Video: Black Jews: Is Trevor Noah Jewish?

I discuss the topic of Blacks who become Jewish. It appears to me that Trevor Noah’s father is a “white” Jew, a German Jew from Switzerland. There is the mystery of why his mother, a black Xhosa woman decided to convert to Judaism. Do these Jewish connections explain why the Jews lay off Trevor Noah even when he behaves in an anti-semitic way? e.g. Jokes about running a Jew over in his German car? I also discuss Whoopie Goldberg and her Jewish-sounding name. Something to always watch out for is wealth and Jews. The two go hand in hand.

Video: South Africa: Johannesburg: WARZONE officially declared in Eldorado Park riots – Parts 1 & 2

Part 2:

Something happened in Johannesburg that I’ve not heard of before. There was an official decision to declare an area a “WAR ZONE” which meant that an Army team would be sent and that Live Ammunition could be used against the Coloured people who were protesting. So this is an exceptionally violent and organised protest by Coloured people who were looking for houses from the Govt.

I discuss the time when the Liberals and Rich whites tried to get cheaper houses for the blacks and how the ANC tripped it up. Later the ANC lied about how many houses can be built in a year.

Video: South Africa: Pandemonium in Coligny: Black Vs White racial tensions – Parts 1 & 2

Part 2:

Blacks attacked and tried to burn down 4 houses belonging to whites after 2 Boers were released on bail for the alleged murder of a black youth in Coligny. In this video I discuss what I know and I also discuss exactly what farm life is like in Africa. A farm in Africa is quite lawless by Western standards. Its a little bit like living in the old Wild West. I describe my own experiences in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia when I caught a black stealing in our fields.

This video relates to 2 earlier videos I did which dealt with the previous violence (related to the current violence) in Coligny:

Video: SA WAR: Massed Black attacks on Whites in 2 small towns?

Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down – also: Angus Buchan, Malema, DA & FW

Video: South Africa: How they keep car prices artificially high

I discuss how second hand car prices in South Africa are kept artificially high. Its a follow-up to my video: South Africa: The Land the Super Rich raped to death:

Video: South Africa: The Land the Super Rich raped to death

South Africa is the land of monopolies & oligopolies where the rich own and run almost everything. There is no such thing as a “Free Market” in South Africa. I discuss how the Rich, Super-Rich and Jews have abused South Africa for over a hundred years. Everything that exists, is only there to make the rich happy. The rich and super-rich do anything the hell they please and almost all their power has remained in tact right until now.

Video: WARNING: To White S.Africans: Spies & Stings

This is a re-release of a video I produced in March 2016. This is about the South African Government and the Right Wing and also how they saw to it that organisations with BIG POTENTIAL like the AWB were a TOTAL FLOP in the end and were utterly powerless to achieve anything. I discuss Boers who were set up and ended up in jail in the same way that Matt Hale and many others in the USA ended up in jail there. I also discuss psychological warfare methods of ensuring that whites do nothing and will fail. (This is a big topic with White Nationalists worldwide and its one we’ll revisit for other countries). Alex Linder and I did a related video that is very important:

Video: Team White Launch: Jews Decapitate Whites’ Leadership!

There is a related video on South African history I did:

Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks

Video: How to fight the Jews legally

This is the amazing story of Snowy Smith here in South Africa and how he was bankrupted by two Jews in the 1970s. This is how he survived bankruptcy and later learned about the Jews. Then when he tried to spread this information on the internet South Africa’s highest Jewish organisation the South African Jewish Board of Deputies went after him and got him into court. I discuss in detail and analyse how Snowy dealt with the situation and fought them in court by himself. I cannot state ALL the details in the video but I’m very proud of him and how he dealt with the matter and what he achieved.

Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites’ houses burned down – also: Angus Buchan, Malema, DA & FW

The video above is a quick follow-up to the video: SA WAR: Massed Black attacks on Whites in 2 small towns? which I published 2 days ago. See it here:

I mention a discussion I had with PW Botha about the Freedom Front. I touch on a number of very important topics: It seems the white Liberals, the super-rich elite & Jews have aligned themselves with certain black Christians and now with Angus Buchan. This really ties back to the 7th April Revolution video I did, which you can view here:

It seems to me FW De Klerk & Afrikaner traitors are all part of this big push which the DA & international elite are involved in to unseat Zuma and the ANC. I also have information about the DA that I want to release shortly for whites and I also received some extremely important information about Julius Malema that whites also need to see. Updates are coming.

Another related video expanding on the plotting and planning of the Super-rich Elite, Jews and Liberals that I did is here:

Video: SA WAR: Massed Black attacks on Whites in 2 small towns?

Yesterday messages came to me indicating that some large scale violence by the blacks was in progress. News was scanty but I did what I could and worked through the night. Here’s the resulting video. I’m still gathering info as info was coming in even after I did the video. The MSM seems to say almost nothing about this, but the private messages coming in indicate otherwise. You’ll also see on the actual film footage at the beginning of the video that there was a lot of violence. I also used the Suidlander’s map to show how much black “protest” violent action is going on in South Africa.

Today I got news and messages from different sources including a voice message in Afrikaans where a white man talks about the mass evacuation of all the residents of the small town of Coligny. I also got a text message saying that the black violence in Lichtenburg is so bad that the Police have run out of ammunition and will withdraw from that town.

The website that ran the original story got its info from a Police clips website. Here is the story they ran on Lichtenburg:

The searchsa website has other nasty crime stories plus photos. Don’t miss this one about a cash-in-transit vehicle that was bombed. You’ll see the photos of the shot up vehicles. This was very violent:

A young white Afrikaans woman was murdered by blacks in front of her husband and two children:

An experienced Afrikaans Policeman, a Warrant Officer was murdered and his body was found:

You’ll find many crime stories on that site along with the accompanying photos.

Video: Important: WAR between the Super Rich scum vs Zuma & the ANC

South Africa might be heading into its “Zimbabwe melt-down phase”. It seems to me that Super-rich and banksters can’t wait any longer. They want to try to drive out President Zuma and replace the ANC (African National Congress) with their Jewish puppets in the DA (Democratic Alliance). They’ve been working towards this goal for many years and the gloves have come off from both sides.

A fascinating twist is that it seems President Zuma is bringing in Russia in a big way into South Africa. This video is a very detailed analysis of what is going down in South Africa which started on 7 April 2017. This is a follow-up of the video: “Important: Revolution in SA on 7th April 2017?”

I got lots of new information of other events including one for the 12th where ALL the political parties are gathering together to take on President Zuma and the ANC. One of the most mysterious things I have come across is a 19 page document called: “How Zuma planned to capture the country”. I uploaded the entire file. You can read it at this link where I do a quick analysis of it: