Support: USA’s No 1 WHITE Political Prisoner: Matt Hale – Creativity Movement

Alex Linder and I did an interview with Emily Henderson regarding Matt Hale. He is the No 1 WHITE Political prisoner in the USA. Matt is in a high security jail. You can support him in the following ways:


For all the info on Matt Hale and how he went to jail wrongfully, go to this site:


I am a HUGE fan of the Church of Creativity which was created by Ben Klassen. Klassen and George Lincoln Rockwell are the two geniuses who came out of the White Right in the USA. Both are giants who will live on long into the future. Creativity is the most pro-White Church ever created. Klassen’s books, among them “The White Man’s Bible” form the basis for this church. A lot of very deep thinking went into this church. For information about the AWESOME Creativity Church:


NB: In the USA Creativity is now a legally recognised religion (which means that donations are tax deductible).  It attained this status in 2009. They now also have a branch in Britain. If you want to save our race, you can do no better than supporting this awesome movement.


To support Matt Hale: 
For Matt’s books:
For ‘Ending White Slavery’,
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For ‘The Racial Loyalist Manifesto’:
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You can search books by ISBN on the main amazon site.


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Matt’s books are available on
That is Michael Jeffrey’s blog and book site, with reviews and links to books.

Contact John Crookston if you want to send a letter to the President to try to get a pardon for Matt Hale or to be involved in any letter writing campaigns to assist Matt. His email is:

There is an excellent form letter you can download and use at this link: Click here to download the form letter for Matt Hale

Alex Linder – #TeamWhite

Alex Linder and I produce videos for our Youtube Channel: #TeamWhite.

Alex can be contacted via his own personal website here:

All the rest of Alex’s work is published on VNN Forum:



Dion Wehrwolf of Radio Wehrwolf

Dion Wehrwolf is one of the staunchest supporters I’ve had, especially since I lost my job at the bank last year and since I had 10 of my youtube channels banned in June 2017. Dion is always there supporting me and we’ve done several interviews but I’ve been very sloppy in my treatment of him.

What I really like about Dion is the way he knuckles down and works and gets things done like a real white man!

He has two websites:

His Heartlandonline website is a news collation website that he built. Its impressive and its achieved some good things for our race by my estimation. I’m very impressed with his no-nonsense straight approach. A real solid white man, the way white men should be!

J.B. Campbell – A Rare American who fought in the Rhodesian War

I interviewed JB (John Bruce) Campbell for several videos to discuss his experiences in Rhodesia and what he learned there. It turns out that JB started out not knowing about the Jews, but after his time in Rhodesia (1973-1974) he went on to write a book called: “The New American Man: A Call to Arms”. This book was inspired by his experiences in Rhodesia as he began to think of what America needed in the future. Thus JB is the Father of the American Militia movement of today.

While writing that book, JB became Jew-wise, but he had his first introduction to the Jewish problem by a rare Rhodesian, Wilfred Brooks, who owned the Property and Finance newspaper and was the only Rhodesian businessman who began to realise the power and threat of the Jews.

Click here for JB Campbell’s book: The New American Man: A Call to Arms

Title: The New American Man: A Call to Arms
Author: John Bruce Campbell
Publisher: The Press, 1988
Length: 244 pages

Here as the opening lines of the book: The author posits a “fight between the New American Men and The Group”–A conspiratorial collection of banks, multinationals and their agents. His opening statement reads – “For Men Only: We know about the Rockefeller-Rothschild Group which dominates our nation … We know that The Group intends to enslave all of us and kill some of us, as their agents have done in countries worldwide … We know that The Group gives us the authority to kill in their foreign wars … but what about here at home? We know that the politicians are not going to save us from The Group. We have overdiagnosed the problem. It is time to attack the problem.”

JB Joined the BSAP (British South Africa Police) Support Unit which was the only Police Paramilitary unit in Rhodesia. There he saw combat action in Rhodesia.

JB Campbell also founded The American Defense Party

JB’s Website is called: Extremism Online – it has some really important essays by him

Dr Peter Hammond

Dr Peter Hammond is from Rhodesia. I remember hearing his name when I was a teenager in the 1970’s. Its been a great privilege to have a chance to interview him.

He is the most tireless Christian who wages unending wars against communism.

He is the author of more books than I can mention! Too many! You’ll find his presentations and books (and much more) here: Christian Liberty Books

Here are his contact details:
Tel: 021-689-4480, Email:, Website: Frontline Fellowship