IMPORTANT: My Analysis: Warmongering neocon John McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer

[A quick note. Beware of stories like this. My nephew was diagnosed with exactly this same cancer at the age of 39. Despite multiple surgery and chemotheraphy, it came back after 18 months and killed him. They even implanted a “pill” in his brain which released chemicals – and I suspect that’s what helped to keep him going for over a year before it came back. This form of cancer will kill you in a year or less. If its real that is.

Now on to John McCain. How many of you remember the story the Hillary Clinton would DIE? I pointed out last year this is a lie. I did videos about it and I mentioned that this could be a trick to make you think she’s going to die when in fact she’s fine. I cited previous examples of communists using this, especially Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who used it for over 10 years with great success REPEATEDLY even fooling the US Ambassador and others.

John McCain – White Traitor & war-monger for the Jews

In this case, John McCain’s doctor seems to be Jewish. Notice the practise is in New York. So the question I am asking myself is whether this story is real, or whether this is a Jewish trick to make people think that this white traitor McCain, and his warmongering for Jews and Israel – that he’s going to die – when in fact he won’t.

I feel nothing for McCain. It would be good if he dies. But, like with Hillary Clinton and Robert Mugabe I have the feeling that I’m going to be very disappointed. So keep watching McCain and this “cancer” of his and let’s see if the scumbag dies or not. Perhaps the real “treatment” is simply some well-timed lying from his Jewish doctor to keep the assassins at bay … and we will later be very disappointed to discover that McCain continues to live for several more years. Jan]

You can read the full story here:

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: My Analysis: Warmongering neocon John McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer

  • 3rd September 2017 at 11:27 pm

    McCain should have been executed, for all the deaths he caused on the Foresstal , playing his little childish pranks. 134 sailors died because of his brat prank. His dad was a Fleet Admiral and it was covered up, as an accident.

    The world would be better if he’d never been born, just an evil being.

    (Hi Fred,
    I was unaware of this history of his. He seems like a spoiled brat son. But he was also captured by the commies wasn’t he? He’s a piece of filth with his endless warmongering.

    • 4th September 2017 at 5:00 am

      He was notorious, he was fifth from the bottom in class rank, 894th out of 899.
      None of his fellow shipmates liked him. His father was a Fleet Admiral, his grandfather was a Fleet Admiral. While a prisonet in N Vietnam he was given special treatment because of his father’s rank, supposedly he even had a Vietnamese mistress in prison. Lots of stuff on the internet and from ppl who served wi him.


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