Jews Lie about Lying – and Everything Else

[Here’s an excellent article on VNN Forum. Read it carefully. All of us were taught that Hitler and Goebbels taught others how to lie. But that’s not so.

On Gab Alex said that: If you lie about lying then you’ve reached full Jewhood. I can’t improve on that. This is true. White people around the world need to realise that while Jews lie about EVERYTHING … you’ll also find many others have lied to whites too. Its not us whites who are evil and degenerate. Its just that most whites have not realised how many have lied to us. But Jews lie about everything … from ancient times to modern times. Their lives are PROVABLE. You can scientifically show that they’re liars. Its a FACT not an opinion.

This article on VNN is well worth reading. Enjoy. Jan]

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VNN Forum: Jews at work: White Nationalism is a THREAT to America!

[I was looking at Alex Linder’s Forum and they’ve got great articles here:

But here’s something well worth focusing on. Its the notion that White Americans are a “threat” to America itself! I find this notion utterly ridiculous and well worth spitting on because the USA is a whites-only creation. It is whites who colonised it and then CONQUERED IT and MADE IT IN THEIR OWN IMAGE. Whites came from across Western Europe in droves. Something like 30% of the population of Norway moved to the USA. The USA is a creation of whites from Western Europe and its immigration policy for long was based exclusively on bringing in Whites (until the Jews managed to turn that on its head).

As Socrates on VNN Forum notes, this is a suspicious recurring notion – this notion that “White Nationalism” is a “threat” to America. Rest assured the Jews are behind this. The Jews change the country they are colonising without telling the whites when they are heading to the gallows! Rest assured this is the Jews at work in their insidious maneuvers to destroy white America. Astoundingly, just as in South Africa (and elsewhere) the Jews co-opt the white weaklings, cucks and traitors into their movement. These weak, pathetic traitors then embrace “Liberalism” and push it forward. My personal view is that Liberalism is nothing but Race Treason at its FINEST! No white, anywhere should embrace this nonsense. Liberalism is designed to destroy white people everywhere. Liberalism is just a more modern updated version of the Jews opening the gates of the city and letting the ENEMY IN! Just look around you. The Jews are doing it everywhere blatantly and openly. Liberalism is DESIGNED to DESTROY WHITE PEOPLE!! Those who advocate it should themselves be hung from the nearest lamp post or tree in white European tradition! Jan]

You can read the article here on VNN Forum:

88 Year old German Woman gets prison sentence for saying Jews were not gassed at Auschwitz

[The Jews being a race of the most outrageous liars in history have used their influence all across the Western world as well as in Putin’s Russia, to ensure that people don’t laugh their stories to scorn. The Jews were such outrageous liars in ancient times that the Romans and Greeks laughed them to scorn when they claimed that THEY HAD INVENTED CIVILISATION! The Jews thus need something that adds bite to their lies and thus we have to witness a kangaroo court like Nuremberg as well as these laws against “Holocaust Denial”. The Jewish Holocaust is the ONLY historical event that you can go to jail for. The Jews would like Anti-Semitism to be punished Globally by the UN. In the Soviet Union, their hideous creation, people were EXECUTED for “Anti-Semitism”.

So in modern “Free”, “Liberated” Germany, a German can’t question the Jewish fairy tale regardless of the facts. So we are treated to having to watch an honest old German lady getting a JAIL TERM because she doesn’t believe in a Jewish lie!

So are Germans free? No. Neither are most Europeans. My videos questioning the Jewish lie of the holocaust were banned in these European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland. I doubt those countries are free. Those same videos were banned in Israel too – and that makes me happy. I don’t want Jews to view my videos.

Not believing in the Jewish lie about the Holocaust is the same as not BELIEVING in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Santa Claus. Its like putting a white person in JAIL because they don’t believe in the existence of the Tooth Fairy. Same thing. Jan]

Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel, 88, arrives for her trial at the Amtsgericht Tiergarten courthouse on October 16

German neo-Nazi, 88, is convicted again for Holocaust denial after claiming there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz

  • Ursula Haverbeck, 88, was sentenced to six months in jail for Holocaust denial
  • Although she has been convicted on several occasions of the offence, she has not served any jail time, as the cases are still under appeal
  • In Germany anyone who publicly denies Holocaust can face 5 years in jail

You can read the rest here:

FREE Book: I testify against the Jews (1953) – by Edmonson – a proud White American

[Someone sent me a link to this book which was published in 1953. The author is: Robert Edward Edmonson an American.

It turns out that Edmonson had a 40-year career as a reporter, editor, author and publisher on economics. He began publishing pamphlets exposing the Jews. The Jews tried to take him to court and there were two enormous court battles, one in 1936 and another in 1944. Edmonson was pro-White – he was race conscious it seems. He seems to have been a proud Aryan. There seems to have been evidence or thought that he was an agent for NAZI Germany.

This gives you some insight into how the Jewish question was playing itself out in the 1930s even in the USA. In his book he points out that “anti-semitism” (i.e. When you speak the truth about the Jews!) existed long before Hitler and that others had written on it and remarked about it including Mark Twain.

He remarks for example that in 1935 Hitler was saying that Jews predominated in Communism – he then quotes various Jews on the matter (and the Jews also lie through their teeth too).

You can read about Edmonson here on Metapedia: Jan]

You can download the book here:

What Mark Twain said about the Jews

[I came across this in the book: I testify against the Jews written in the early 1950s in the USA. It seems the Jews also went to remove some of Twain’s writings about them. But this is what he wrote about them. Its true to this day more than a century later! Jan]

“Concerning The Jews,” article by Mark Twain in the 1900 edition of
“The Man That Corrupted Hadfeyburg,” reflects strong “Anti-Semitism” in
the U. S. 33 years before Hitler came to power. Twain said: “The Jew is a
meney-getter;” he made it the end and aim of his life; he was at it in Rome;
he has been at it ever since; his success has made the whole human race his
enemy.” (33 years before Hitler became the chancellor of Germany.)

Source: CONCERNING THE JEWS, by Mark Twain. (A chapter in 1900 edition of his
book “The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg.” A devastating anti-Jew exposure.)

Modern Jewish Communist Bernie Sanders busy with Hatred towards Whites!

[The Jews invented communism, and to this day, Jews love and preserve communism where ever it is. You will see that no communist ever loses power. Not in Zimbabwe, nor Cuba, nor Venezuela, etc. The Jews will “overlook” the communism of modern China, etc. Jews love communism and to this day, Jews push class warfare and race hatred aimed against whites.

Here is a recent tweet of the old Jewish communist Bernie Sanders at work in 2017 – exactly 100 years after the filthy Jewish revolution in Russia which killed 60 million white Christians. But you never get to hear about that.

In typical Jewish fashion he of course says its whites who are rich but ignores the SUPER WEALTH of the JEWS the other (((whites))) hey!! Jan]

125 Jewish Psychologists & Health Professionals take to the streets to have Trump Ousted!

Now take a CLOSE LOOK at that photo. Look at those faces and hair. 90% of the “Health Professionals” in that group are JEWS! Did you know that Jewish people suffer more from mental illness than any other group? This is true and I first heard it from my Boer NAZI pal who himself had a Master’s Degree Psychology. He told me he read this in a paper published in South Africa. But I’ve come across similar references elsewhere. Jews are big into psychology, but its mostly Jewish psycho-babble and pure rubbish along the lines of Jew Freud who turned everything into a sexual perversion. Carl Jung, a real psychologist who operated on scientific principles later kicked Freud and ALL JEWS out of his psychology circles! He wanted nothing to do with Jewish psycho-babble. Take Jewish “psychology” with a pinch of salt. There are just Jews messing with YOUR HEAD. Most whites are probably totally fine. Its the Jews who are really SICK! Sick in every imaginable way.

So the New York Post had this article about “Psychologists” taking to the streets without mentioning that its probably Jew organised and most of those people in the photo look like Jews to me. Some months ago lots of “Professors” did a similar political action. Rest assured when you hear Professors and “Scientists” gathering in groups – that there’s a 99% chance JEWS ARE BEHIND IT!

Also look at the names quoted in the article. They all seem like Jews to me.

Here’s the article below. Jan]

They’re not nuts about Trump.

Some 125 psychologists and other mental health professionals marched along lower Broadway Saturday to demand that President Trump be thrown out of office, based on a constitutional clause allowing presidents to be ousted when their cabinets decide they are ” unable to discharge the powers and duties” of their job.

“We can sense the power of Trump’s underlying fear that he is worthless and weak by how intensely he resists and retaliated against any criticism,” said Harry Segal, a Cornell University psychologist.

“No matter how minor, he can’t let anything go.”

Michelle Golland, also a clinical psychologist, agreed.

“We’re actually suffering from his narcissistic personality,” she said. “He has no empathy. You can feel it, the way he spoke about the San Juan mayor… She has PTSD and our president mistreats her. She is re-victimized. That is a narcissist.”

The marchers, dressed in black and wearing red plastic strips around their necks reading “Danger,’’ were led by psychologist Peter Fraenkel of City College, who carried a drum and beat out a funereal rhythm.

The psychologists and their political action committee, “Duty to Warn,’’ cites the 25th amendment which lays out the rules for removing a president from office.


Jew Harvey Weinstein serial rapist of White Women urges ANTI-WHITE actions by Jews!

[I see that the Jewish scum Harvey Weinstein is valued at $255 million. So this Jewish scumbag from Hollywood is worth a lot of money. But he goes on to urge his fellow Jews to “kick the ass of anti-semites” – which I infer will MOSTLY be WHITE PEOPLE. Here are some memes and links regarding this Jewish piece of scum. It seems he was abusing white women a lot. In that sense he’s like a black in Africa. In Africa when a black man is in charge of people, he regards it as a RIGHT that he can have SEX with any of the women who report to him. So in that sense the Jews are like black. Notice in the tweets below how the Jews engage in teamwork and how one Jew tries to make excuses for Weinstein and then another Jew calls the article “Brilliant”. That’s how Jews mess with people’s heads. These are just Jews working together trying to lie to people and trying to see white LIE people will accept!! Jan]

Here’s a story where a White British actress says how the Jew Weinstein tried to rape her at her home

The High Priests Of War: The Secret History of How America’s Neo-Conservative

By Michael Collins Piper

This article seems to have been published by Ingrid Rimland who was married to the late great Ernst Zundel. I have tried to make contact with her. This is a book by the late great Michael Collins Piper who exposed a LOT of Jewish moves. Jan]

Read it here: The High Priests Of War: The Secret History of How America’s “Neo-Conservative” By Michael Collins Piper