Chart: Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number

by Paul Bedard
| September 23, 2018 08:28 AM

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Border Wall Reality Check In this Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016, photo, a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents stop a group of suspected illegal immigrants passing through a ranch near Edinburg, Texas. Eric Gay/AP

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The illegal immigrant population is as high as 29.5 million, far more than the 11 million accepted by experts and the government, according to an explosive new report from three Yale University experts.

“Our results lead us to the conclusion that the widely accepted estimate of 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States is too small. Our model estimates indicate that the true number is likely to be larger, with an estimated 95 percent probability interval ranging from 16.2 to 29.5 million undocumented immigrants,” said their report published by PLOS One, an academic journal.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 8.22.09 AM.png

The authors from Yale School of Management, Mohammad M. Fazel-Zarandi, Jonathan S. Feinstein, Edward H. Kaplan, said the average in their new model is about 22 million, exactly twice the number accepted by the Census Bureau and other experts.

“The mean estimate based on our simulation analysis is 22.1 million, essentially double the current widely accepted estimate,” they wrote.

The estimate considers the flow of illegals differently than other models.

The report, however, was assailed by the Center for Immigration Studies that has long surveyed the population of illegal immigrants and is a proponent of curbing it.

Steven Camarota, the Center’s director of research, issued a statement rejecting the Yale numbers.

“The findings are unsupportable. Accepting that there are 22 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. also requires accepting that every Census Bureau survey missed huge numbers of people and that most administrative data from the federal government is woefully incomplete. There is no body of research that corroborates such a claim,” he wrote.

The new report is sure to heat up the debate in Washington over the illegal immigrant population and the costs associated with housing and caring for them.

It comes as the administration is trying to build the southern border wall, cut back on asylum entries and bar immigrants who can’t prove that they won’t end up on welfare.


One thought on “Chart: Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number

  • 12th January 2020 at 6:59 am

    Of course it is, its the communist way. They have told whites for so long desensitizing them that their immigrant problem will be decades ahead and to get them used to it, they have Netflix, Hollywood that way their reality mimicks their environment. You see it now in all period dramas, they have a mix of people in Europe, Indians, blacks etc etc in 14th century Europe.

    This all started with science fiction in films to brainwash the whites. This is what I read about in Mein Kempf years and years ago. He said they come up with the most vile characters, which are demonic. He didnt quite realize the impact of those films.

    If you really ask, when did this switch into multicultural gear begin, it began with sciencefiction. If you could convince your viewer slowly that there were other alien, humanlike species he could get used to that, especially flying in space. Once used to that, you could slowly get characters, 1 human to mix with some three legged, four horned two faced creature.

    If anyone objected they cried out, “for goodness sakes its just a film” then you can time it, I did, I went back to these old films. a decade later, they were getting whites used to working for black bosses etc etc, then they moved it up a notch with their films making whites to be racist if they questioned things.

    Then when whites began seeing the changes in their societies, they had to notch up it a gear or two. Then they moved the bar by making sure there were equal amounts of non-white races in your movies, films and now your historical dramas.

    All along they have been feeding you slow garbage, someday, far, far, far in the future (like the galaxy far away) that the whites will be a minority. People get used this idea, the media re-inforces it slowly and then you realize you are a minority and you cant do anything about it.

    Thats how it goes, thats how its gone.

    While these film lovers were waiting to fly in cars and skateboards, they were busy flooding your countries while entertaining you and they told you exactly what they were going to do, this way it was not so much of as a surprise.

    I like it to a child who walks around with your car keys, at first you get concerned and say “hey dont think about it”, they say “Im doing nothing” day by day, they get you used to them holding the car keys and one day you wake up and your car is not there 5 months later.

    Our biggest problem is the mainstream media, the brainwashing is being kicked up a few notches, I think they are trying to force it because they know their time is running out but now its actually pissing people off, they have gone a little too fast but this could also be their plan to cause even more chaos with wars.

    We know, if in the West the whites are fighting war, you know right now who will have and be given full right, carte blanche and have weapons put in their hands.


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