Video: Dylann Roof is a White Nelson Mandela

Why is it that whites are held to a different moral standard than everybody else while AT THE SAME TIME, they all tell us that we are all exactly EQUAL? In what way were the actions of Dylann Roof in the USA any different to the actions of Nelson Mandela in South Africa?

Video: 2016: Whites flee South Africa en masse again!

Only white men with guns can fix SA again! Mother Nature wants to exterminate Blacks. The Whites’ Last Stand: I explain my personal dream: Why we whites must give the blacks an all-out race war. We must fight them with every ounce of energy we have in a fight to the finish!

NB: The photos of the “white woman” kissing the blacks is the communist Jewess Helen Zille whom most whites have been voting for, for years. They believe she is a white Christian!

NB: The Black man with the white wife is Maimane, a Christian pastor who is now the front man for the Jewish/Liberal/Elite political vehicle in SA, the DA (Democratic Alliance). Maimane takes the place of Zille.

I explain why bad news is good news for whites. I discuss personal stories of whites who were attacked or had reverses and struggles. I discuss the voracious appetite for money that blacks and Jews have. I discuss enormous financial crimes in SA.

Video: The Battle of Blood River: Part 2

The history of the Boer is this: The Boer founded Republics to get away from the British but the British seized each one afterwards, often through trickery. I discuss Boer history after the battle of blood river including the deception of the British with regard to their treatment of the Boers as well as the Zulus. I discuss the First Anglo-Boer war too as well as current relations between the Boers and the Zulus where the King of the Zulus praised the Boers. This gives an overview of how the Boers created 3 Republics and lost the Republic of Natalia to the British as well as the trickery of the British in trying to seize the Transvaal.

Video: The Battle of Blood River: Part 1

I do a detailed analysis of why the Boers left the Cape where they were ruled by the British and how it was that they came into conflict with the Zulus which ended in massacres of Boers and eventually the great victory at the Battle of Blood River. I did this video in 2015 for the anniversary of the Battle of Blood River.

Video: Please DIE Quietly…

Tens of thousands of people can be murdered and their screams will NEVER be heard. I discuss how I changed from a wonky peacenik into realising that we whites should spend every spare minute we have working on our racial politics. I discuss the useless bastards, cucks, swines, spineless cowards and assorted pieces of shit who masquerade as liberals, politicians, journalists, etc. It is these worthless bastard politicians who signed the death warrants of whites. I agree with Alex Linder that we should not give two faced journalists any interviews.

I read from one of the chapters of my book Government by Deception. There are only two outlets in the world who still sell my book and here is where you can get an ebook version of it:

Video: Jews’ South African Spy destroying UK Right – Jack Sen

We take a look at Joe Owens who is commenting on Jack Sen. He’s discussing how the BNP represented the real nationalists in Britain and how it was destroyed and the role of Jack Sen in that destruction.

Video: When Blacks killed Whites in Church – St James Church massacre

Here is some history they try to keep away from white people in America and Europe. They will scream over Dylann Roof, but they’ll never tell you about the day blacks came with AK47’s and threw hand-grenades among whites in a packed church in South Africa. Here’s the story and the white man who fought back with a pistol when the blacks had AK47’s!

Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 3


Part 3 – Uncensored version: Part3 Uncensored

NB: For this video, the 3rd one, there is a censored version for the social media and an uncensored version. (I snipped out some things 8 min into the video).


NB: For this video, the 3rd one, there is a censored version for the social media and an uncensored version. (I snipped out some things 8 min into the video).

Part 1 was banned from Youtube and can be viewed here: part-1

You can view Part 2 here: part-2

I got an update from Pretoria West, Bremmer St, where the whites had been fighting with the blacks. In one sense, the whites seemed to have won. They got far better than they expected, but on the other hand, were the blacks engaging in revenge? Alex and I analyse the news we got.

Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 2

Part 1 was banned from Youtube and can be viewed here: part-1/

I went to the scene of the battle 8 days after it happened & took photos. Alex and I discuss the new information I uncovered. Whites were calling extensively for reinforcements hoping that thousands of whites with guns would arrive. The blacks also bussed in 30 taxi loads of reinforcements. There were gun shots fired on both sides & at least one person died on either side. I also discuss the massed arson attacks that took place in the Cape province in one day a month ago. I discuss Julius Malema and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe working together secretly to create a race war in South Africa in an attempt at overrunning the whites of South Africa Zimbabwe style. I wrote a conditional declaration of war on in 2010 because I was convinced that the murder of Eugene Terreblanche was an assassination attempt that was a prelude to the mass invasion of white farms in South Africa planned by Malema and Mugabe. Malema leads a charmed life and is very likely protected by the South African Govt.

Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 1

NB: This video, Part 1, was banned off Youtube.

Alex and I discuss a battle in Pretoria where a mob of white men and women fought blacks. A few people were injured, some seriously. I put up photographs that I got from people who were on the scene when it happened just over a week ago. There are some errors in the statements I make in Part 1 because Alex and I did this before I went to Pretoria to the scene and to discuss it with people who were involved. So don’t miss Part 2.