Video: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers

I decided to look in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to see what he said about the Boers. Few know of his obsession with the Boers when he was a young man. In Mein Kampf I found many references which indicated that Hitler had a knowledge even of the black tribes that live in South Africa. I found MANY references to God, God’s image, the Creator and the Christian religion. I read and discuss many of the things which he raised then which are even more valid and important today than when he raised them. I think you’ll be astounded by the massive intellectual insights of Hitler and you’ll see too how much he cared for the white race in general.

Video: When a JEW proposes GENOCIDE, it’s a GREAT IDEA!

How does the Mass Media react to the idea of killing 70 million people when a Jew proposes it? We look at the book: Germany must perish, written by the American Jew Kaufman and how he proposes ALL Germans be annihilated! Just look at the shocking RAVE REVIEWS this hideous book got from the (Jewish) New York Times and many other big Mass Media outlets who are household names across the world!