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Collection of De Poncins books exposing some of the judaeo-masonic world empire, tower of babylon on a worldwide level. The two most powerful factions being based in Britain and Germany. In fact the so called “Windsors” are actually the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas from Hanover and are German. The other royal families are relatives of theirs and are satanists like them. They were compromised by the elite Pharisees over the centuries with easy credit in exchange for more and more power over them. The same is true with normal people today with debt slavery and central banking and the corps they control. This last empire, a spiritual one, is judaeo-masonic and is primarily controlling through finance, drugs, porn, “terrorism”, and other means like blackmail, infiltration of real movements steering them nowhere.

It’s important to separate the public duly elected and or supported governments and the globalist judaeo-masonic cadres that infiltrate them at all levels and subvert them for their nefarious Great Work of Satan or their Architect in various forms. There are only 2 religions, satanism/luciferianism in all its forms and Christianity as revealed by God. The purest form being the traditional Catholic pre-Vatican II. But in ALL human organizations you have good and bad people bar none, it’s mixed and when the Lord comes back He will again separate the Day from the Night, the left hand has the goats and the right the Sheeps. We need to look at our lives and do our best to follow the two rules that Jesus Christ mentions in St. Mark 12:29-31 and the rest will take care of itself as far as the big picture. Rebellion and war and hate are not the answer. You’ve got to be careful who you listen to, they’ll put pieces of the conspiracy in there mixed with half truths and their conclusions are what will usually tell you if they are a sponsored infiltrator or not, steering people into dissipation.,TEXT%20PDF&file=/

Obergruppenfuhrer SS

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