Books Ventilations by Wilmot Robertson (1974)

Ventilations by Wilmot Robertson (1974)

Ventilations is a series of essays intended as commentaries on and additions to The Dispossessed Majority. Robertson gives special attention to practical advice to young students and activists who would like to resist white dispossession and restore majority power. Of particular interest are essays on resurgent Russian nationalism (âThe Kremlin and the Jewsâ), Christianity and white nationalism (âWhat about Christianity?â), and racial preservation through territorial partition (âHomage to Kemal Ataturkââthe germ of the thesis of The Ethnostate.)


1. The Kremlin and the Jews
2. What about Christianity?
3. The Censorship of Silence
4. The Loony Bin or the Great Watergate Purge
5. The High-grading of Henry Kissinger
6. Harsh Advice for Young Majority Activists
7. Productive Activity for Majority Undergraduates
8. A Search for Mental Coordinates
9. Why, for the Time Being, Nothing Much Can be Done
10. Words Across the Sea
11. Homage to Kemal Ataturk
12. A Second Life for Women
13. The Utopian States of America
14. Morality as a Weapon

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