Important: 645 page PDF of all S.African Farm Murders from 1994-2012 – Thanks to German Victims Website!


[For the record, the image I have on this page is a quote from the black commander of the South African Army. He said this on the social media the piece of shit.

Some kind white people sent me this 645 page pdf of all the murdered whites, mostly Boers, who were killed by blacks between 1994 (when the blacks took over) and February 2012. So this is by no means complete. But it is the first time I’ve seen such a compiled document complete with photos in some cases and also details of the actual murders large numbers of which were NEVER printed in the lying Jewish mass media. I think you’ll find it instructive to look through this. Here is a copy of it.

Click here to view & download it: List-Farm-Murders-of-Whites-South-Africa

Let me add that I got this from the kind folks at: I urge you to go over to that site and take a look. You might not be aware of this but MILLIONS of German men, women and children were MURDERED during and AFTER WW2 by the Allies. Millions of German men WERE STARVED TO DEATH BY THE ALLIES! Our crime and murder in South Africa is as NOTHING compared to the atrocities perpetrated against the wonderful German people. I urge you to study some of it. You will be shocked to the core at the crimes perpetrated against the Germans on the instruction of the hideous devils known as the Jews!

The SLAUGHTER of white people has been going on, on an unprecedented scale since JEWISH COMMUNISM took power exactly 100 years ago in the Soviet Union. There, 60 million white Christians were slaughtered in a genocide that nobody even acknowledges. The mass murder of whites is a real and ongoing problem – totally at the instigation of Jews. The Jewish communist, Kaganovich was known as the “Wolf of the Kremlin”. He personally oversaw the murder of 20 million people. But you won’t hear a peep about it anywhere because, as usual the lives of white people do not matter anywhere.

So this is nothing new for our race. Its just that the South African farm murders and the ongoing crime plague of South Africa are the latest in a long list of hideous crimes perpetrated against our race.

6 thoughts on “Important: 645 page PDF of all S.African Farm Murders from 1994-2012 – Thanks to German Victims Website!

  • 21st November 2017 at 10:46 am

    OK… have sifted through a good part of the “pdf”;
    look… a lot of the links are either dead, bring up “malware” warnings or just ‘default’ to the front pg of a main-stream news ‘site’ ;
    the only links that seem to work are to ‘blogs like, for instance, “censorbugbear”;
    how-ever…even these contain no actual crime scene photographs;
    that is what is needed for hard-hitting impact and what i was referring to in my previous post, re: photographic evidence;
    what’s occurring with that?

    (will continue sifting through “pdf” )

      • 21st November 2017 at 11:08 am

        “StormFront” links seem to be the most reliable……
        unfortunately, lot of the sub-Forum posts there are in Boer or Dutch or some-thing;
        also: again: no crime scene pix….. whether that is b’cs the posters haven’t got them, don’t want to share them or b’cs of the SF mods…..don’t know…

        and…again…. any link to a main-stream news site simply ‘defaults’ to its front page…and….a lot of the time, its not even English…. ☹
        (network 24 etc)

        crime scene pix are an absolute must … as they say: a pic’ is worth a thousand words!

        • 21st November 2017 at 11:12 am

          the Afrikaner-genocide-archive ‘blog seems to be the most reliable and have the best info’ …..

          OK…i’m done….that’s my “review”

  • 21st November 2017 at 10:26 am

    unfortunately, little or no political capitol can be made of the WII atrocities against NS Germany;
    it is only useful, albeit partially, for shutting down the “Holocaust” narrative, if that!
    after all, it was nearly ¾-of-a-century ago and most peoples’ grand-parents weren’t even born then!
    further-more, Germans are still viewed as “the other” by English-speaking-nations in particular and, doubtless, even
    in countries like SA with an English-speaking heritage;
    as such: it is hard to generate any sort of real sympathy….

    also: very few people now-a-days even have a correct understanding of the official ‘story’ of WII let alone alternate
    accounts of it ☹
    Hitler, for instance, if he’s thought of @ all, is a cartoon-like character…. some-times villainous, some-times comical;

    how-ever, much can and should be made of the farm murders;
    there is huge potential there for attacking political correctness, multi-culturalism, non-white immigration and anti-white memes…..

    so: well done! and kudos! for that timely “pdf”

    over-the-years, accounts of atrocities (esp: photographic evidence) against white SA`s have been quite difficult to locate on the inter-webs….and that was even b’fr the likes of Google and YouTube changed/”censored” all their search algorithms…..

    again: congrats!

    • 13th March 2018 at 1:29 am

      I have seen plenty of photos of the actual atrocities of farm murders so I don’t know what you are implying – are you trying to imply that there is no such thing?? What is your agenda? That is, assuming you are not basking in the wonderful sunny weather in Tel Aviv right now.


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