IMPORTANT: My Analysis: Warmongering neocon John McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer

[A quick note. Beware of stories like this. My nephew was diagnosed with exactly this same cancer at the age of 39. Despite multiple surgery and chemotheraphy, it came back after 18 months and killed him. They even implanted a “pill” in his brain which released chemicals – and I suspect that’s what helped to keep him going for over a year before it came back. This form of cancer will kill you in a year or less. If its real that is.

Now on to John McCain. How many of you remember the story the Hillary Clinton would DIE? I pointed out last year this is a lie. I did videos about it and I mentioned that this could be a trick to make you think she’s going to die when in fact she’s fine. I cited previous examples of communists using this, especially Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who used it for over 10 years with great success REPEATEDLY even fooling the US Ambassador and others.

John McCain – White Traitor & war-monger for the Jews

In this case, John McCain’s doctor seems to be Jewish. Notice the practise is in New York. So the question I am asking myself is whether this story is real, or whether this is a Jewish trick to make people think that this white traitor McCain, and his warmongering for Jews and Israel – that he’s going to die – when in fact he won’t.

I feel nothing for McCain. It would be good if he dies. But, like with Hillary Clinton and Robert Mugabe I have the feeling that I’m going to be very disappointed. So keep watching McCain and this “cancer” of his and let’s see if the scumbag dies or not. Perhaps the real “treatment” is simply some well-timed lying from his Jewish doctor to keep the assassins at bay … and we will later be very disappointed to discover that McCain continues to live for several more years. Jan]

You can read the full story here:

Hang the Bankers!!

[I discovered a great news website. It’s called Hang the bankers. Sadly, of course one should stop using codewords to bypass the Jews. But, its a start. This website has some fascinating news stories.

Click here to go to Hang the Bankers!

Telkom: South Africa’s biggest Internet & Email service provider is controlled by Hotmail – Microsoft

After much hassle, I have sorted out my emails and switched to sending my emails from an email address that I “own”. So I don’t need to use Telkom. But if you think Telkom is bad, I also was using my old email address at MWEB another big South African Email and Internet service provider. They lock you down in 2 seconds. They banned me quite a while back and I had to beg nicely to get myself off the spam list and then had to desist sending emails.

What astounded me was the error message, complete with a reference number (I’ll phone Telkom this week), wherein they cited a “TOS” (Terms of Service) violation with Hotmail! Now Hotmail is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft controls: and they bought years ago. So it may be that someone blacklisted me either through Hotmail or Telkom. But it sounds almost as if the complaint came from Hotmail, so I think I was being blocked from the USA and ergo they kick Telkom up their asses and Telkom thus blocks me.

This is most annoying and has wasted hours of my time as I try to figure out how to resume my sending of emails.

Email is amazingly tightly controlled and they’re also trying to control websites I see by trying to force certificates – i.e https:// instead of just http:// – That’s a slow trend that nobody has noticed. But its coming too.

Anyhow … So I’ll be back on the “air” shortly. I want to release videos.

But yeah, Telkom & MWEB … they’ll shut you down fast. Long ago they weren’t like this but I think our Jew pals have been at work tightening the screws on everyone.

If you want to see the error message you can view my article here:

Attention: History Reviewed Subscribers – Are you getting my Emails? Emails blocked?

I was preparing to send out another email now with updates and while checking I saw that my sending email address seemed to be blocked – completely blocked. As if I can’t send any emails at all.

Can any of you please let me know when last you got an email from me?

It seems to me the control and blocking of emails is now a new nightmare. I had 3 other email addresses of mine blocked … but now one which I thought was “safe” is also blocked.

I was sending out through a South Africa email provider. The actual error message in part reads:

Transaction failed. The server response was: 5.7.1 <...>: Sender address rejected: Hotmail TOS – Telkom SAIX Ref:xxxx Blacklisted for Unsolicited mails


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Video: How Churchill made Americans hate Germans! Part 2

Right-Click here to download the Video

Backup Video:

This was Britain’s greatest covert operation in its history, the British Security Coordination (BSC)! This is the real story behind the fictional character of James Bond. Famous names like Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl are among the real life people who were associated with this project. Sir William Stephenson is referred to as “the Greatest Canadian” by some people. He is the real inspiration behind James Bond. Stephenson created a strategy of black propaganda which he called “Political Warfare” and he ran it from the Rockefeller Center in New York with the connivance of Roosevelt. These are the fiendish dirty tricks and outright lies employed by the British in the USA to fool Americans into hating the Germans and into fighting and dying for British Jewry in its mad drive to destroy Hitler and the Germans. We look at the dirty tricks aimed at demoralising German widows and many other devious methods used to smear the Germans.

I also examine the neutrality laws of America in the 1930s and how Roosevelt selectively applied them to the disadvantage of Italy and Japan while favouring Britain, Russia and China.

I discuss the parallels of the British in the USA with the hundreds of CIA operatives who came to South Africa in the 1980s/1990s. I discuss the South African mercenary operation of Executive Outcomes and Eeben Barlow who created it. Executive Outcomes were white mercenaries who won two wars in Africa for blacks fighting against other blacks. They are currently probably fighting in Nigeria.

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Jewish Science at work: The Jew who stole all the credit for the Polio Vaccine

[I agree with the author’s conclusion that the Jew Einstein stole other people’s work. In fact its even worse than that. He stole their work and did not even know how to use it! He made all sorts of errors on his equations. It is my personal opinion that Einstein might have set the progress of physics back by a century or more. But that’s a topic for another day when we get back the topic of the over-rated plagiarist Einstein. In the meantime, here’s an article of how a Jew took all the credit and ignored the contributions of the whites on his team.]

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