    Which country will the Americans attack next? The country that doesn’t have a Rothschild Bank.

  • 19th December 2019 at 7:07 am

    John, i appreciate the insight. If money is mined do you really think that everything these bastards bring up from the ground got listed. They remove these minerals without any resistance or oversight from the nations in which they mine. Come on the tally stick system was the best system ever invented for the issuance and transaction of money. We need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Solomons mines does it ring a bell. When the Jews were pushed out of Spain and Portugal the gold centres moved North to Holland and the Britain. The ancient Romans were fighting the same scum one even complaining of the Gold shipments directed to The old temple. It is said the blood diamond only ever enter the market through Tel Aviv. We need to design a new methodology and monies interest free for the people and declare a Year of Jubilees. The wealth of the Nation will be ours all big corporations must be dismantled and small businesses must replace them. Local produce and local producers. This crime of the world must be punished under there Law and Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They are to be put in that Garden to eved work the land for themselves. BDS is not necessary as they must build their wall of segregation from the world not to keep Palestinians out but them in.

  • 16th December 2019 at 10:12 pm

    Never confuse currency for money.

    1. Currency is printed.
    2. Money is mined

    Currency can be printed out of thin air like now. Real money has to be mined and gold is the only true storehouse and value of wealth.

    I will tie that into what we see happening in S.A + how to stay protected – sorry Jan had to add this here because I see so many whites going to get swept away from the coming collapse in S.A thinking they can continue today as they did in the past.

    Americas 2 largest Exports.

    1. The dollar
    2. War.

    After war, the country at war, or being attacked by the US is given the dollar. The same happened after the war of independence in the U.S – the British defeated the Americans unlike most people claim. Though the Americans won the war, they now were in debt and had to accept the British terms of money, the king lent them the money to rebuild America

    America was once more the slave to the lender.

    Its what happened in South Africa, why do you think they fooled us and dragged us into a bush war, only then to stop supporting the war mid way through the war?

    Why do you think after 1994 in South Africa, the Rand was pegged to the dollar?

    The 1994 Agreement in SA was brokered by the US. The S.A constitution is nothing more than a test model from America with the signing off of by ministers in S.A

    The dollar leaving America is their #1 Export.

    It allows them to print money without having to deal with national inflation.

    Should a wobble occur in the U.S markets, those dollars will come pouring back to the US and destroy it. The min people think the US is losing value due to hyperinflation/over printing of US dollar in circulation, they will begin swapping U.S dollars for another currency.

    At this point in time, the US will have no other choice to purchase all those dollars and therefore every new dollar entering the country will devalue every piece of paper note in circulation, in which case prices sky rocket.

    Its not a matter of “if” but “when”.

    No currency has ever survived more than 300 years. Does anyone have any paper notes from 100 years ago that are worth something today? Its an old adage, currencies always die slow deaths but die nonetheless they always do.

    For example a house costs the same amount as a house cost 100 years ago. The price adjustment is really just a reflection of the currency value. If you took how much it cost to buy/build a house 100 years ago in gold, today you would find it would still take that much gold.

    Gold is heavily manipulated there is an entire organization called “gold antitrust action committee” they have done extensive reporting with proof that the real price of gold without manipulation should be more than $20k per ounce.

    You can print money out of thin air but when people see through the trick and printing no longer is doing the trick, people turn their back on the magic show and walk out.

    The exporting of Dollars therefore is another weapon of the US. Other countries holding huge reserves are tied to the US whether they like it or not. The only countries which will survive the coming dollar crash will be those holding huge amounts of gold and those holding other currency or having their currency backed by gold.

    There is no 2 ways about it. Rome did the same thing, they took 100 gold coins & made 10,000 coins out of thin air -they mixed them with lesser base metals i.e at first mixing them with silver, then when there was not enough silver they added copper and eventually tin.

    Their reasoning was that those 2 mixed coins would somehow still buy what 2 solid gold coins could purchase. At first the tricked work but then people caught on.

    When in the past it took 1 gold coin to purchase 2-3 cows, it took 1,000 lower base coins to purchase the same cows.

    Its what we see today. Inflation is nothing more than too much currency in circulation chasing too fewer goods. Most think its prices rising but prices rise only due to a currency devaluing and other countries not wanting to hold them.

    Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, many, many nations are beginning to not use U.S dollars in their trade deals.

    Why do you think America is behind Britain getting out the EU. The UK will be the new home for billions, hundreds of billions of worthless notes

    I heard one ounce of silver today in Venezuela can purchase between 3-5 month worth of food and one gold ounce almost a years worth of food.

    South Africans should have at least a few ounces of silver and gold on them, along with U.S dollars.

    I told many friends/family to re-mortgage/get a new bond on their properties and get the money out the country from that remortgage. When the downgrade happens the country is bankrupt, no one will be able to afford payments and when everyone is bankrupt, the slate is once against wiped clean.

    I would only be paying off a small % of all my debt, token payments for 8 months, send the savings off to another country get foreign currency. Resume payments in 8 months. No one will repossess your shit during these days in SA. The banks are not in it for goods but in it for the interest.

    I did this with one of my properties for 2 solid years, not paying a single cent before they took it off me. The entire time the property was rented out and I got 100% of the rent. They could never recover the money due to the fact the property was over valued so it made no sense in keeping or trying to keep the property, it would have taken me 10 years to get the money back and I didnt want the property.

    I did it for my own person reasons but I would apply a similar principle only paying R10 per month on my house, car, credit cards ANYTHING and everything for 8 months and putting the money overseas. We will get hit with a downgrade and the smartest of the smart will have already been doing this.

    A bad credit score will be applied to everyone when the downgrade happens and your bond goes from R30,000 per month to R50,000 but a loaf of bread will cost R500-R800 – people think it cant happen, 5 hrs drive from JHB they can see it in action in Zims – it has happened time and time again, including Germany and including the US after their war.

    It is going to happen in SA

    8 months saving what R8,000 – R15,000 per month x 8 = R64,000 – R120,000- whatever you save, take it (Dont spend it) convert it to dollars) or some other currency and 3% in Gold/silver. Resume payments in 8 months.

    I’m telling you, I have a family member doing this right now, friends doing it right now. Their credit will be slightly effected for 8 months but due to the stringent credit laws in this country, a token payment is seen as someone still committed to paying off their debt and cannot be discriminated against.

    The only time S.A law protects you – after 8 months go back to paying it off and the only thing that will happen is your bond will have an extra years of payments required from you. Think of it as a re-bond/re-mortgage but without a loan application lol and of course, you dont need some snotty nosed banker approving your loan but dont spend the money, invest/stash it away in foreign currency/gold off shore accounts.

    Heck if Zuma + the ANC can steal R4 trillion in 25 years, not paying off your stuff for a few months while storing up a cash reserve is not stealing, it is simply hedging.

    This is not to screw the banks but for protection purposes. They will continue paying full payments after March and the coming downgrade.

    If they can print money out of thin air, so can you. Use the system of the system to stay protected.

    I dont tell people this out of thin air, I have the qualifications and you will not hear this from 99.99% of financial advisors because most advisors only advise when earning a commission, they cant think outside a box.

    Financial advisors are nothing more than glorified salesman who need a qualification to sell you policies.

    Study economics, finance and history.

    I warned people months back, the smart guys will do it. There is nothing a bank can do if you offer to pay R10per month for your bond, so long as you agree to continue paying it in the future when your circumstances change.

    What are those circumstances?

    You are waiting to see what happens to the downgrade.


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