A White Racial goal: Let’s Make Germany Free Again!

I was chatting to some people and they were sending me information about the murdered white farmers of South Africa.

Then I spotted something I like. The one person had a signature on their email and it read: “Make Germany FREE again!”

I like that. Now that’s a project I’m totally game for! We whites must LIBERATE ourselves and ALL our nations and live under our own rule again.

And I think ALL WHITES should make it part of our RACIAL GOAL to MAKE GERMANY FREE AGAIN!!

The last time Germany was FREE was in May 1945 before Hitler and Goebbels died. That was the last time that Germany was ruled by FREE GERMANS who chose their own policies and goals themselves!!

Its probable that, as per remarks by other people who supported my channel when it was on Youtube, that Rhodesians and South Africans were the LAST FREE WHITE PEOPLE ON EARTH!

White people don’t know what freedom is. And you ONLY HAVE YOUR FREEDOM FOR AS LONG AS YOU ARE HOLDING A RIFLE IN YOUR HANDS!! I’m serious. That’s how it is for ALL OF US!


The REAL REASON the Jews hate the Bush Family – About Bush & Hitler…

Dennis Wise, the Englishman who is the creator of the awesome video series: The Greatest Story Never told, put out the following statement on Gab. I never knew this. I found this fascinating and this would seem to explain why the Jews are continuously trying to blame 911 on Bush and Cheyney. It seems the Bush family and the Jews don’t get along!

Dennis wrote this:
What did Prescott Bush actually do?
He was a Banker who ignored the 1933 Jewish Declaration of War on Germany.
Jew Banks were boycotting Germany & Bush’s Bank ignored it bacause they were not Jewish.
That’s all.
That image is fake.
Hitler & Bush never met.

Excellent meme: Whites: Don’t Panic; ORGANIZE! – Mr Bonds improved Jewish version!

[This very cute pic is something that could teach the white masses a lesson. Jan]

After I posted this image earlier today, Mr Bond, one of my long time supporters from the days when Youtube still allowed me on, took this image and improved it a lot!! So now its even better!!! LMAO!

History Reviewed Severe Website problems

Just a note to everyone. History Reviewed was down today and I’ve rebooted the server. There is something extremely weird going on, on the server. I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a severe problem for days now. Something is chewing up disk space at a rapid pace and I’m not sure what it is. If I need to, I will move the website to another machine.

I’m also back and working on videos.

What has Jan been up to? Jan’s been busy…

Just a quick note. I have not posted anything on the website for a few days. But I am busy doing stuff.

  1. I have 3 people helping me to do a make-over of the historyreviewed.com website so that it looks better and is easier to use.
  2. After the farm murder protests I got information last week that the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) was going to have a meeting in the Free State where their leader would speak and other right wing groups were going to gather. I went there on Saturday. It was a long trip and I then spent half the day in Coligny checking out the places the blacks had damaged.

So I have *TONS* of info for you all. I even met people from new right wing groups.

So I’m busy with stuff. You’ll begin seeing updates here.

Excellent Joke: The Jew & the China Man!

[I spotted this one on Gab. Very cute! Jan]

Jew: I don’t like the Asians, they bombed Pearl Harbor.

China Man: No, that was the Japanese.

Jew: Chinese, Japanese all the same to me.

China Man: Well, I don’t like Jews, they sink Titanic!

Jew: That was an iceberg.

China Man: Iceberg, Goldberg, Bloomberg, all the same to me.


Hetzner South Africa HACKED – customer details compromised

[SQL Injection is the most dangerous form of hacking in my opinion, and I’ve had my websites hacked before. I’ve also seen my logs filled with attempts to hack by SQL Injection. When I worked for the bank I had to harden 2 of my systems against SQL Injection. Its a particularly nasty form of hacked. They can delete, damage or change your data without you knowing (unless its actually deleted outright). So there you have it. Heztner South Africa hacked. I wonder how that occurred. Jan]


A key database operated by large South African data centre operator and website hosting service provider Hetzner has been hacked, and the company is advising clients to change their passwords immediately.

Hetzner, which is based in Midrand in Johannesburg, advised clients on its website on Wednesday that earlier in the day it had become aware of “unauthorised” access to its konsoleH control panel database.

“We can confirm that a SQL injection vulnerability was identified within konsoleH, which has been corrected,” it said. “We shut down access to konsoleH during the course of the day while investigations proceeded.”

We can confirm that a SQL injection vulnerability was identified within konsoleH, which has been corrected
Although konsoleH administrator passwords have not been compromised, Hetzner has “proactively updated all FTP passwords which were exposed”.

“It is imperative that customers update all passwords associated with their Hetzner account immediately, including konsoleH admin passwords,” it said.

The following details were exposed:

Customer details (name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses);
Domain names;
FTP passwords;
Bank account details (cheque/savings) — no credit card details were stored.
While FTP passwords have been updated, customers will need to reset this password to gain access. If they have made use of an additional FTP user, they will need to manually update these passwords via konsoleH.

Forensic investigation

“Should you have provided konsoleH access details to any other parties, please advise them to update their login details as soon as possible. Mailbox users are able to update their passwords via our webmail interface.”

Hetzner said it has appointed external forensic investigators, who are already on site, to investigate the breach.

“We understand that this event has shaken your confidence in us. It is our earnest commitment to provide you with a hosting service you can trust.” — © 2017 NewsCentral Media

Source: https://techcentral.co.za/hetzner-hacked-customer-details-compromised/77920/

The Biggest Jewish band to ever come out of Britain: 10CC – Jews in Pop music

[Look here who became the “heirs” of the Beatles! The most Jewish band to ever come out of Britain! As always, you never know who is a Jew until you begin digging deeper. Jan]

10cc: Lol Creme, Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley

With their run of hits such as Donna, I’m Mandy Fly Me, The Wall Street Shuffle and Art For Art’s Sake and their number one singles I’m Not In Love, Rubber Bullets and Dreadlock Holiday, 10cc were one of the biggest bands of the ’70s.

More than that, they remain the biggest Jewish band ever to come out of Britain. There have been many popular solo Jewish stars, from Marc Bolan to Amy Winehouse, but there has never been a more successful rock group comprising Jewish members.

Mostly Jewish, that is. 10cc were three-quarters kosher: Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were friends who used to rehearse at Jewish Lads Brigade in North Manchester. Godley and Creme later attended art school and Gouldman became a writer of hits for the likes of The Hollies, The Yardbirds and Herman’s Hermits.

But it was only when they teamed up with Eric Stewart, formerly of The Mindbenders and singer on their worldwide number one, Groovy Kind Of Love, at the dawn of the ’70s, that they became famous as 10cc.

Not that they were always going to be called that. There was a brief mad moment when they looked at the religious make-up of the group and wondered if they should go by the name of Three Yids and a Yok.

‘For a millisecond there was a chance of me being a rabbi,’ says Gouldman. ‘It sounds ridiculous now but it’s true’

“It was a joke, really,” explains Gouldman. “We never would have done it. It would have been offensive to Eric and it would have been offensive to us! Eric was fine about it, though. We explained the derivation of the word and he knew that ‘yid’ was detrimental to a Jewish person.”

Gouldman is the only original member of the band who still tours as 10cc. Stewart lives in France, where he occasionally records, Creme is in a band with-producer Trevor Horn, and Godley, based in Ireland, has been working on a “music creation” app.

And although Godley and Creme were creative partners for 27 years — after leaving 10cc they became a musical duo as well as video directors for Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel and The Police — they hardly speak these days.

Likewise Gouldman and Stewart: after working together on and off for a quarter of a century, not to mention penning I’m Not In Love, one of the greatest songs of the post-Beatles era, they are no longer in touch.

It is Creme and Stewart who keep in contact because they are brothers-in-law, while Godley recently appeared onstage with Gouldman’s iteration of 10cc at the Royal Albert Hall. But they have all individually contributed to Tenology, a five-CD box set of their work that has just been released.

It is a timely reminder of 10cc’s brilliance as songwriters, musicians and producers. Tracks as varied and dense with melodic and lyrical ideas as Clockwork Creep, Silly Love and The Worst Band In The World made 10cc seem like your arty and acerbic older brothers. No wonder Paul McCartney was such a fan of their music. Many saw 10cc as the rightful heirs to The Beatles.

They had come a long way from the suburbs of Manchester. Gouldman grew up in Broughton Park in an Orthodox household.

“Let me rephrase that,” he says. “We were members of an Orthodox shul. I went to synagogue with my dad and we kept all the festivals at home. Dad was frum to the extent that he’d eat kosher. But as he would say, there are different degrees of hypocrisy.

“Put it this way: when my dad and I went to shul, we’d walk there and back. And then in the afternoon he’d go and watch Man Utd. Maybe he had a pact with God that it was okay. Did the rabbi find out? The rabbi knew everything.”

In fact, so impressed was he by the rabbi that after his barmitzvah — which he sang and for which he got “rave reviews” (“My mother still tells everyone how great I was,” he laughs) — Gouldman briefly intended following in his footsteps.

“I wanted to be like him,” he reveals. “For a millisecond there was a chance of me being a rabbi. It sounds ridiculous now but it’s true.”

Instead, Gouldman pursued a career in music. But at least he did so surrounded mainly by Jews. First there were the American producers of “bubblegum” pop, Kasenetz-Katz, who he went to work with in New York. Then he came home and joined forces with Godley, Creme and Stewart who had just had a worldwide smash, as Hotlegs, with the novelty song Neanderthal Man.

And just before Hotlegs became 10cc, Gouldman, Stewart, Godley and Creme were the backing band for Neil Sedaka on two of his early ’70s albums.

Even when 10cc became superstars and regulars in the charts and on TV, Gouldman could feel the pull of his roots.

“I didn’t like it when we had to work on Yom Kippur,” he admits. “I remember doing Top Of The Pops for Rubber Bullets, travelling down to London on the train and feeling slightly uneasy about it.”

It happened again when he was late for Pesach dinner with his first wife (his second wife died but he recently got married for a third time, to a good north London Jewish girl).

“She was doing Seder night and again I had to do Top of The Pops,” he recalls. “So I rented a plane to make sure I’d be back in time, because I knew how much it meant to her. But I was late anyway, and I remember walking in and I’ll never forget the scene — it was like one of those clichéd westerns where the cowboy goes into the bar and there’s complete silence. Was she broigus? A bit. But 10cc were the most important thing in the world to me.”

Gouldman’s early songs for The Hollies et al featured a lot of minor keys “because that’s what I heard in shul. Maybe there’s a bit of suffering in there”.

10cc’s output, meanwhile, had a similarly satirical feel to the music of Steely Dan, their US counterparts, whose frontman Donald Fagen (and producer Gary Katz) were also Jewish. Gouldman agrees that there is a Jewish voice — a “shtick-y” sensibility — that runs through popular culture, one that extends to the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

He is constantly amazed by how many Jews gravitate towards popular music. “The number of Jewish songwriters is totally out of proportion,” he says, citing Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Lieber and Stoller and Leonard Cohen as examples. “Look up any non-Jewish festival and there will be a song written about it by a Jew.”

It’s true: Easter Parade and White Christmas were both written by Irving Berlin. Gouldman laughs at the irony.
“Love it,” he says. “Still, business is business, right?”

Tenology is out now on Universal

Source: https://www.thejc.com/culture/features/heirs-to-the-beatles-the-story-of-10cc-1.39977

The BEST WW2 Summary EVER! – You call this a Victory?

[On Twitter I saw a white guy who calls himself “Full of Goy” posting this brief explanation of WW2.

Just today I had an idiot telling me with great intensity about Adolf Hitler’s “stupid military mistakes”. I said to him: Clearly you know NOTHING! What the Germans achieved was incredible! What is sad for our race is that Hitler and his allies FAILED to expand Europe Eastwards (into traditional Aryan/White racial territory I might add – Ukraine, Caucasus, etc).

This is what Full of Goy posted! I totally agree with his analysis.

For the record the 12.5 years he refers to is from the day Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany until Germany fell. Jan]

Important: The Machine-gunning of Whites on 2nd November by Blacks – My Analysis

Several days ago I began getting audio messages wherein a black claiming to be affiliated with the security guards was saying that on 2nd November blacks would shut down Johannesburg airport and they would then begin killing “makwere kwere” (foreign blacks like the Zimbabweans) and “gundani” (black traitors – i.e. blacks who are giving information to whites). He said that they would also begin machine-gunning down the whites.

So that is what is predicted for today. I listened to Afrikaans and English audio translations by whites of what the blacks said.

I was going to do a short video about this to give my views. But due to lack of time I did not get to it because I was so busy with Farm Murder and Farm protest stuff. So I’m just going to say a few things briefly here.

I began investigating the matter including contacting a security company in my area and also a Security company owner I know. The Security company owner said that there had been negotiations with the trade unions and an agreement had been reached. He said that if anything is done on 2nd November that it would be illegal.

I learned that Chubb in my area was striking this week already and later I learned that Chubb would be striking in Roodepoort on the 2nd.

Julius Malema and his EFF were also going to take part in this strike.

There have been various news items released by various organisations including Afriforum regarding the strike. Here is an announcement about the strike by PSIRA – the regulator body of the private security industry.

In my own analysis of the message from the black which was in one of their languages, there were various things that made me doubt this is real. The insinuation by the whites who translated this is that these blacks could be starting a genocide us today. But I am very skeptical about such things. What is possible is that perhaps some blacks could try to kill whites. But on the whole I don’t take this matter seriously.

What is clear is that the blacks have a hatred for us. My own view has become that I am totally indifferent to their feelings and I don’t think we whites should concern ourselves with how they feel. All we need to know is that we are hated and that they will try to do things against us. But I do not take genocide and race war seriously.

I urge you to watch the video series that I have begun on my website here about RACE WAR. I’ve begun a big video series about this matter since I originally wrote about it in 2001. Since then my ideas have also evolved. I have however never believed that we could lose a race war. So in this series I’ll be doing very detailed analyses about the black threat to us (which is real), but why I am convinced that we can survive this and even win this. Also my latest information on Farm Murders suggests to me that the Farm Murders are actually a Military operation against us whites. Its one thing to kill whites and to use terrorism as a tactic and quite a different matter in order to achieve genocide and to kill us all. We still have a LOT of power and we are far from dead. If we face the reality of our nasty situation carefully I am convinced we can survive and even turn this against our enemies. We are NOT doomed to die by any measure. They cannot defeat us if we act as a unified group in each other’s defence.

Here are some of the first videos in my Race War (RW) series:-
Video: RW01 – South Africa: Can VASTLY outnumbered Whites survive (or win?) a Race War?
You can view the video here: http://wp.me/p8wSEO-nu

Video: RW02 – South Africa’s coming Race Wars
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Video: RW03 – South Africa: Why Blacks will fight Whites: Two Phase Revolution
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Other videos on Race War in South Africa this year:-
Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 1
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Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 2
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Video: South Africa: Race War: Whites Win! Blacks try to attack Lichtenburg
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Video: South Africa: Race War: Coligny: Whites stand up to the Blacks
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Video: WW3: Germans, Boers, Race War, Suidlanders, Simon Roche, Siener Van Rensburg & Adriaan Synman
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Video: C06: South Africa Race War: 200 Blacks vs 1 White woman
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Video: C05: South Africa Race War: Coligny – Blacks sing: Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmers
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Video: C04: SA Race War: Coligny: 2 Farm attacks; Panic stricken White women
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Video: C03: SA Race War: Coligny: Day 1 Violence; Police looted; Whites prepared to shoot Blacks!
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Video: C02 Race War: Coligny: Did Whites kill a Black Child? What the autopsy revealed!
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Video: C01 South Africa: Blacks practising for a Race War – Julius Malema
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