Canadian Voters: Before you vote, consider which party will reduce immigration – My Comments

[I like this idea. Whites everywhere should look at immigration policies and DUMP politicians who are Jew ass-kissers or Jew-controlled. Dump them if they are going to flood your country with non-whites. Jan]

Attention Immigration Reformer :

Immigration Watch Canada sends you its latest bulletin : “Before you vote, consider which party will reduce immigration”.

Dan Murray,
Immigration Watch Canada

Attention Immigration Reformer :

Here are a few thoughts to consider before the October 21 federal election :

We have just three weeks to go. The only party that has committed to reducing immigration is Maxime Bernier’s PPC. All the others will do nothing. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU VOTE !! Trudeau, in particular, will move immigration from INVASION OF CANADA status to EXECUTION OF CANADA status. As we have said recently, he has increased the number of Foreign Nationals who now enter Canada to over 1 million per year. Most of that million have the potential to get Canadian Citizenship. Trudeau alone is guilty of breath-taking treachery. As for most of our political class, they are shameless quislings and cowards.

For over 7 months, we have supported dozens of Coast to Coast Banner Demonstrations which have tried to bring attention to the immigration issue. It is hard to tell how much effect they have had, but the polls tell us that the majority of Canadians now oppose what our politicians support. And the gap is growing wider.

Whatever the results of this election are, immigration will continue to be an issue even after this election. It is quite possible that we will have a minority government. That may cause another election soon and may elevate immigration to an even larger issue. We have always been committed to a much more organized resistance, but we need many more people to stand with us. Standing with us does not mean working on the front line. Much can be done behind the scenes.

Thank you to all those who have contributed time or money to our cause in the past year. Your contributions are very much appreciated. For those who have been generous with your time and money, we do not expect any more.

For those who have not contributed one cent of money or one minute of time, we respectfully ask the obvious question? Why have you contributed nothing? For example, everybody on this list was told about our Banner Demonstrations and was asked to participate. Everyone had an opportunity to stand on a Freeway overpass or to contribute to the cost of the banners. If you had not wanted to stand on a Freeway overpass, you could have done many other behind-the-scenes things.

We are mentioning the Banner Demonstrations for one important reason : THEY HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT. Everyone on this list must have seen the effect of the “END MASS IMMIGRATION BILLBOARDS” which were recently displayed in a number of cities across Canada. At least a few million Canadians viewed them and became aware that they were not alone in their justifiably hostile feelings towards high and unnecessary immigration. In fact, our treasonous media such as our CBC, are still so agitated against them that they continue to display the billboards in newscasts, hoping to solidify hostility against the anyone who questions high immigration. Unwittingly. they have helped the PPC cause.!! Consider this : hundreds of thousands of Canadians saw the banners displayed by IWC, Yellow Vesters or others. Hundreds of thousands reacted very positively toward them. It is true that the BILLBOARD campaign was eventually sabotaged by Canada’s quislings, but the efforts of those who organized the BILLBOARD campaign were noble and effective. At the very least, they are to be congratulated for having walked the talk. So many Canadians have just talked.

Let’s be blunt : For Canada’s very survival, Canadians have an obligation to resist high immigration. If you have children or grandchildren, you have even more of an obligation to resist. If you continue to do nothing, the consequences will be criminal. Let’s be more blunt : you are sentencing your children and grandchildren to a very bleak economic, cultural and environmental future. In the next week, we will be distributing a number of provocative flyers which we hope will bring considerable attention to the immigration issue. Flyers can be like atomic bombs !

If you want to contribute financially to assist us in this campaign and in future efforts, please go to the following location :

If you want to contribute time to distribute the flyers or help in other ways, please contact us at savecanada

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