Spain: The Jews that opened the gates of Toledo

[Someone pointed me to this yesterday. The Jews have worked with the Muslims against whites many times. In Spain this is definitely clear. In fact the white Christians of Spain were held down by Jews and Muslims for several centuries. The Jews even admit to PAYING the Muslim general to invade Spain and France – but the French smashed them – Charles the Hammer crushed them.

Now there is a question in my mind as to whether the Jews under the Ottoman Empire were perhaps instrumental in the several invasions of Europe by the Ottomans. Its a topic we must visit sometime. A Jew I knew claimed that under the Ottoman Empire the Jews were having an awesome time! He said it was a golden age for the Jews. But during this time the Ottomans were constantly attacking Europe on land and sea! So the question on my mind is this: Were the Jews behind the aggression of the Ottoman Empire against white Christian Europe?

But look at the Jews opening the gates of Toledo. Jews are doing that in the USA and Europe and Britain. They did it here in South Africa by working hard to bring about a black communist revolution against the whites here! Jews are always busy destroying the whites they live amongst. Jan]

During the 7th and 8th centuries Iberia (Spain and Portugal), was a divided kingdom ruled by the Catholic Visigoths, the region was home to a Jewish minority who suffered intolerable persecution under these Christian rulers.

In 558 Ferreol, Bishop of Uzes ordered the Jews of his diocese to convert to Catholicism, those that didn’t abandon their faith were expelled from the region

In 694 Catholic bishops issued a decree that the Jews were traitors and should have their wealth confiscated and face perpetual slavery.

In 654 King Recceswinth of Toledo forbade Jews from keeping the Sabbath, dietary laws, marriage laws and circumcising their young

In 633 the Fourth Council of Toledo even describes the Jews, who were allegedly proselytizing their beliefs, as “the Antichrist‟s ministers.”

In 633 the Fourth Council of Toledo declared that all Jews must be baptized.

In the spring of 711, a Muslim army invaded Iberia led by Tariq ibn Ziyad, serving the Arab governor Musa ibn Nusayr, at Guadalete they swiftly defeated Roderick (Luthariq) the Visigoth King and then marched northward to the Visigoth capital of Toledo. Both Latin and Arabic chroniclers record that the Jews of the city “opened the gates of Toledo” to Tariq, who conquered the city. With more cities to take Tariq left Toledo and entrusted its protection to a garrison of Jewish soldiers, whom had rose up against the Catholic Visigoths and opened the gates.

When Tariq’s master, Musa ibn Nusayr, arrived in Iberia with a large Arab force he seized Seville and like Tariq before him, he entrusted the city to its Jewish inhabitants until his return.

Had the Jews of Iberia not been the victims of such continuous barbarity from their Christian neighbours it is unlikely they’d have turned on them, but with the Muslim invasion this oppressed people tasted a freedom they hadn’t for centuries. There is no greater example of Jewish and Muslim coexistence than al-Andalus, the Jews not only fought side by side with their Muslim cousins, but under the caliphates born out of the conquests the Jews lived as a free and protected people who were able reach the highest of positions in this new society.


At this URL you’ll also find interesting references to the Jews opening the gates of Toledo:

President Trump’s WARMONGERING in Iran and North Korea

It seems to me every move Donald Trump is making is now for WAR. Iran and North Korea. Iran we were expecting. I’m so bored with his moves. I don’t see how any of this is what whites in the USA actually voted for. But it sure as hell will work for the Jews.

I see that the USA has now opened its first permanent military base in Israel. I just shake my head. The Jews have made the US Govt insane and the Elite and upperclasses are in with the Jews out on world conquest whereever the filthy Jew leads them.

I don’t see how either Iran or North Korea (even if they have nukes) is in any way a problem that the USA must solve. Consider China and Russia and Israel with their nukes!! You won’t hear a peep about that. So why go and beat up a small nation? If the nukes threaten Japan then let the Japanese solve it? But Jewish America does NOT want either the Germans or Japanese to rise again. The Japanese would defend themselves with ease.

Looking back on my life, I’d say the USA has never yet fought an actual war that deserved to be fought. When we were under real attack and threat the USA did nothing. Communism swept across the whole of Africa tearing up Portuguese and British territories and neither the USA nor Britain did anything substantive to stand even a little bit. Truly pathetic. Now America wants to smash North Korea down? What for? What a joke it is. Its just a Jewish agenda and last time there was a Korean war the JEWS were ensuring that the USA and the West did NOT win it. Even South Africans and Australians went to fight there.

These wars are a load of rubbish. They serve absolutely ZERO purpose. ZERO.

Great Photos & memes: Tell all your friends: The JEWS did 911!

I really enjoyed this photo which was doing the rounds on the social media. I don’t know who these people are, but look at them holding up a banner across a highway with the message: The JEWS did 911! And that’s totally true. Totally true … a topic we’ll revisit in more detail. I’ll have to repost an important video in this regard.

Below are 3 videos I’ve posted so far on History Reviewed. But more will be coming:-

Video: The Jews had me fooled A Jewish engineered Pearl Harbour
I made this video in June 2015. It is only recently that I looked at 911, the physical & scientific evidence and realised the horrific Jewish connection staring me in the face!

You can view the video here:

Video: 911 Architects, Experts & Explosions
The scientific & engineering evidence shows clearly that the collapse of 3 buildings on 911 was from pre-planned explosions. THOUSANDS of people must have worked on the project to murder those people who died on 911! We look closely at an excellent documentary done by Architects, Engineers and scientists, specifically Physicists. It is well worth showing to people who believe that on 911 the buildings fell down due to being hit by planes. This in-depth documentary shows you the pure physics and engineering which indicates that these buildings were blown up.

Related books:-
Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World – by Christopher Bollyn –
Solving 9-11: The Original Articles – by Christopher Bollyn –

You can view the video here:

Video: 911 Experts Documentary
This is an excellent documentary done by Architects, Engineers and scientists, specifically Physicists. It is well worth showing to people who believe that on 911 the buildings fell down due to being hit by planes. This in-depth documentary shows you the pure physics and engineering which indicates that these buildings were blown up.

Related books:-
Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World – by Christopher Bollyn –
Solving 9-11: The Original Articles – by Christopher Bollyn –

Pic: American Jewish Slave owner’s pamphlet selling Negroes/Blacks from Africa

[I came upon this image on the social media. Notice the name of the slave trader at the bottom. Jan]

Jewish suppression of White Free Speech – Also: Jewish leaders in the Alt-Right

[Below is an email from one of my supporters. You may be interested in a lot of interesting information herein. I’m not sure what to make of Andrew Anglin. I don’t believe he’s a Jew. But see the comments, especially about Molyneux whom Alex Linder says is a Jew and whom I detest. Billy Roper sounds like a really awesome man. Jan]

YES since Aug. 12th when the Protest & the Terrorist counter protesters in Charlottesville VA had their Government (City and State level) SET UP confrontation everything has been stepped up over here in the United States ~ like this was part of a “false flag” operation mixed in with all the recent months of taking down historical monuments in order to bring their next level of SQUASHING free speech and the whites ability to talk to each other and support each other. Many ppl in the “Alt Right” have not only had their websites taken down, and death threats, but also like you, paypal and other accts disabled. Also in recent months certain websites have disappeared – ones I was ongoingly reading such as, and one you had mentioned called WeThoughtTheyWereWhite.weebly put up by a black to educate blacks about jews. All gone. Too bad, they were so informative!

Since that time some of the alt right folks have moved their radio or podcasts over to the Radio Aryan channel on YouTube which should still be up and there is a lot of great stuff there, I’m sure you must know. I recommend listening in to The Roper Report there and another weekly podcast called “Grandpa Lampshade’s” or just “Thoughts of the Day” now. Both excellent hard core white guys, more like “Alt, alt right” not selling out to anything! And these guys with some others like them, and US, ARE THE FRONT LINE! Billy Roper worked with WL Pierce and has started “The Shield Wall Network” to help whites to connect and teach us how to build/lead our local networks (& for when we may no longer have the internet). He talks about the coming “Balkanization” of the U.S. and wrote a book about that which is still available on Amazon (titled The Balk). I believe he is correct about this. There is a podcast where he talks about it quite a bit, and an intro podcast from about a month ago when he first moved over to Radio Aryan. If you haven’t heard these two ppl, you will like them!…

…Just so you are even more aware that there is growing awareness and networking going on among whites in this country, more ppl waking up now, even if they’re just the “normie” conservatives that voted for Trump hoping he’d really act on our immigration issues. (Time will tell how this all will go). One radical, outspoken jew hater tho – Christopher Cantwell is pretty crude and gives the radical whites a bad image in my opinion. However, you might like him – he’s been in the news lately since Charlottesville and got arrested for defending himself with Mace (now in jail). He had a radio call in show called “Radical Agenda”. I don’t think he is controlled op.

But concerning the “Alt Right” you are absolutely right to question it, because as we well know the jews like to control opposition movements and I think that there are clearly some Alt Right “leaders” who are Controlled Opposition. I think Richard Spencer is one of those, but I’m not sure of who else. Some of the things Spencer says are just wrong and mis-direction (like endorsing NWO). So the Daily Stormer and Storm Front have both been shut down. I thought I heard Andrew Anglin is a jew?? And that Storm Front’s Don Black (had his website for 20 years) is controlled op. But these could just be rumors to discredit Black. He’s been on David Duke’s radio show often lately.

Stefan Molyneux – yes I listened to him for a couple years, and learned a lot from his “The Truth About” series which always seemed pretty factual (tho don’t remembering him specifically calling out jews in the one titled “The Truth About Slavey”), but it was still good. This past year having become more radicalized and educated myself, I don’t like listening to him much anymore unless it’s an interview of value. However, I will credit him with putting out lots of detailed discussion/lectures & having on guests about the facts of race, violence, crime; the Bell Curve on that, and the R/K selection theory – all well elucidated and my first source of education on those topics. He also rails constantly against communism, & totalitarian gov. only sometimes lumping Nat. Soc. in there. Yes, I’ve heard he’s part jew, and he’s married to a “Greek” jew. He’s got quite the “silver tongue” but it’s way over the top too often!… In short: full of himself, bag of wind!

As for Europe, yes they sure are in DIRE STRAIGHTS, and Germany seems so hopeless & pretty strapped in to totalitarian horror but, I listened to a guy on Rense Radio – been on multiple times this year with Jeff – who is a German American citizen here about 22 years. He reported in the most recent discussion about his trip to Germany (this year) and what’s going on there, AND what he is doing to help them over there (if he’s really doing it). He is A FIGHTER and has had according to him multiple attempts on his life. He is a naturopathic doctor, this is his website ~ But, the info on what he’s doing to help German’s is in the interviews on Rense.

Alex Linder: Dr Goebbels Vs Jew Communist: Lenin

Alex Linder posted this about the difference between Dr Gobbels and Lenin the communist scumbag:

Alex Linder · @Alex_Linder
2 hours
Lenin: We must use lies, trickery and deceit in our press.
Goebbels: Propaganda must be based on the truth.

And that folks is why the Germans are AWESOME! They are the greatest nation in our race and we should be proud of them. History has proved them right!

IMPORTANT: My Analysis: Warmongering neocon John McCain diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer

[A quick note. Beware of stories like this. My nephew was diagnosed with exactly this same cancer at the age of 39. Despite multiple surgery and chemotheraphy, it came back after 18 months and killed him. They even implanted a “pill” in his brain which released chemicals – and I suspect that’s what helped to keep him going for over a year before it came back. This form of cancer will kill you in a year or less. If its real that is.

Now on to John McCain. How many of you remember the story the Hillary Clinton would DIE? I pointed out last year this is a lie. I did videos about it and I mentioned that this could be a trick to make you think she’s going to die when in fact she’s fine. I cited previous examples of communists using this, especially Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who used it for over 10 years with great success REPEATEDLY even fooling the US Ambassador and others.

John McCain – White Traitor & war-monger for the Jews

In this case, John McCain’s doctor seems to be Jewish. Notice the practise is in New York. So the question I am asking myself is whether this story is real, or whether this is a Jewish trick to make people think that this white traitor McCain, and his warmongering for Jews and Israel – that he’s going to die – when in fact he won’t.

I feel nothing for McCain. It would be good if he dies. But, like with Hillary Clinton and Robert Mugabe I have the feeling that I’m going to be very disappointed. So keep watching McCain and this “cancer” of his and let’s see if the scumbag dies or not. Perhaps the real “treatment” is simply some well-timed lying from his Jewish doctor to keep the assassins at bay … and we will later be very disappointed to discover that McCain continues to live for several more years. Jan]

You can read the full story here:

Hang the Bankers!!

[I discovered a great news website. It’s called Hang the bankers. Sadly, of course one should stop using codewords to bypass the Jews. But, its a start. This website has some fascinating news stories.

Click here to go to Hang the Bankers!

Telkom: South Africa’s biggest Internet & Email service provider is controlled by Hotmail – Microsoft

After much hassle, I have sorted out my emails and switched to sending my emails from an email address that I “own”. So I don’t need to use Telkom. But if you think Telkom is bad, I also was using my old email address at MWEB another big South African Email and Internet service provider. They lock you down in 2 seconds. They banned me quite a while back and I had to beg nicely to get myself off the spam list and then had to desist sending emails.

What astounded me was the error message, complete with a reference number (I’ll phone Telkom this week), wherein they cited a “TOS” (Terms of Service) violation with Hotmail! Now Hotmail is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft controls: and they bought years ago. So it may be that someone blacklisted me either through Hotmail or Telkom. But it sounds almost as if the complaint came from Hotmail, so I think I was being blocked from the USA and ergo they kick Telkom up their asses and Telkom thus blocks me.

This is most annoying and has wasted hours of my time as I try to figure out how to resume my sending of emails.

Email is amazingly tightly controlled and they’re also trying to control websites I see by trying to force certificates – i.e https:// instead of just http:// – That’s a slow trend that nobody has noticed. But its coming too.

Anyhow … So I’ll be back on the “air” shortly. I want to release videos.

But yeah, Telkom & MWEB … they’ll shut you down fast. Long ago they weren’t like this but I think our Jew pals have been at work tightening the screws on everyone.

If you want to see the error message you can view my article here:

Attention: History Reviewed Subscribers – Are you getting my Emails? Emails blocked?

I was preparing to send out another email now with updates and while checking I saw that my sending email address seemed to be blocked – completely blocked. As if I can’t send any emails at all.

Can any of you please let me know when last you got an email from me?

It seems to me the control and blocking of emails is now a new nightmare. I had 3 other email addresses of mine blocked … but now one which I thought was “safe” is also blocked.

I was sending out through a South Africa email provider. The actual error message in part reads:

Transaction failed. The server response was: 5.7.1 <...>: Sender address rejected: Hotmail TOS – Telkom SAIX Ref:xxxx Blacklisted for Unsolicited mails