Video: Xmas in Zimbabwe

This is the untold story of why Robert Mugabe drove the white farmers out from Zimbabwe. I did this for Xmas 2015 and it includes some humour and fun that we poke at Mugabe. But much of it is a serious discussion of why the white farmers were driven out and the consequences of it. The whites were actually doing very well in Zimbabwe and they were funding and building up the black opposition to Mugabe. I also discuss Mugabe’s revenge on the blacks including smashing houses and businesses and making a million homeless.

Video: Blacks eat rats for Xmas: Zimbabwe 2006

This is what happened when Mugabe began driving out 5,500 white farmers from Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) from 2000 onwards. This is how it affected blacks. To this day (2017) Zimbabwe’s economy has imploded and not recovered from driving out white farmers. This is what happens when you drive our a productive group of white people. Other nations worth studying where the entire economy imploded when whites left en masse are: Mozambique & Angola – both are enormous territories. This is a South African Broadcasting Corporation news item from 2006.

Video: Please DIE Quietly…

Tens of thousands of people can be murdered and their screams will NEVER be heard. I discuss how I changed from a wonky peacenik into realising that we whites should spend every spare minute we have working on our racial politics. I discuss the useless bastards, cucks, swines, spineless cowards and assorted pieces of shit who masquerade as liberals, politicians, journalists, etc. It is these worthless bastard politicians who signed the death warrants of whites. I agree with Alex Linder that we should not give two faced journalists any interviews.

I read from one of the chapters of my book Government by Deception. There are only two outlets in the world who still sell my book and here is where you can get an ebook version of it: