Is Donald Trump a Jew? RACE WAR & CIVIL WAR coming to: S.Africa, Europe and North America

[Some good folks were debating whether Miles Mathis's views that Trump is a Jew was valid, and it seemed to me most were swayed by that. So I wrote the following to them. Jan]

I wouldn’t buy everything Mile Mathis says. The thing he’s said that I truly thought was genius, was about modern art being a front for money laundering. To me, that argument is tight. But other things he says, are not to me conclusive.

I don’t think Trump is Jewish. But he definitely loves Jews and is always surrounded by them, etc. He is silly enough to even want the Jews to call him Messiah.

I think any move is being made, that can be made to oust him this year. It should be plainly clear that the one thing they want like CRAZY is for Trump to lose the election in 2020. The whole staging of the fakely “successful” impeachment is an idea related to the Jew who predicts which presidents win the election. He stated openly that any attempt at impeachment WILL HARM THE CHANCES OF TRUMP’S RE-ELECTION EVEN IF IT FAILS. He has been predicting presidential winners for 40 years. So that was his logic and I think that is a genuine, Jewish strategy.

They have a dumb electorate. So they’re putting on that weird show as if they’ve succeeded. These are just Jewish games. The real issue is to REMOVE TRUMP.

It may be that by branding him as a Jew or maybe Jew, will be negative for him too.

I’ve lost all interest in the rich and super rich. I’m of the opinion that many of the super-rich and elite need to be hanged anyway.

None of them will come through for whites. ONLY NORMAL WHITES AND TRUE GRASS ROOTS PATRIOTS CAN STAND UP. That’s the ONLY HOPE. The ONLY HOPE is revolution in the end. The rich are so busy with their enormous deals and their huge bank accounts that to them, this is all fun and they don’t see or care about the pain of the common white.

Its been my opinion for years, that the ONLY way the west will be saved is by common whites like us. Its us or death.

The rich are scum, who in many cases need to be executed for treason. Many of them have already bought their expensive properties in New Zealand and elsewhere where they will flee to with their worthless asses when the SHTF.

The common white, even the poor white, even the lower class whites are actually the KEY TO SURVIVAL. Those are the only people we should care about.

There may be some rich, and even less of the super-rich who may change sides … but otherwise its the common white with his pitchfork and rifle who is going to have to stand in the gap. Whites in the USA need to seize the USA back. And its going to be the same in EVERY western country. Even here in South Africa we have more and more whites talking about secession.

Liberalism will END IN RACE WAR. That’s the end game. There is nothing else. And it will be a race war where whites are desperately trying to claw back their territories. It won’t just be the USA. It will be the same in Europe. For us in South Africa we need to see if we can seize a chunk of territory.

I think the real end game is RACE WAR. Whites vs everyone else. That’s how this will end. But the whites have a massive “Home Ground” advantage in North America and Europe.

Even we in South Africa will have to take our risks. But I’m optimistic. I’ve been reading some recent studies and I think its looking good. We’re not finished yet. Even we might be able to pull a rabbit out of our hats, and you in America stand the best chance of all. But the Europeans also … big home ground advantage.

Race war is the only hope in my view, and it will be the natural ending for Liberalism. In the early 1990s I wondered several times to myself: How will Liberalism come to a fall globally. I did not have the answer then. But I know my history much better now and I can tell you the answer: WAR – CIVIL WAR – RACE WAR. That’s how it will end.

Any elite who do not assist the common whites must then be held accountable for their racial and state TREASON and sentenced to death – even if they have fled the country. Send a drone to go and kill them in New Zealand or South America. Show them that the angry, common white man can reach out and touch you, you POS.

WAR – CIVIL WAR – RACE WAR. That’s the only way that Liberalism will end everywhere including South Africa, Europe, America. We’re all on the same road to hell. But its also the only true hope. The elite are dog shit. They are too fat and too weak to do anything positive. Their bank accounts are too big. A death sentence will clear their stupid heads.


On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 7:14 PM Sarah Perry <sarahaperry> wrote:

Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish by Miles Mathis

First published June 6, 2016

As usual, this is just my [Miles] opinion, based on private research

“In his biography The Art of the Deal, Trump lied about his grandfather’s country of origin, stating it was Sweden instead of Germany. So if you think these people wouldn’t lie about their ancestry, you need to explain that whopper.”

“I don’t like this manufactured world, sold as real. And you shouldn’t, either. Bernie isn’t as ridiculous as Trump, but he is just as fake. He is an actor on the stage they have prepared. The entire election is a big stage play, as fake as a Shakespeare production, but not as well written or acted. The office of the President is now fake, played by a bad actor or the idiot son of some billionaire. He does nothing but read from Teleprompters, scripted by guys behind the curtains. Trump is sold to you as some sort of financial genius, but like George Bush before him (the great decider) he couldn’t decide what to order for lunch without a cue from a Teleprompter or one of his other gadgets. If you can’t see through all these people, you really need to check your prescriptions and dosages.”

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  • 30th December 2019 at 3:45 am


    Comment from Herta – ““True Germans would be embarrassed with this kind of German bragging.” – Donald Trump Obsessed with Genes

    Obsessed with Israel, anti-Semitism, and (((they)) have such high IQs. Yes, Trump must be considered a jew. Lying to get into office and then backtracking on promises.

  • 29th December 2019 at 2:01 am

    I read Miles info on Trump being a Jew and was not left convinced, either. It doesn’t even matter – for all intents and purposes, he is a damned Jew. I fully believe he converted to “Judaism” back in the 80s or 90s – so let’s just, for argument sake, call him a Jew.
    At this stage in the game, we whites ALL need to adopt Alex Linder’s attitude where the Jew is concerned – EXTERMINATION is the only solution – nothing short of this will work.

  • 28th December 2019 at 4:52 pm


    I think you are correct. I was looking not only at him but his fathers photo and for sure there is something there. You dont get that far in business doing billion dollar deals and then bouncing back after bankruptcy.

    The more I think of it, the more it makes sense with his daughter marrying them, the laws he is passing.

  • 28th December 2019 at 4:41 pm

    I had this weird dream last night about these Jews last night, lol watching/reading too much about them, so here is my rant.

    I was clearly shown how these Jews came to Europe & how they completely utterly destroyed Europe through wars for their own control, then they moved on to Europe when after centuries finally the European caught on to what they were doing, as a whole.

    The result of Europe looking like it does today, where progress is slow, whites are dull is the result of the Jew pitting one nation against the other for centuries.

    Those who rode with the Jew, were owned by the Jew. If they were not owned yet by the Jew, they were being led astray by the Jew. If they were not being led astray by the Jew, they were being killed by other white men financed by the Jew to kill other white men.

    Now they are in America & they will ride America like they rode Britain.

    Did you notice they were all for Britain while she was an empire & they were riding her for her military conquests. Today they spit her out, flood her with all kinds of foreign peoples and so it goes on. When she is spent, bankrupt & destroyed, they will have achieved their greatest accomplishment.

    Their accomplishment is not money or material possessions.

    In the bible which these synagogue of Satan have subverted, we are or were told the 12 houses of Israel were not to mix with other nations. Whenever the Israelities mixed with other nations they began to sin, you read about this first when they left Egypt (which was still pretty white during that period because Ramsays hair colour was Red, you dont find negroes with straight red hair – you can find that info online and see the documentaries) The upper kings/ upper classes were white, the people at this stage like in Britain must have already been mixing.

    When the Israelites left Egypt, we read that ” The mixed multitudes caused them to sin” who were these mixed multitudes? The Israelites were obviously mixing with other non-white peoples within Egypt. Egypt had territory far and wide and we can be sure they brought in these non-white nations into Egypt. Rome did the same.

    The Israelites after this, were told….

    If they mixed with other nations, they would never enter the kingdom of heaven, not even unto the 10th generation – the word bastard in Deuteronomy comes from “Mamzar” the strongs concordance makes an error here.

    In the strongs concordance which was put together before the rosetta stone was found & before realizing where the 10 houses of Israel migrated to, they simply said a “mamzar” is any child that is not born of 2 Jewish parents.

    Where we find this mentioned in the bible is in Deuteronomy. But in the book of Deuteronomy we clearly know that there was only 1 tribe of Judah and 11 other non tribes of Judeans, they were the Israelites.

    The modern day Jews know full well that the original house of Israel went to Europe and the four corners of the world. The synagogue of satan, the literal children of the devil are those who call themselves Jews but are not.

    The bible clearly tells us, in the 2nd missing book of Ezra that this age is Essaus age and the one which shall come Jacob shall inherit. We know the Jews are Essaus bloodline because ALL, ALL, ALL modern Jews say king Herod was their king and you can do the research right now online and find that King Herod was and is, and shall forever be an Edomite, he that came from Essau.

    The Jews celebrate King Herod because he was killing the firstborn children, when he heard about Christ being born and the prophecy.

    In the Talmud they speak continually about mixing whites, goys, with non-whites, this is because until they are all mixed or destroyed, the Jews job will not be done.

    His sole purpose is that of his father the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning, who took the daughters of men, who were fair and bore children who became the giants. The children of the Annunaki are here, along with the children of God. This is a race war, an eternal race war till the bitter end until the wheat and the tares are separated.

    I saw in this dream I had, they put every white nation against each other. Their joy comes from seeing whites kill whites and then having whites kill themselves through race mixing, knowing full well they will be killed in this life and the after life.

    Through their control of technology and destroying the financial system, they are going to such us into a financial system where we are forced to have the mark of the beast. The Mark of the beast can only come from the beast and we see all their grand plans in the movies they write and produce.

    They are getting whites used to the idea of 1. Not having a white country .2 mixing 3. End of the world scenarios.

    If you want to see your future, watch Hollywood. They control it, they have little digs at the white goys. Paying spiritually and morally bankrupt whites to mix, to do things on stage that no sane rational person would do.

    Hollywood is nothing more than a tool to destroy whites. Hitler saw this first hand in Germany with the plays and hideous art work they were introducing. I believe these devils tried to do it too fast in Germany, they learn their lesson. You have to do it gradually over 2-3 generations, any faster and the Goy wakes up.

    After being kicked out 180+ times from countries, they have perfected their techniques.

    Remember in Deuteronomy it says, a bastard (Mamzar) shall never enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    These devils who took on this religion to fool us, to subvert Gods laws which are the strictest race laws found in the world. They literally turned all the former white nations in the middle east millenia ago into Arabs. The word Arab means mixed, therefore at one time they were not mixed.

    We can see how they must have done it. There is nothing new under the sun. They probably first paid prostitutes to mix, then had the offspring mix, mix, mix, pushed sexual perversions on the people. Gradually they wore them down. I can bet you, this same bloodline was there in Sodom and Gomorrah.

    We read what happens to whites once they mix….

    They shall never enter into the congregation of the Lord despite what that phony, feel good, wishy washy pastor shall tell them.

    From the Middle East, after all this mixing millennia ago, the peoples moved into separate directions. My personal opinion is that the middle eastern nations hate them for mixing and destroying them for eternity. It is an inherent genetic, passed on via DNA hatred for destroying them and ruining their original God given image the Lord made those nations in.

    If you doubt this, the Shepard kings were named after Enoch’s children. Enoch was white, he was related to Noah. Noah was white as snow. If you look at old maps of the Middle East, you will find that names of these places were named after his children.

    If you could only time-lapse what it might have looked like, one generation to the next waking up and looking into the mirror and eventually one day they woke up, looked in the mirror only to find out they were non-white, changed hair & looked nothing like their ancestors.

    If anyone doubts this, why do you think they are forever breaking the noses off of statues in the middle east? The original inhabitants of Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt were once upon a time white, including China. The only people who build up high level civilizations or get other nations to follow suit are the white nations.

    If anyone thinks the Chinese or Japanese asians were the original builders of their civilizations, they have not done enough research.

    The only thing which has maintained racial purity in Europe, America, South Africa was the bible. It is why the Church hates the old testament due to these racial laws and why Hollywood and the media pump this mongrelizing of the whites.

    The sooner they can get the bible, the religion out of the whites hands the better.

    Jesus hated these Jews, he told them they had no relation to Abraham whatsoever, he said “you are of your father the devil” – He could not accuse the house of Judah of being from the devil because the genealogy of the tribe of Judah went back to Adam and was designed in the Lords image.

    He was not speaking about the house of Judah, but speaking to those who call themselves Jews but are not. Those people were Edomites, they were mixed with other former wicked white nations who through the corruption of flesh (mixing) lost their identity and quickly fell to worship the heathen gods.

    All sin results in the permanent changing of skin colour.

    Sin has a vibration. All DNA is vibration. Through sin, comes sexual deviation from the law. From these sexual sins comes the passing off DNA, which destroys DNA – they can tell you a womens DNA changes with every man she sleeps with. DNA destroys DNA and we can even find traces of other mens DNA in the children she bares you, you can find the scientific studies online.

    Through this changing of the vibration of DNA, the sexually transmitted diseases even are known to change bone density. Evolution is the myth sold to white man for them not to notice that in just a few generations these changes take place.

    Why do we now find in the West STDS that cant be treated? They have mutated due to the influx of 3rd world migrants who enter the countries. All weird genetic mutations take place by mixing with other races, why do Indians have tails that grow from their asses, horns that grow from their heads.

    It is my firm belief, through careful study of many sources that these nations were the children of the fallen angels. The fallen angels were turning their new races they made through mixing races and through high level technology into half humans/half animals like we find in Greek mythology and Egyptian/Sumerian Mythology.

    It says the flood came due to the corruption of flesh. Corruption we are told only comes through race mixing and possibly through playing around with DNA, like we are doing right now and we were told that it shall be in the days of Noah. Those days they were corrupting flesh, mixing different species and creating entire new species of man.

    This is where the confusion comes from with these neanderthals. Those humans were created from split testing different DNA till eventually they perfected the process, much like man breeds new strains of dogs until he comes up with the right one. If we can do it today and even make humans, we clearly were not the most advanced, they built things back then that we can still not build today with our high level technology.

    Evolution does happen but it happens not over millions of years but a century or two, evolution as we are taught would render entire species extinct if they could not evolve fast enough.

    Creation is fast, not slow. Which is why if you observe one tortoise species in just a different region, it has adapted from changing its shell to developing longer necks like in the galaphagos islands, this did not take place over millions of years because the separate Islands did not form over millions of years but are recent creations of just a few hundred years which is proven through the activity of the volcanoes.

    The Jews goal is simple, destroy the white man. Once he is destroyed, he is destroyed spiritually and eternally. The only person who ever tried to destroy Gods creation was the devil, the devil had his own children on earth and both Christ and John told us, they are the ones.

    The Devil is always 1 step ahead of man, 2 steps behind the creator. He is 1 step ahead of man by getting his children to take on the laws of the children of God, to change those laws, to fool the real children through lies that they are not the real children of god.

    We are the creators lottery ticket, the Jew is the one who tells you the numbers for the lottery ticket. He says the numbers were 3,5, 7, 7, he shows you the newspaper cuttings. He says dont worry, here take mine, it only has $5 on it, but dont worry. Here give me that ticket of yours, I will get rid of it and dont forget to cash in on this lottery ticket I just gave you.

    You walk away, happy you just won $5 while the Jew cashes in on his $50 million dollar prize and goes back to his newspaper printing press to print the next bullshit story.

    If the white nations do not remove the devil from among them, then they will wake up looking in the mirror in a few centuries and realize their birthright has been stolen from them when they see old photos and realize their skin, hair, nose, eye colour have been changed for all eternity.

    A little bit of shit added to milk, will always leave the milk tainted, you can never remove all the shit, no matter how hard you try for though you remove all the shit, you cant remove the fact from your mind that there was once shit in the milk.

  • 28th December 2019 at 4:04 am

    The whole impeachment show is pure Kabuki theater, good cop – bad cop – smoke and mirrors, dog and pony. It’s a jew scheme to break the country apart. Race war is the worst thing that could happen to our people, just what the jew wants, goy killing goy for the ten thousandth time.

    The only war should be a goy vs jew war to the death. We might even get the non-whites to join us to eliminate the eternal parasites and their shabbos goyim.. After the jew is history we can work out things to our mutual benefit.

    Don’t be suckered into another jew Civil War.

    What I fear is that our dumb ass white brothers will take the jew bait and target the effect and not the cause. Stay on target, don’t be distracted.

  • 28th December 2019 at 3:43 am

    I am surprised that you Jan cannot see the Jewishness in Trumps face, I had him pegged long before he became president.
    Jews are a mongrel race (Hybrids), and they have bred in with us in order to gain our skin colour. So many of our race have no powers of observation, I keep telling them to stop concentrating on the nose, there is so much more to a face than a flamin nose.
    I pointed this out to my past doctor who is a Paki. I told him that it would be ridiculous for a White to look at his skin colour and then ask him if he is an African Negroid. Skin colour is just for quick recognition purposes, like an army uniform, and this is why the Jews wanted to have it, so they could pass themselves off as just a religion. Yes, they look white, but they are NOT real Whites, and have no sense of loyalty to us or their own “artificial” whiteness.
    About two years ago I had on my profile a picture of him when much younger with his parents, and it almost said out right that they were Jews.
    There are many of them that easily slip through my radar for early warning purposes, but also there are a lot, really a lot, that I can spot. Many a time I have had to wait and see how they walk and whether their hands are open or partly held as a fist, and if the hand is open (usually fully open and hanging limp) and turned backwards. This last ditch recognition process is usually the closer on this. Naturally, it really comes down to how much of our blood they have, and how recently they acquired it.
    Our people MUST learn to be able to recogise their most deadly of enemies, for Christ’s sake, when a people can’t even recognise those who want them dead, then such embeciles will not survive the test of time.


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