Video: The Jews had me fooled A Jewish engineered Pearl Harbour

I made this video in June 2015. It is only recently that I looked at 911, the physical & scientific evidence and realised the horrific Jewish connection staring me in the face!

Video: BANNED: Ancient Jewish Lies & The Eternal Jew

This video was banned from youtube. I discuss various ancient lies based on information and thoughts from my Boer Nazi Pal who was a lecturer in scientific method and who has a deep interest in the mythology of the Middle East. After my discussion we view the NAZI documentary called The Eternal Jew which was made during WW2. It is as valid and true today as ever. They try to dismiss it by calling it a “movie” but its not a movie, its a proper, well-researched DOCUMENTARY from NAZI Germany.

Video: BANNED: Attention White People an ORDER from your EMPEROR!

This is a short, fun video with a powerful message. I did not make this. I snipped this out of another video. It was online on Youtube for almost 2 years when they decided to ban and remove it physically from Youtube. Before they banned it they marked it as “age restricted” because apparently it is unsuitable for children! You can view the screen shot from Youtube here:

Video: How America bullied Japan into WW2: Part 1

I discuss and analyze various evidence which points to America and Britain desperately wanting a war with Japan. We look at the treachery and the trickery of these “good Allies” as they forced and shoved the Japanese into an untenable corner. We look at all the foreknowledge and dirty tricks that the USA had before Pearl harbor.

Video: The Pope of the White Race

This is an important video, even for Christians. This video is an introduction to many things that are important for whites. It is the beginning of a series of many things which will tie together.

This video is long, but I touch on many things, especially spiritual topics. For much of my life I was a real Buddhist peace-nik just wanting to live in a cave and work towards nirvana and other things. But as I grew older I began to realise that even those peaceful principles are actually DEEPLY FLAWED.

This video is intended as preparation for us to launch into many new and important topics including what were whites really like before Christianity & what did they actually achieve? I discuss Ben Klassen and the excellent religion he invented called Creativity as well as a partial discussion of Nietzsche and his criticisms of Christianity. Do we really NEED a religion? I think so and explain why. Both Hitler & Klassen regarded ancient Rome and Greece as the epitome of white achievement. I discuss why the Romans and Greeks were special and why they remain an inspiration to this day. I also discuss various psychological and spiritual issues. Ancient Rome is going to be a very important topic that we also need to study as well as digging into why Christianity became our monopoly religion. Previously we had many religions. I discuss Nietzsche’s master and slave morality as it pertains to the Romans and Christians.

Video: Syria – Our Attitude – From the Creativity Movement

[I’m a HUGE fan of Ben Klassen’s Church of Creativity! Reverend James Mac of Creativity put out this short video regarding Syria!]

You can reach him on Twitter: @RevJamesMac

The Great Jewish Mask Series – Parts 1-4 & Free Books

The Great Jewish Mask series (at this time) consists of 4 videos plus free books. But I’ve not finished with it. There are at least 3 more videos to do in the series.

The Great Jewish Mask is about a fascinating book published in 1936 which predicted the rise of the Jews and that they would get Israel. The writer had a very deep knowledge of the archaeological history of the Jews and he explained how and when they began their campaign of propaganda and lying throughout history. He calls this “The Mask” and he says that the Jews “assumed the Mask” in 400 BC.

The story is tells is utterly riveting and fascinating and he gives you the scientific clues to this. In the latter parts of the series (yet to be done), I’ll show you that he was right and that science has since proven him to be completely correct.

Christians won’t like this series because it bites into Christian views on the origins of the Bible. So this series is more suitable for non-Christians. But Christians may find this a very valuable tool to pass on to NON-CHRISTIANS because it WILL have a BIG APPEAL to them.

NOTE: Part 1 of the Series was BANNED off Youtube. The others can be viewed on Youtube. Here are the links to the whole series.

Here are the links to the various videos in this series:
Part 1 – The Great Jewish Mask

Part 2 – Jewish Forgery

Part 3 – The Ass in the Lion’s skin

Part 4 & 3 FREE PDF books!

Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa


Backup Video:

Dr Peter Hammond unleashes explosive information in this interview I had with him this week. He explains how he & other Christians were present when the Govt held consultations regarding the draconian hate speech laws. The deputy Minister told them that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and an LGBT organisation were behind these horrific laws. Dr Hammond also tells of his experiences in holocaust museums in the USA. EVERY CHRISTIAN must listen to Dr Hammond and his mind-blowing exposes! These will rock you! Dr Peter Hammond also comes from Rhodesia.

All Dr Peter Hammond’s contact details are here, including his 2 websites with many books. (He’s written stacks of books). Everything is here:

Video: Massive, Massive, European Censorship of my Videos!

I received 53 legal notices today for all the videos on the #TeamWhite Channel which Alex Linder and I run. Every single video that Alex and I did has been banned in: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte.

In the video I made an error! I forgot to mention Austria as well!

Video: Important: Revolution in SA on 7th April 2017?

There is a message that is doing the rounds on a big scale among whites. It is about a massive shutdown in South Africa on 7th April. I discuss my AfricanCrisis analysis of this message, what it is, where it is from and its background. It might be that the war between the Jews & white liberals versus Zuma and the ANC is going to lead to our Zimbabwe downtrend in the years ahead.