Desperate please from Matt Hale’s mom – Matt’s letter to Jan

[Last year I wrote 2 letters to two of our people in jail. One to Matt Hale and one to Alfred Schaefer. Both replied. I will read and discuss their replies. It was my first ever chance to get some insight into Matt. He strikes me as a warm person TOTALLY DEVOTED TO OUR RACE. I do think he feels a certain exasperation at sitting in jail for 16 years. (I would long ago have lost my mind if I was in his position). Matt's reply to me was lovely. Truly a warm human-being. He's really a fabulous guy. He even sent me poetry he had written. Matt is TOTALLY DEVOTED to our race. Its a commitment that is total. He told me that if he could get out of prison he would work with us.

I wish we could do something for him. If you want my personal view about what's happened to Matt, I wish I was in a position to do a jail break, or to kill the person who set him up. What's happened to him is utterly despicable. Jan]

Here’s a recent message from Matt’s Mom:-

Friends and Supporters:Please sent your letters, please send your letters to President Trump, Pardon attorney, Larry Kupers and Attorney General, William Barr. You may write your own letters. Remember to write “For President Trump Only” and “Petition Clemency” on the envelope on the presidents letter. Matt has suffered for over 16 years for a crime he did not commit.Would you please send your letters to help Matt come home? Also, please forward this email to your friends. Thank you, Ms.


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