Good & Bad News: Charlottesville: Jewish Business smashes Daily Stormer & White IT Racists

I’ve downloaded videos about Charlottesville but have not had a close look at any of it. What I do like are the whites standing strong and I like the cry of “Unite the Right”. What I do fear though is the backlash from the bigger structures which we’re seeing. This is NORMAL, and TO BE EXPECTED. But guys like Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer must be real careful. I am reading with SHOCK at how Godaddy and Google shut down the Daily Stormer. Furthermore, I came across a reference that Daily Stormer uses Cloudflare – I’m not 100% sure of what exactly it is. But I heard that the Jews were also gunning for Cloudflare. The lawsuit against The Daily Stormer is actually very dangerous. I really think that Andrew Anglin stands a very real chance of being taken down by “(((the establishment)))”. As for Trump calling out “racists” – that’s sad, disgusting and to be expected. I think Donald Trump is going to be the last time that I’m even mildly interested in politics of any kind. All that’s left is the struggle of our race and it should be clear that NOTHING is coming to help us from the top. NOTHING.

The BEST HOPE (as always) comes from MASSES OF COMMON WHITES! In Germany, I see there’s film footage of the Germans telling Merkel to go. She’s apparently the most unpopular Chancellor of all time. (Compared to the most popular, a man you might have heard of: Adolf Hitler!!!!).

I really think that Andrew Anglin is going as far as he can, and he’s heading for trouble. Here in South Africa a Boer faggot using the pseudonym “Watson” did a massively popular crime website when I ran AfricanCrisis. This Watson guy really hit the big time. He came out of the left field. Nobody saw him coming. I was astounded. But within 2 months they destroyed him. Eventually he ended up in jail on charges of fraud.

The MSM is extremely evil. Once these swines get you in their sights you’re going down. These pieces of dog shit will go and hunt and find dirt and invent dirt. I think Andre Anglin may have fought a massive fight to spread the word, but it seems as if the growing power of the young whites is going to be smashed.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS: Regardless of what they do to The Daily Stormer, this is just the beginning. The fires have been LIT … and the fires will burn, smoulder and catch fire again.

Now there’s the shocking, shocking story of all the big companies firing “Racist IT people”. This is going to be the same thing. They’re hitting the whites who ALSO have the talent to HIT BACK! These young white “racists” will be returning to the fray.

The best news out of all of it is this: THE FIRES OF THE WHITES HAVE BEEN LIT AND THEY WON’T BE EXTINGUISHED. There will be individual casualties, and websites and persons destroyed, etc. But the FIRES OF RACIAL HOPE HAVE BEEN LIT. They won’t be extinguished without WARS – and notice I use the word “wars” – plural. I think whites across the world have had a guts full of this BS.

We must just keep the fires lit and soldier on. As the late, great, genius American NAZI Rockwell said: “After BLACK REVOLUTION comes WHITE REVOLUTION”. And we can echo his other statement: “Next time: THE WORLD!!!”

But the Jews are definitely hitting back. “The Establishment” in the USA, must be TORN DOWN in order to save our race. Its that simple.

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