Dr Pierce: A Very strange scientific fact about White men & White women…

[I found this fascinating. I spotted this in Dr Pierce’s book: “Who we are”, which is about us white people.

You will notice the mention that Obama’s wife looks like a male. I’ve notice this in Africa too. Now the explanation for this is fascinating.

I think that this massive difference among whites, between men and women is a great thing. That the sexes are more accentuated is something I think is fantastic. Unfortunately, in the last century the (((enemies))) of the white race have done their utmost to make men and women similar and to break the links between them, no doubt in order to harm the family and our ability to produce children. In this, they’ve been very successful.

My own observations have been that the more manly men are, the more attractive they are to women and the more “girly” women are, the more attractive they are to men. To me, it appears as if the more different the men and women are the greater the attraction between them and thus making men and women as different as possible may result in an extremely powerful (and beneficial) attractive force between them and this will be good for the race. The photos below show sexual dimorphism in animals where it is very pronounced. Jan]

Dr Pierce wrote:

Sexual Dimorphism
They were a tall, long-limbed, sturdily built race. They had narrow hips, broad
shoulders, deep chests, and large hands and feet. The average height of the males was nearly
69 inches, taller than the average for any European country today except Iceland.
These Upper Paleolithic White men and women exhibited a large degree of sexual
dimorphism, or physical difference between the sexes. The average height of the women was
nearly seven inches less than that of the men, and their skulls were not only smaller but
showed other secondary sexual differences, resulting in a less “masculine” and more
“feminine” facial appearance. Whereas the men had distinctly craggy, faces, those of the
women had softer contours.
Racial Variation
Sexual dimorphism varies greatly among the present-day races. Mongoloids, for
example, have relatively slightly developed secondary sexual characteristics, while
Europeans, on the average, show much greater secondary differences between the sexes. And
among the subraces of the White race sexual dimorphism increases from south to north, with
Mediterraneans exhibiting the least dimorphism and Nordics the most.
In general, a large degree of sexual dimorphism in a race is an indication of
evolutionary adaptation to markedly different male and female social roles. When men and
women have similar lifestyles, there is relatively little need for them to differ physically,
except in their reproductive organs. But in the big-game hunting society of Upper Paleolithic
Europe, the men went out into the forests or the tundra to do the hunting and killing, and the
women stayed at home to bear and raise the children — for a thousand generations.

In humans men are generally larger, stronger and hairier while women have breasts, wider hips and a higher percentage body fat. However, the physical characteristics associated with one biological sex can often be seen in the other.

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  • 9th July 2018 at 10:51 pm

    Jew Tube account has been terminated on above link.


  • 14th December 2017 at 5:37 am

    Hi Jan, sorry to spam your comments, but i know for a fact that this vid will pick you up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NNUOebeC_Y

    Check out the little shootist’s smile, in particular.
    liked your video regarding the greatest right wing group in SA re-post. Stay safe. Sid


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