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The Rhodesians and Vikings made a BIG MISTAKE which Boers must never make

The Rhodesians and Vikings made a BIG MISTAKE which Boers must never make.

The White Tribe of Africa Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLFCpJE1WyUSGytNQJE_QZg

I’ve created a special channel where Whites can get together. It is for Boers, Rhodesians, Portuguese, Germans and others from Southern Africa and those who are interested in our history. We have whites from across Africa now here in South Africa. This is our last gathering place… the place where we can make our last stand. Its our last chance to act as a GROUP before we flee Africa and break up. (I STRONGLY disagree with running and fleeing). Why don’t the Vikings rule Europe now? Because the Vikings BROKE UP and went everywhere and lost their collective identity. If we whites of Africa (especially the Boers) flee, then we’ll never be together again as a group. If we are truly DEFEATED then yes, then we can run. But we must NEVER run without a HARD FIGHT. NEVER! We must stand like the Germans and Italians and others did. We only run IF WE TRULY LOSE IN A BIG WAY. Otherwise, NEVER RUN!

I’ve uploaded all the videos on Southern Africa that I’ve done so far. These include videos I did with JB Campbell, Dr Peter Hammond and Alex Linder as well as others. So Stacks more videos are coming, even of the Portuguese in Africa, an untold story!

For Christian Afrikaans News Analysis

Chris Vermeulen does some news analysis from a Christian perspective here:

Click here for Chris Vermeulen’s Google+ page

Jewish Science at work: The Jew who stole all the credit for the Polio Vaccine

[I agree with the author’s conclusion that the Jew Einstein stole other people’s work. In fact its even worse than that. He stole their work and did not even know how to use it! He made all sorts of errors on his equations. It is my personal opinion that Einstein might have set the progress of physics back by a century or more. But that’s a topic for another day when we get back the topic of the over-rated plagiarist Einstein. In the meantime, here’s an article of how a Jew took all the credit and ignored the contributions of the whites on his team.]

Click here to read the Jewish Polio story

Video: WARNING: To White S.Africans: Spies & Stings

This is a re-release of a video I produced in March 2016. This is about the South African Government and the Right Wing and also how they saw to it that organisations with BIG POTENTIAL like the AWB were a TOTAL FLOP in the end and were utterly powerless to achieve anything. I discuss Boers who were set up and ended up in jail in the same way that Matt Hale and many others in the USA ended up in jail there. I also discuss psychological warfare methods of ensuring that whites do nothing and will fail. (This is a big topic with White Nationalists worldwide and its one we’ll revisit for other countries). Alex Linder and I did a related video that is very important:

Video: Team White Launch: Jews Decapitate Whites’ Leadership!

There is a related video on South African history I did:

Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks

Video: Something hillarious happened in Germany recently

I got some really funny film footage from Germany. I discuss how Germans are propagandized and vilified and sent on endless guilt trips to prove how wrong they are and how evil they supposedly were. I discuss a white American who voted for Obama and became an absolute racist within 7 years as well as my own turning point in 1989. All this Jewish/Liberal/Elite propaganda falls apart in the real world eventually. We witness such an occasion when reality sets in and shows that the Germans and all whites everywhere were right all along!

Alex Linder – #TeamWhite

Alex Linder and I produce videos for our Youtube Channel: #TeamWhite.

Alex can be contacted via his own personal website here: http://www.alexlinder.com/

All the rest of Alex’s work is published on VNN Forum: https://vnnforum.com/