Nigel Farage of UKIP is an anti-White, Jew-endorsed Cuck

[I saw a quote from Nigel Farage where he said he can’t believe he’s seeing NAZI salutes in 21st century America. I don’t have much time for Nigel Farage, nor UKIP. In various videos I’ve mentioned that UKIP is a Jew-censored version of the BNP. The Jews have essentially stolen the BNP’s lines and ensured that it is all Jew-friendly, and that’s now UKIP.

In South Africa the Jews did the same with the DA (Democratic Alliance). They control the DA and they stole the lines of the ANC (African National Congress) – blacks who are commies. The DA is now “ANC Lite” – basically echoing the same phrases.

So Nigel doesn’t like NAZI salutes. Moron. He’d better learn to be pro-white. Every white on the planet should be doing NAZI (Roman Army) salutes actually. These Brits who are in with the Jews need to begin waking up to white history and white values. As far as I’m concerned, Nigel is a Jew-endorsed cuck and nothing more. Jan]

White American doing a NAZI (Roman Army) salute in Charlottesville

You can read more about Nigel’s stupid tweet here:

Jews can have Christian & Muslim women as Sex Slaves says British Rabbi

[The Rabbi who said this is the chief Rabbi of the UK and Commonwealth. You can read about him here: Now this “British Rabbi” is actually a Jew from South Africa. I bet you if you asked him about the Boers and Apartheid he would condemn the “evil” of the Boers and the whites of South Africa. But here he is, garbage that he is, saying that its cool for Jews to have Christian and Muslim women as sex slaves!! These Jews think they are GOD! I did a video about it. Also go and check out my video series: The Great Jewish Mask. Let that begin opening your eyes. Jan]

Ephraim Mirvis is an Orthodox rabbi (born in South Africa)

A British rabbi has told his congregation in Wales that war is approaching and Judaism allows them to take women as slaves and rape them.

Ephraim Mirvis is an Orthodox rabbi who serves as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. He served as the Chief Rabbi of Ireland between 1985 and 1992.

In the audio, Ephraim Mirvis is heard telling a group of young men: “One of the interpretations as to what this means is that towards the end of time there will be many wars like what we are seeing today, and because of these wars women will be taken as captives, as slaves, yeah, women will be taken as slaves.

As Chief Rabbi of Ireland and before the opening of an Israeli Embassy in Ireland, he represented Israel’s interests at government level and in the media. In 1999, he led a group of British rabbis on a solidarity trip to Israel. Since 1997, he has hosted the annual Bnei Akiva Yom Ha’atzmaut service at Finchley synagogue.

Regarding the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, while deploring the loss of life in Gaza, Mirvis defended Israel‘s right to protect itself from Hamas rocket attacks,adding that the conflict was used as a cover to voice anti-Semitic sentiment.


The Chief Rabbi of UK & Commonwealth is a South African Jew

[A friend sent me this on the social media. If you read this Jew’s background. He comes from South Africa and was educated here. He married a Jewess from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. Look at his position. All these Jews who lived so well in South Africa under white rule. Ungrateful scum. Apparently this guy is the chief Rabbi of the UK and commonwealth. Jan]

Rabbi Mirvis in London, March 2015

PS: It does delight me to see Wikipedia begging for money! I love it! It shows you its not just the whites who are struggling for money any more!! Even the Liberal scum are also struggling!! Yes… guess whose been running away with everyone’s money!!!!

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Video: Top Secret: What the Jewish code word Anti-Semitism really means!!

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Why are the Jews so EXTREMELY JUMPY over the slightest change in attitude that any people have of them? Why is it “panic stations” over “the rise in anti-semitism?” No other group, or nation or race are this panicky when it comes to caring what others think! But the Jews monitor THE WORLD. Why?

I think I know the answer!

I had fun making this. 🙂

Video: WW2: The Worst of Germany nearly defeated the BEST of America

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This is an excerpt from the full interview I did with The West’s Darkest Hour. In this you’ll hear Jake, the American saying that the worst of Germany (the old, the young, the prisoners), very nearly defeated the VERY BEST of America! Its a fascinating and true insight.

The full show is here:

Video: The West’s Darkest Hour: Lessons from South Africa

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I did an interview with 3 great guys who run a show and blog called: “The West’s Darkest hour”. Its the first time I’ve come across an American (Jake F.), a Brit (Joseph Walsh) and a Mexican (Chechar) – all of whom are fighting for whites.

Chechar is angering Spaniards and Portuguese over the issue of race mixing. But I think he’s a pioneer who may begin sowing some of the most important seeds among those people in many centuries. The Jake and Joseph are guys with some fascinating comments and insights. Its great to see this lineup of 3 white guys fighting for WHITES!!

Chechar’s blog is here:

This is his page on the blog where he wrote about our show:

This is the page on SoundCloud where they posted the show:

The Boers and their 6 Nuclear bombs – A view from a pro-White Mexican

[Chechar who is in Mexico and is one of the 3 guys on The West’s Darkest Hour, brought up the issue of the 6 Nuclear Bombs the Boers had during Apartheid and why they never used them. He wrote about it here.

In my personal discussions with Alex Linder, he also brought up the issue of nuclear weapons. He said the Boers should acquire nuclear weapons again because that may be our only defense against the USA!!! He has an interesting point. Its a topic we can return to. Jan]

Read Chechar’s article here:

The Largest RACIST White gathering in the USA shortly: ALT-RIGHT, NAZIS, AND KKK

[How cool is this? NAZIS and KKK out there! I love it. Don’t miss it! Brought to you by The Internet … where whites have been working to spread the truth in the face of ENORMOUS Jewish global media power … yet whites, and even huge numbers of YOUNG WHITES have been fighting to push the Jewish lies back!

Don’t buy into the nonsense about “Hate”. That’s just Jewish BS. Its about LOVE … LOVE of WHITE PEOPLE FOR EACH OTHER!!! And anyway, what’s wrong with HATING? You should HATE YOUR ENEMIES! Don’t be a SLAVE all your life! Learn to tell the difference between your friends and your ENEMIES and work to DESTROY OUR ENEMIES!

Oh, and another piece of advice for whites: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD EXTREMIST!! That’s just Jewish/Liberal BS. EXTREMISTS WIN! EXTREMISTS CHANGE THE WORLD! That’s how Jewish communists have been doing it for a century. When we whites make EXTREMISM OUR NORM … you’ll see us winning like we’ve not done in more than a century! 14/88! Jan]


The extremists will be met by counter-demonstrators from left-wing and civil rights groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter, with Virginia state law enforcement officers equipped with riot gear to police the event alongside officers from local forces.

Law enforcement officials believe the rally could draw thousands, according to local media reports. Congregate Charlottesville, a multi-denominational clergy group, made a July call for 1,000 clergy, especially white clergy, to attend the rally in protest, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

According to the SPLC, Saturday’s event will be the first large-scale physical meeting by disparate white nationalist and far-right groups, who have previously been confined to extremist messaging boards, websites and social media.

Among those expected to address the gathering are alt-right provocateur Richard Spencer, and rapper turned alt-right troll Tim Gionet, also known as “Baked Alaska,” reports Vice.

“This is the biggest rally event we’ve had this millennium,” event organizer Brad Griffin said on a recent radio showed hosted by former KKK leader David Duke.

Racial activists “get hung up on interacting with people online,” and the racist message board culture has its drawbacks, Griffin said, creating “a lot of paranoia when people don’t know each other in real life.”

But the Unite the Right rally will give “the movement a real world presence, which it hasn’t had in 15 years,” Griffin said.

On Monday, Gizmodo reported that extremists planning to attend the event had complained on Twitter that their Airbnb accounts had been canceled. Airbnb told the outlet that it reserved the right to remove users who breach its non-discrimination clause.

“When through our background check processes or from input of our community we identify and determine that there are those who would be pursuing behavior on the platform that would be antithetical to the Airbnb Community Commitment, we seek to take appropriate action including, as in this case, removing them from the platform,” the company said in a statement.

The demonstration organizers are currently embroiled in a dispute with Charlottesville officials, who say they will only give permission for the demonstration to go ahead if it is moved to the city’s McIntyre Park due to security concerns, the Times-Dispatch reported.

Organizer Jason Kessler claims the order violates the First Ammendment rights of protesters, and the site lacks the resonance of their favored meeting place, which was formerly known as Lee Park, and has been officially renamed Emancipation Park. A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is scheduled to be removed by municipal authorities from the site, which has sparked protests by the radical right.

White nationalist extremists have already held several demonstrations at Emancipation Park, including a March torchlit rally led by Spencer, and a July KKK rally in which racist demonstrators were reportedly significantly outnumbered by counter-demonstrators.

Newsweek has contacted the Department for Justice for comment on the planned gathering.

* This article was amended on 08/09/2017 with the correct title of the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper.

ENOUGH! Spain shuts its border with Africa

[How cool is this? Spain has had enough of the masses from Africa coming in. Spain and Italy are becoming the front line of Europe! Nice! Hope they kick more back and let others drown in the sea. The Jews are behind this nonsense. Jan]

Officials from a migrant centre in Ceuta, North Africa, which has been overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving, have claimed “immigration is an EU problem, not a Spanish problem”.

Ceuta has become a magnet for African migrants hoping to reach Spain as it has the EU’s only land border with Africa.

Early on Monday morning, almost 200 migrants from Guinea arrived in the Spanish city of Ceuta where they have been staying in a temporary centre for immigrants.

You can read the rest here:

All is not well in Jewish Google world: Fired Google engineer gives his first interview

[The real moral of the story here is not his position on women. The real issue is that inside Google, not everyone is falling for the PC line. All the forced multicult nonsense is also not flying. The Jews may still be pushing the management of Google to attack the rest of us, but Google is being hurt by the Jewish moves. This shows that inside one of the highest tech companies in the world, the youngsters are not fooled by the Liberal/Jewish lies. In some way it goes against their spirit.

Whites must NOT give up. The entire Jewish structure can still come unstuck GLOBALLY! Just keep on pushing. The structure is not as strong as you’ve been led to believe.

BTW, Stefan Molyneaux is a HUGE LOVER OF JEWS!! He’s said this on videos. He loves the Jews and despises anyone who is against him. So don’t be fooled by him! (((They))) like him!! Jan]

You can view the video and read the article here: