How European birthrates can be increased massively

[Dan Roodt is writing some really good stuff on – but I get the impression that there are 3 main writers there and another one of the 3 is the South African Jewess Ilana Mercer who now lives in the USA. When she was living in South Africa, her daddy was a Rabbi. It doesn’t get worse than that. The Jew Karl Marx’s father was also a Rabbi. Dan Roodt I’m told was a stockbroker or is a stockbroker. He clearly doesn’t seem to have a problem travelling like the rest of us in South Africa do. And Dan seems to always be fraternising with the Jews, in this case this South African Jewess who fakes an interest in South Africa’s white past. I see that she is also pretending to like General Robert E. Lee. This Jewess is pretending to be a conservative just like the Jew David Horrowitz, a communist scumbag who was in the Black Panthers in the USA has nowadays rebranded himself as an Israel-loving “conservative”. So “conservatism” and neo-conservatism seems to be what many slimy Jews are rebranding themselves as. I have some interesting stuff regarding Dan Roodt and his Jewish pal from Israel – but that is something for another day.

The downhill of the Boer/Afrikaner began with the assassination of Dr Verwoerd (don’t miss my video on this). In there I’ll show you how, after the Jews had Dr Verwoerd killed, how the Boer/Afrikaner suddenly began associating with the Jews and so many of these people just haven’t seemed to realise that the Jews were right in front of them, assisting their worst enemies (Nelson Mandela, ANC, communists, etc) and still these Boer/Afrikaners continue to kiss the Jews’ asses! But you will find that this is the pattern everywhere in the West where Whites just don’t seem to realise that their worst enemy is staring into their faces!

The article below is by Dan Roodt. My only interest in it is the notion that cheap housing seems to increase the white birth rate. If that is the case, then Adolf Hitler, the greatest economist of all was the inventor of this. He ensured that there were cheap houses and that when a husband and wife had 4 children that all their debt was written off, etc.

I’ve not studied Dan’s article too closely. The key paragraph I spotted is this:

Academic studies done since the 1930s have found a high correlation between European fertility rates and the availability of cheap, affordable housing. In fact, researchers have found that the price of housing is an even better predictor of fertility than the level of income. So solving the problem of European birthrates will be impossible without providing affordable housing to young people of child-bearing age.

According to Housing Europe, a pan-European association of social housing organisations:

“There is a sort of ‘housing trap’ in many EU counties, for people who try to enter the housing market:

I am very wary of all kinds of economics these days. I did a video, which was banned pretty quickly on youtube and which needs to be put up again: How the Jews trick and cheat the Rich. I regard it as an extremely important video because it discusses very important things Hitler uncovered when he was weeding out the rich Jews who were behind communist violence in Germany BEFORE WW2!

I am very wary that much of economics is really “Jewish economics” with all kinds of smoke and mirrors which hides the clearer cause-and-effect. I still think that Adolf Hitler, who rebuilt Germany had a clearer grasp of the real cause-and-effect. He rebuilt Germany without incurring a single cent in debt – something unheard of in modern centuries. The Jews have no doubt twisted all economics and turned it on its head, therefore all nations have central banks that are privately owned and they issue monies that Governments apparently aren’t allowed to do!

I think there is a lot of Voodoo Jewish economics out there. e.g. Derivatives markets which have several times more money than all the assets of the world combined – which to me seems like a ridiculous notion.

Adolf Hitler did turn to his central banker and got very little money. The real way he raised money was through a publicly subscribed bond – so he paid interest to the people. It worked like a charm. He didn’t need a cent of Jewish money in order to move forward. I suspect that the Jews have tied all the white nations (falsely referred to as “Western”) in knots and that’s what is really going on. Everything is controlled by money and entire nations are helpless in so many ways.

Here is Dan Roodt’s article to be studied to see how much value might or might not be gleaned from it. But just a word of warning, beware of the Jewess and beware of men like Jared Taylor and Dan Roodt who just can’t stop hobnobbing with the Jews.]

Click here to read Dan Roodt’s article

5 thoughts on “How European birthrates can be increased massively

  • 2nd April 2018 at 2:49 pm

    You express doubts about May I suggest a simple test, when you’re checking a website new to you. Use their ‘search’ facility (they should have one if they’re serious) and search for ‘Jews’. There should of course be many entries. freeweestmedia fails that test completely.

  • 5th December 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Cheap housing is exactly what is given to nonwhite immigrants. It’s paid for by whites’ work. And moreover it increases debt, so Jew bankers actually make a profit, while damaging white countries. If the housing were given to whites, very probably there’d be a white birthrate increase – which is why flith like Terea May give it to nonwhites.

  • 5th December 2017 at 7:58 am

    You missed the part about Jared having a Jewish wife. Besides, it doesn’t really matter if he’s on the CIA payroll; “hobnobbing” with Jews should be enough of a red flag. As for Alex Jones, he’s all but admitted he’s CIA. He’s totally surrounded by jews and his ex-wife is one. After years of avoiding the “jewish problem” and dropping F-bombs on anyone who calls in to point the finger at jews, he begrudgingly interviews David Duke who politely destroyed Alex. He then removes the interview from his site. He had to address the issue if only to avoid losing all credibility, as the silence would be deafening. Is it really an outlandish notion that the CIA might have their hands in the White right “movement”? How about to subert it? To act as a phony opposition? Everything they do is about subverting America. Over the years there have been a steady stream of jews posing as whites in the WN scene (Richard Spencer is a recent example). It’s SOP for them to present themselves as White when it’s to their advantage. The Jewish deception runs deeper than many realize. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  • 2nd December 2017 at 10:10 pm

    You concluded “… beware of men like Jared Taylor and Dan Roodt who just can’t stop hobnobbing with the Jews.”

    If this Imgur page entitled “C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures” is correct, it may partly explain why Jared Taylor hobnobs with Jews:

    Even though what he says is largely on target from what I’ve heard him say thus far, I’ve long suspected there is a Jew in his proverbial woodpile. I don’t know for sure, but it’s SOP for jews to pose as their own opposition.

    • 3rd December 2017 at 2:14 am

      I may not be impressed with Jared et al. But that does not mean he’s CIA. Alex Jones working for the CIA?

      WHO drew up this diagram? Anyone can draw diagrams. Who drew up this diagram and what is their source/evidence?

      I cannot take this seriously.

      Furthermore I see no reason why the CIA would be behind the white right. If anything, the CIA is working towards a Liberal and anti-white agenda.


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