Feminism destroys civilisations

On pieville I was chatting to a lady who said: feminism destroys civilisations. I replied: I’m glad to see you acknowledge that. The most successful white civilisation, the Romans, were a totally male dominated society. It worked very well. Life is competitive and dangerous and the man must arise and face that. His role is to protect everything that is dear to him. We must return to that.

(Of course we know the ugly Jewish hags were behind this).

One thought on “Feminism destroys civilisations

  • 6th January 2020 at 5:45 pm

    This Pieville sounds good – I need to check this out. I’m really struggling to find intelligent and civil whites to talk to – and I mean both male and female alike. While I don’t miss JewTube much and am enjoying a lot of the variety of uncensorship that Bitchute offers, I am finding there are a lot of nasty people out there. I don’t know what it is about Bitchute, but for every civil and intelligent person I come across, there are 10 unsavory, foul-mouthed, presumptuous “white” POS ready to dwarf the good people with much higher numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate there are much more Jew-wise people on Bitchute and the number grows daily – but it doesn’t much matter if these Jew-wise people are LOW-LIFE whites who seem to be making the rounds and looking to start fights with every body. I am contemplating checking out some Bitchute videos today as it’s been almost a week since I’ve visited. I was getting attacked by so many animals I simply could not handle it and needed to walk away from it.
    The reason I bring this up is because of the title of your blog post. I, too, as a woman, absolutely am in agreement that feminism is a huge portion of the destruction of any civilization, past, present, and likely the future, as well. That being said, there is a very horrible wave of men out there who think it is their duty to bash any and all women every video comment section they come upon and I am quite sick of it. For starters, they make white males look bad by being totally foul-mouthed. I won’t even repeat the kinds of things they say – I am no prude. At 49, I have lived long enough on the east coast of the Jewnited States (born in and originally from the city of “Brotherly Love”, Filthadelphia, Pennsylvania) to have seen plenty and my skin is relatively thick – but some of the disgusting things I read – some of these things aimed directly at me, are totally unwarranted and have me thinking how safe am I even around my own white race, based on the things coming out of some of their filthy mouths. I have no way of knowing who these “men” even are. Some, of course, I realize could be Kike trolls, but I know not all of them are. They never use their real names for their Bitchute or Disqus profiles, and of course they never use their own photo for their avatars – sure, I understand some people want to maintain their anonymity, but then one doesn’t know if she is talking to a 70 year old man or a 14 year old punk who’s using his daddy’s computer, so why even bother engaging in some form of rational, level-headed, adult conversation, right? Why should I assume I am talking to real man who is anywhere near my emotional intelligence? This whole JEW CREATED MGTOW MOVEMENT has been a true disaster for the white race. I say this because I find that most of the foul-mouthed white pigs seem to be associated with this MGTOW MOVEMENT. This are men with serious mommy issues that use all females as their own personal scapegoats for every bad thing they ever experienced with a female. They make assumptions about all women that are simply not true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a “whore” simply because I am female – that is CRAZY! I have never been that type of woman who uses a man for what she can get out of him, and cheats, and does all sorts of other rotten things that break men. Trust me, I hate those kind of women, too, because they have ruined a lot of what used to be fine, upstanding men. I have unknowingly gotten into relationships with these kinds of men, not knowing until maybe a few months in that I had damaged goods on my hand and that I was going to be in for a rude awakening before going MY own way. It’s an all-around shame. I was hurt by men more times than I’d like to recount but I always moved on and never held other men accountable for what other men did to me – that is completely asinine and likely another part of the reason our white numbers are suffering as they are.
    Oh, and I know it’s a Jew movement because of how badly they push this liberal feminist nonsense on Jew TV – they have men thinking these women are ALL women, and I am here to tell you that is utter Jew kike bullshit and white men need to stop falling for it. I am also tired of being told by strange men who don’t know me from Adam that ALL WOMEN support open borders and illegal immigration and RACE MIXING! Nothing could be further from the truth and I know I speak for plenty of other intelligent, Jew-wise, traditional, Christian white women when I say that. Also, when I say “Christian”, I mean TRUE Christian, not Judeo-Christian, which is nothing more than a Jewish-concocted oxymoron of the highest order and one of the biggest problems plaguing the Jewnited States today. I am not saying I am a Christian Identist, but I am definitely on board with the fact that the Jews have stolen the white mans identity as the Chosen people of God and that the Old Testament is not referring to these filthy Jews. I believe this might be the biggest lie the Jew has pulled off – it makes the HoloHoax pale in comparison, really.
    So white men, please stop trashing women you come across at whites-only videos – the women who should be taking your manly keyboard beat-downs are not the ones getting the message and you are instead alienating fine women like myself whom you could instead be forging great friendships with!


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