Germans are AWESOME!!!

I’m hardly even beginning to touch on this topic. My few little videos are almost nothing … they do not even touch on one ten-thousandth of the reasons why Germans are awesome. Furthermore, I am so sick to death of hearing the endless Jewish hatred and lies about the Germans which is followed by the downplaying of German achievements at any time by the British, and on odd occasions by Americans too.

I got a most annoying email from an old American regarding my statement about Germans inventing space travel. He had the gumption to say to me: “You are starting to lose credibility” because you don’t mention the work of the American Goddard. So what followed were a few angry email exchanges with him.

I said to him I’m fully aware of Goddard’s work on rocketry. But that does NOT in any way diminish the incredible German successes in rocketry especially with the V2. (I have a lot more to say on German excellence and awesomeness – but we’ll get to that in other videos). I said to him, that German V2 work was beyond belief. In fact, Churchill’s top science advisor said that the intelligence reports on German rockets could not be true because building liquid fuel rockets of that kind WERE IMPOSSIBLE!!! Here’s a scientist saying it is IMPOSSIBLE! But the Germans were doing it. They invented the supersonic ICBM. Furthermore, in an age before modern electronic computers they even had to work out some method of directing this super-fast missile over long distances.

But there’s more. I’ve even come across references, but I don’t know the original sources or detail, so if anyone has more, I’m very interested in this. I came across a reference where they said that once Americans had the V2 rockets and everything the Germans had built, that the American rockets were all exploding! So despite having everything in front of them, the Americans still could not build rockets that could work the way the Germans did. So that’s when they pulled out guys like Werner Von Braun and others and PUT THEM IN CHARGE! So the joke was that it was only when a German NAZI was running the projects could the American rockets fly without exploding. Von Braun went on to be the blue eyed boy of NASA with the Apollo moon rocket which Americans boast of as the most complex machine EVER BUILT.

I was extremely annoyed by this old American trying in “the English/Jewish” way to downplay German achievements which were absolutely awesome beyond belief. I’m not even mentioning the incredible number of V2’s the Germans managed to build underground and fire while the whole world was trying to blow them to hell.

The stupid rocket argument is similar to this one, if someone was idiotic enough to make it: German Panzers weren’t really a big deal because the British invented the tank in WW1. So what is so great about what the Germans did?

Among the many things about the Germans you also NEVER hear them mention is the lack of materials the Germans had. The Germans did not sit with the vast resources of the USA. They often had to build weapons when the very materials they needed were not even available. Another achievement almost beyond belief is when the Germans, on the bones of their asses decided to build a single engined jet fighter at a time when they lacked metals to work with so they began designing a wooden jet fighter. The only problem they could not solve was to invent a glue strong enough otherwise they would have had that weapon.

In one of my videos I mentioned the German tanks. The “massive German armoured forces” of the French campaign were tiny little tanks, many armed with only machineguns that would not even be classed as tanks by many. The Stuka is another example of a “powerful” weapon which was in fact totally OBSOLETE at the start of the war. The Stuka was so useless and so slow that whenever they were confronted by fighters they were shot out of the sky in numbers. The Germans had such a shortage of material, yet they did not complain and they went into battle with all sorts of weapons that nobody else would even try. They won, not because they had the unbelievable mass of machinery that the Russians and American had. They won because the many many things they lacked in equipment they made up for with incredible bravery, bold initiative, iron discipline and extremely sharp and ingenious minds. Germans succeeded time and again in situations where everyone else would have flunked out in the same situation. What they lacked physically they made for with SPIRIT that was utterly superhuman. We’ve not seen that kind of spirit since Napoleon or the Roman Empire. The Germans had the same determination as the Romans.

The truth about WW2 is that the good people DIED and the EVIL lived unharmed to go on to tell even greater and bigger lies than ever before. The evil filth lived and went on to mislead the entire world and to even lead our race to the verge of destruction where we are now. That’s the truth about “World War 2”. These were only WORLD WARS because the evil Jews managed to suck Americans into a project to interfere in European wars twice.

I see that now its claimed that the USA has ten illegal military bases in Syria. I watch America’s overrated military running around the world to kill for the Jews. I still don’t think much of America’s military. I smile when I see how much the US Military costs to run. Inefficiency always makes me smile. It always gives me hope.

Here are a few videos I’ve done regarding Germans and Germany that you might enjoy:

BANNED: Adolf Hitler the Messiah – 3 Part series

This video series revolves a video made by my friend Nordlux Bellator in Eastern Europe. He did a short video called: The Divine Order. This is a short and very lovely video to commemorate Adolf Hitler’s birthday. But this video is BANNED on Youtube. So I set it up elsewhere.

Youtube later banned one of my videos below (I think it was the first one). So 2 out of the 3 videos are banned worldwide. But I’ve set them up here so that you can watch them all by clicking on the links!

Adolf Hitler the Messiah, Part 1 is meant to be watched before you watch The Divine Order. Part 2 is to be watched after you’ve viewed The Divine Order.

In this video series I discuss the question: What is a religion? Is Nazism a religion? Is Communism a religion? I also discuss my views on what religion really was thousands of years ago.

In Part 2 I discuss the impossible achievements of Hitler & the NAZIS. Why do we fight? Hitler & the Germans were already experienced soldiers whereas we are 21st century white geek boys. We’ll have to learn how to become warriors in order to save the white race. Hitler and Napoleon achieved many utterly impossible things.

So here are the links:

Part 1

The Divine Order

Part 2

Video: BANNED: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah – Part 2


Backup Video:

I discuss the impossible achievements of Hitler & the NAZIS. Why do we fight? Hitler & the Germans were already experienced soldiers whereas we are 21st century white geek boys. We’ll have to learn how to become warriors in order to save the white race. Hitler and Napoleon achieved many utterly impossible things. With our fuzzy, weakened minds we don’t appreciate the truly awesome feats our European ancestors pulled off. From 1918 to September 1933 the Jews were constantly trying to turn Germany into a communist state. Between January-September 1933, when Hitler became the Chancellor, he defeated the Jewish communists. Jews were behind terrorism and other violence that was raging even in 1932-1933 and nearly took over Germany through communist terrorism in 1933. The Jews fled Germany once Hitler had defeated their violent methods.

Video: BANNED: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah – Part 1


Backup Video:

We will view & discuss a video that’s banned worldwide! NordLux Bellator created a video (now banned) called: The Divine Order.

It is a tribute to Hitler and his NAZI (National Socialist) followers. What is religion? Is it valid to call Nazism a religion? Is Communism a religion? My view is that religion now is BELIEF but it used to be SCIENCE (long ago). I discuss the American NAZI genius Rockwell who learned from Hitler and his brilliant plan (which is still very workable) for “a balanced political army” which can save the white race of America.

Video: The Divine Order


Backup Video:

The Divine Order: This is a short video created by Nordlux Bellator. This video is banned worldwide on Youtube.

This video is about Adolf Hitler and the others who worked with him like Dr Goebbels and it sees National Socialism (NAZISM) as a new religion.

I will be discussing this concept in my video: Adolf Hitler: The Messiah.

Video: Teaching White Kids about Hitler


Backup Video:

I discuss Mein Kampf and the different translations of it and which one is the best for English speaking people who are sincerely interested in learning about Adolf Hitler.

Video: The Myth that Hitler wanted to Invade Britain


Backup Video:

I look at some history and some German testimony including listening to what Adolf Galland, a great fighter pilot and commander in Germany had to say about Hitler and the British. The hatred that Jewish Britain had for Germany was very different to the view that Hitler had of the British.

Video: HELP!! Short German translation wanted: Dr Goebbels speech 10 February 1933 – re: Jews


Help please! I need some assistance with this 8 minute video. This video has subtitles, but they are hard to read in parts. In this speech, Dr Gobbels says some very strange things – things I’ve never heard anyone mention or repeat again. I want to do a video where we analyse this closely because he says things that are very important and tie up with something else that General Leon Degrelle wrote about Hitler.

I would be most grateful if someone can translate this in part or whole into english and put it in the comments. I want to go through this carefully because Goebbels says something that you’ll have never heard before and it is extremely important.



Video: When a JEW proposes GENOCIDE, it’s a GREAT IDEA!


Backup Video:

How does the Mass Media react to the idea of killing 70 million people when a Jew proposes it? We look at the book: Germany must perish, written by the American Jew Kaufman and how he proposes ALL Germans be annihilated! Just look at the shocking RAVE REVIEWS this hideous book got from the (Jewish) New York Times and many other big Mass Media outlets who are household names across the world!

Video: Dr Peter Hammond, trip to the USA updates: Also WW2, Germans, Anglo-Boer War casualties


Backup Video:

Dr Peter Hammond has just returned from his trip to the USA. We discuss that along with many other topics such as the lies about history, about the Germans and about the number of Boer women and children murdered by the British during the Anglo-Boer war. How did Western Christian civilisation slip from the hands of the whites and much much more.