Horst Mahler is dying in prison in Germany…

Someone left this comment. If this is true, then I’m really sad. This man already had his leg amputated from a previous time when he was not given proper medical care in hospital in Germany.

These are among the sad, hideous things that are happening to our people due to the Jewish scum at work against whites everywhere. This is a reader’s message:

horst mahler right now dies in the jail because of free speech, he is 82 and very ill ,he would fastly need to go to a hospital but they dont let him, "because they fear that he do more crimes or in other words he would talk- so they purposely murder him with this behaviour. Before he once fleed to hungary and want political refuge but they send him back, i say this that people must understand that even countrys like poland and hungary which appear fighting against migration are lead by zionists.

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