Audio: The Jews Are Behind Gerald Celente and Trends Research

[Pastor Dan in the USA sent me this link which I was listening to. It seems Celente was on the Jeff Rense show where he was defending himself that he’s not an “anti-semite” and in so doing listed all the Jews working for him at a high level one of which is in the IDF. So it seems as if his operation might be 75% Jewish… and one should therefore be extremely careful of his statements. This could very easily be a Jewish disinformation operation.]

Click here to listen to Jett and Jahn discussing Celente & running the clips from Jeff Rense

Video Channels: #TeamWhite & White Unity – with Alex Linder

The #TeamWhite channel is a channel run by Alex Linder and Jan of History Reviewed. ( & ). Due to the actions of the Jews and the strikes against #TeamWhite I created a backup channel called: White Unity where I will post all the new videos done by Alex and myself.

We also did videos about Matt Hale, America’s No 1 WHITE Political Prisoner. We’re about to do an update on it. Also, coming out TODAY is the video Alex and I did called: Christianity: The Dangers of putting Religion before Race – This is intended for ALL Whites, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Here is the link for the White Unity Channel: Christianity:
Here is the link for the #TeamWhite Channel:

J.B. Campbell – A Rare American who fought in the Rhodesian War

I interviewed JB (John Bruce) Campbell for several videos to discuss his experiences in Rhodesia and what he learned there. It turns out that JB started out not knowing about the Jews, but after his time in Rhodesia (1973-1974) he went on to write a book called: “The New American Man: A Call to Arms”. This book was inspired by his experiences in Rhodesia as he began to think of what America needed in the future. Thus JB is the Father of the American Militia movement of today.

While writing that book, JB became Jew-wise, but he had his first introduction to the Jewish problem by a rare Rhodesian, Wilfred Brooks, who owned the Property and Finance newspaper and was the only Rhodesian businessman who began to realise the power and threat of the Jews.

Click here for JB Campbell’s book: The New American Man: A Call to Arms

Title: The New American Man: A Call to Arms
Author: John Bruce Campbell
Publisher: The Press, 1988
Length: 244 pages

Here as the opening lines of the book: The author posits a “fight between the New American Men and The Group”–A conspiratorial collection of banks, multinationals and their agents. His opening statement reads – “For Men Only: We know about the Rockefeller-Rothschild Group which dominates our nation … We know that The Group intends to enslave all of us and kill some of us, as their agents have done in countries worldwide … We know that The Group gives us the authority to kill in their foreign wars … but what about here at home? We know that the politicians are not going to save us from The Group. We have overdiagnosed the problem. It is time to attack the problem.”

JB Joined the BSAP (British South Africa Police) Support Unit which was the only Police Paramilitary unit in Rhodesia. There he saw combat action in Rhodesia.

JB Campbell also founded The American Defense Party

JB’s Website is called: Extremism Online – it has some really important essays by him

UK Rabbi burns a Bible on Twitter, but suffers no “Hate Charges”

[Note this Jew is also in UKIP which is supposed to be a “nationalist” party. That is a joke. The BNP, which was started by the late, great, John Tyndall, were true nationalists. UKIP is in my view a Jewish-controlled joke party – a lot like the DA in South Africa being “ANC-lite”. UKIP in the UK is “BNP-lite”. The Jews steal someone else’s political platform and then pretend its the real thing. They ensure it is controlled so that its no threat to them. Look at what this Rabbi got away with.]

An Orthodox rabbi, standing as the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) mayoral candidate, last week posted photographs of himself burning a Bible—but, unlike non-Jews arrested for burning a Koran on the Internet, or for placing bacon sandwiches outside a mosque, he faces no police investigation or charges.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, UKIP’s Manchester mayoral candidate, Shneur Odze, tweeted a photo of the burning Bible last Monday.

“Grateful to whoever put a missionary bible amongst our synagogue’s books. Was wondering what I’d burn my Chametz with,” he tweeted, a reference to the leavened bread that Jews destroy on the eve of the Passover festival.

You can read the rest here (& there’s a photograph of him too)

Matt Hale update: Court Case to fight back for his 1st Amendment Rights

[I got this note from Matt Hale’s mother. Matt was jailed for having committed no crime and he’s fighting back from within the system using legal means. Please assist him. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: Matt did arrive at Florence on April 7th. This document was sent to the court on April 13th. Once again, the opposition made another error. Another note: I am still asking for donations for the second $5,000 for the court reporter. Matt discovered that in order to depose the 12 people he needs to depose in his civil suit against the B.O.P., the cost of the court reporter will be $10,000 rather than the estimate of $5,000 he originally thought he needed. Matt has to have the time to properly depose these people that violated his First Amendment Rights. Please help Matt! Check, money order or cash! Send your donations to me at the following address:
Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
Washington, IL 61571
Thank you! Ms. H

Important: MEDIA24: & Huffington Post begin a HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST WHITE MEN!

[Boycott the scum I say! I make a point of it to NEVER buy a newspaper if I can help it. Boycott Media24 & Die Beeld too. They’re all garbage sucking up to the Blacks & Liberal scum. The Liberal scum of South Africa hate white people anyway! Boycott them all!]

This is the Afrikaans article on Praag:

Youtube Banned & keeping Children away from my Hitler Videos!

Look at this video. It is 2 years old. But now they decided to not only ban it from you tube but to also mark it as unsuitable for children! There is no length to which these Jewish harassers won’t go to nibble away at everything from every conceivable angle. This video was up for 2 years without complaint and now they find SEVERAL ISSUES SUDDENLY!!!

Look at this screen shot of this video on Youtube after they removed it!

Why the White Race must NEVER GIVE UP & it would be a sin for us to die out

James of the Whites Will Win Party website wrote a nice article about my efforts. I was astounded to find that he had even been transcribing some of my videos. I’m deeply touched by his support. Admirable Jan Reports MASSIVE BANNING by the enemy jews

In particular he quoted this from a video of mine:
I still am quite awed by the fact that we’ve not found another planet exactly like Earth. … We have no idea how far away we’d have to go before we’d find another planet that’s got as much intelligent life on it as ourselves. And no matter what is wrong with this place, this planet Earth is special. It really is very special. … And our place here is very special. And I find it unthinkable and utterly illogical that we should give up anything here.

I think it is a sin, even in the physical material sense, it is an absolute sin: We would not be living our lives in accordance with nature if we Whites gave up. It is absolutely unthinkable that we should give up, surrender, commit suicide, even give up one grain of sand. …

We are the highest form of life that we have ever discovered. We’ve not come across anything that even comes close to ourselves. For that reason alone we should preserve ourselves at all costs. And we White people, we are the ones who built all the science and have acquired all this knowledge. …

The bottom line is that, mistakes and all, regardless of what we are, warts and all, we must cling to and fight tooth and nail for absolutely everything we have. And we White people must stop running, hiding, surrendering, etc. … We were the people who built civilization. … We as the creators of the greatest civilization this planet has ever known, we should fight tooth and nail, and work with each other and in support of each other, no matter where. …

Don’t give up anything. Don’t listen to the enemy. … We are going to create a whole new force. And you’re going to see, we are going to tear apart those who thought that we, the White people, are dead. They’re going to see, we are far from dead.”


This interesting article about South Africa appeared on a White Nationalist website. Its got lots of info: Click here to read the article


[Look at what’s happening in the former German colony of South West Africa. A few Germans live there and quite a lot of Boers live there too.]

Whites make up only about 6% of Namibia’s population of 2.4 million, but overwhelmingly dominate business ownership.

WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob has said Namibia will make it mandatory for white-owned businesses to sell a 25% stake to blacks, calling the country one of the most unequal in the world.

A draft bill on the Namibia Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEF) was expected to be tabled before his cabinet soon, Geingob said in a speech on Wednesday.

Whites make up only about 6% of Namibia’s population of 2.4 million, but overwhelmingly dominate business ownership.

Geingob said Namibia had not seen significant transformation in the 27 years of independence from apartheid South African rule.

“The majority of Namibians remain structurally excluded from meaningful participation in the economy and as we established earlier, inclusivity ensures harmony and exclusivity brings discord,” Geingob told the country’s lawmakers.

“We require the support of all Namibians to fix the obvious and dangerous flaws in our social structure.”

Last year, rating agency Fitch cited the empowerment plan as one of the reasons it had downgraded Namibia’s economic outlook from stable to negative, saying the policy would scare away investors who might not be willing to cede stakes in their companies.

The Construction Industries Federation (CIF), the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Namibian Employers Federation have all expressed concern about the empowerment plan.

“Any empowerment initiatives should not lead to distinctions based on race, as it would negatively impact race relations,” the CIF, which has a membership of over 470 companies, has said.

“Instead, poor Namibians, regardless of racial origins, should benefit through increased focus and monitoring of already existing empowerment efforts.”

The government of neighbouring South Africa has a regulation that at least 26% of the ownership of mining companies be in black hands. Companies say they should be considered to have met the rule even after black owners have sold their shares, which has become a bone of contention.

In Zimbabwe, the government is considering amending black empowerment laws that aims to transfer majority shares from foreign-owned firms to black Zimbabweans after it was blamed for deterring investment.