Balloon Bombs Bring More Terror to Southern Israel

[Keeping the stupid Jews on their feet. Jan]

Gaza terrorists continue to launch balloon bombs towards southern Israel, some of which explode before the bomb squad has time to defuse them, and some of which are neutralized.

One of the balloon bombs arrived on Sunday afternoon and exploded above a house in the border city of Sderot, reportedly near a kindergarten.


One thought on “Balloon Bombs Bring More Terror to Southern Israel

  • 21st January 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Holy crap, not the dreaded BALLOON BOMB?? Say it isn’t so! I can’t believe this story hasn’t been plastered all over the Jew news non-stop during the past 24 hours. Those evil Palestinians. Israel must be gearing up to launch some missels or perhaps some phosphorous bombs, as they have the right to defend themselves from this atrocious attack. Boo f***ing Hoo, Jews.


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