Video: C04: SA Race War: Coligny: 2 Farm attacks; Panic stricken White women

Here are audio messages sent out by panic stricken white women when the blacks descended on their houses to attack them. In the 2nd message the white woman’s house was burned down shortly after she sent this message.

Video: C03: SA Race War: Coligny: Day 1 Violence; Police looted; Whites prepared to shoot Blacks!

I discuss the 1st day of violence. How it started quietly and then the weird things that the black protesters were allowed to do and the strange inaction of the black Police as the protesters became ever more violent. The whites observed the Police taking part in looting! The blacks began smashing businesses and setting whites’ houses on fire. Eventually the Boer farmers told the Police they want to start shooting the blacks themselves NOW!

Video: C02 Race War: Coligny: Did Whites kill a Black Child? What the autopsy revealed!

I go through the many details that you aren’t being told about what led to the death of this black teenager who was stealing the farmer’s crops. I discuss what led to his death and the subsequent autopsy. Despite the Police and all the authorities knowing that there was no crime, mysteriously rumours (fueled by Malema’s EFF?) began spreading. This led to the protest march that became violent.

Video: C01 South Africa: Blacks practising for a Race War – Julius Malema

I finally have contacts and did my own investigations into the violence in Coligny. In a nutshell, Julius Malema and his EFF Political party seem to be behind the violence there but nobody is mentioning a word of this. The lying mass media is painting the whites as the criminals when in fact all the violence is being manufactured and driven by the blacks. Julius Malema is in with the Jews and getting money from them.

Video: Why the Whites Lost: Rhodesian War: Portuguese collapse – White hating Britain & USA

JB Campbell & I discuss the hideous behaviour of the British and Americans towards the whites of Rhodesia. We discuss the Portuguese colonies and what contact he had with them. We discuss the Portguese and Greeks in southern Africa. The greatest cruelty practised against any whites in southern Africa was what happened to the Portuguese. The Portuguese never intended giving up any territory in southern Africa. I give background regarding the anti-white actions of Britain and also the Carnegie plan to have America attack the Boers and bomb the whites of South Africa. In other words, the USA had a plan, the same as they’ve carried out in Iraq to come and destroy the Boers.

Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen

White people everywhere are doing Power Politics all wrong. This is a nasty, tough video, but men especially must watch this, especially Boers. This is about the only law that’s really out there in the world. I used to joke on AfricanCrisis: How do you get to have tea with the Queen of England? What will make her want to have tea with you? This is the answer. This is how the world actually works and why we whites are continuously losing. The path forward is not easy, but its very doable for our capable race. Above all we must: MAKE THE WHITE MALE GREAT AGAIN! He must roar like the Lion that he is.

Video: The Super Rich, 3 former Presidents & Jews say: Get rid of Zuma!

I analyse a story wherein 3 former Presidents of South Africa including FW De Klerk (whom I call “The Biggest Loser”) are all openly coming out to unseat President Zuma. The Boers were right all along. The wolf we feared is at our door now. I explain how the Liberal scum lied and tricked the whites into the situation we’re now in. I mention too the super rich Jewess Helen Suzman, who was a lifelong enemy of the Boers. I discuss the plan of the Super-Rich, Liberal scum & Jews to take over all of Africa’s businesses and what a flop that turned into. I discuss the joke Liberal concept from ten years ago of “The African Rennaisance”. I explain the real reason why the super-rich & Jews like Democracy and how these same people now openly attack the very thing that they helped to create because as always they do whatever the hell they please. Now they try to use Section 89 of the constitution to unseat Zuma.

Here’s the original story that I’m quoting:

Video: What they don’t tell you about Africa’s Colonisation and Decolonisation

This is an interview I did with Ted of “A Stranger in my Own Land”. We discussed how Whites colonised Africa and what state Africa was in before whites came. Later we discussed in quite a lot of detail the many Liberation Wars in Africa and what really went on. Ted was quite astounded by the complexity of the many wars here against the whites and how the blacks were backed and funded. We discuss the many lies and misconceptions that the world’s Mass Media told about us whites in Africa.

Video: Political Warfare: How the Boers defeated the British & Jewish Elite

Jan and Alex discuss some Boer history that is virtually unknown. It’s the story of how the Boers took back South Africa and even massively increased their control after they had lost the Anglo-Boer war when the British Empire invaded and crushed the Boers from 1899-1902. 46 years after total defeat, the Boers had bounced back and taken total control of a much larger area than they had ruled before. The secret organisation, the Broederbond was the key cause of this. What you know as Apartheid is the very tolerant system created by the Boers to allow Blacks to have self rule (at which they subsequently failed). NB: This video needs a follow-up, a discussion of the hideous Liberal/Globalist/Multicultural rubbish that the Broederbond degenerated into. It finally transformed into what is now known as the “Afrikaner Bond”. We’ll return to this disgusting organisation.

Video: Many plots to kill President Zuma; also: Mugabe, Israel & Jews

I started out analysing a recent plot to kill President Zuma of South Africa. While the lying MSM mention the plot to kill Zuma, only some of them mention a second plot to kill blacks who were enabling “White Monopoly Capitalists” in South Africa! This is a case of Whites being seen as evil when in fact its the Jews who are the monopoly capitalists. I also uncovered other things I had forgotten about from the time before I was Jew-wise. Upon closer examination we see “white” Jews conspiring with blacks to destroy Zuma in 2005 and how it all got out into the MSM and EVERYONE managed to LIE their way out of it!!! (That’s my analysis). This also shows how the Jews lost control of the Presidents of South Africa – which is the real reason the Jews and globalists are after Zuma.

I analyse the story which includes a letter to the Jew billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer for R60 million to kill Zuma and several others along with a letter to kill blacks who enabled “white monopoly capital”. I also analyse old stories claiming there were plots to kill Zuma as well as the so-called “hoax ANC emails” from before Zuma became president. I also mention the rigged 2013 election in Zimbabwe and a claim that Robert Mugabe wanted to kill Zuma.