Dr Peter Hammond

Dr Peter Hammond is from Rhodesia. I remember hearing his name when I was a teenager in the 1970’s. Its been a great privilege to have a chance to interview him.

He is the most tireless Christian who wages unending wars against communism.

He is the author of more books than I can mention! Too many! You’ll find his presentations and books (and much more) here: Christian Liberty Books

Here are his contact details:
Tel: 021-689-4480, Email: mission@frontline.org.za, Website: Frontline Fellowship

Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa

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Dr Peter Hammond unleashes explosive information in this interview I had with him this week. He explains how he & other Christians were present when the Govt held consultations regarding the draconian hate speech laws. The deputy Minister told them that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and an LGBT organisation were behind these horrific laws. Dr Hammond also tells of his experiences in holocaust museums in the USA. EVERY CHRISTIAN must listen to Dr Hammond and his mind-blowing exposes! These will rock you! Dr Peter Hammond also comes from Rhodesia.

All Dr Peter Hammond’s contact details are here, including his 2 websites with many books. (He’s written stacks of books). Everything is here: http://historyreviewed.com/index.php/2017/04/08/dr-peter-hammond/

Video: Massive, Massive, European Censorship of my Videos!

I received 53 legal notices today for all the videos on the #TeamWhite Channel which Alex Linder and I run. Every single video that Alex and I did has been banned in: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy, Martinique, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte.

In the video I made an error! I forgot to mention Austria as well!

Video: BANNED: The Jew who didn’t pay me

I am quite proud of the strange way a Boer pal of mine and dealt with a desperate situation when we were both struggling to find work. My Boer pal also was an extremely dedicated Christian who underwent a MASSIVE change in his life and he dumped Christianity and HATED all religion later. This is the story of how a Jew failed to pay me for work and how my pal and I did an almost impossible task and the money we got. This same pal helped me enormously just two years later, saving me from unemployment. Our technical skills as computer programmers were really put to the test!

Massive Jews banning & Censorship across the Internet Social Media

The Jews are in OVER-DRIVE just trying to drive whites off the Social media at a pace like you can’t believe. In my view this is a Jewish counter-offensive regarding the victory of Donald Trump. They and the Elite must have realised that all these little efforts by whites were actually busy DEFEATING THEIR GLOBAL MEDIA. I’ve seen all sorts of youtube channels. Some of them have reaches in the hundreds of thousands of video views and others even were reaching millions. The Jews are busy sweeping WHITES off the Social Media.

Today I was notified that even my rather boring Pinterest account had been suspended! They are trying to sweep away the slightest thing they can find! I was hardly active on Twitter and Pinterest, yet they’ve killed those accounts.

What it shows me is that the GUERILLA internet activities of the whites have shocked the Jews and scumbag elite. They clearly thought they had EVERYTHING under control … but white guerilla activities had been beating them.

Today I heard from a friend who had been driven off Soundcloud and Youtube for her activities.

The thing to watch is whether Gab.ai can become a solid platform for us. But I suspect we’re going to be under attack endlessly no matter what we do. The Jews will be back. But its astounding the MASSIVE SCALE on which the Jews are attacking the Social Media. What this shows me is that despite the Jews having total top-down control of the Social Media for years, white men and women were extremely successful in penetrating those areas.

Someone told me that in December alone 285 Youtube channels were terminated. But I must say, when I see how many people have lost their accounts, I wonder if the Jews haven’t driven tens of thousands of whites off the social media?

Video: Blacks and Jews sing about Killing Whites

This is a short video I found and posted a long time back. The “white man” in the green shirt standing next to Nelson Mandela is the Communist Jew Ronnie Kasrils. I actually spoke to him in the very early 1990s. He later was made the Minister of Intelligence here in South Africa. Here he and Nelson Mandela are singing about killing whites.

Book: The Secret History of South Africa by H. R. Abercrombie

When I appeared on The Daily Shoah, I mentioned what Monica Stone of The South Africa Project had told me. She had a copy of this book and I managed to get a copy. Its a very serious book.

Here are the details of the book. If you get it and you read it, see if you can spot the place where he talks of the British planning to destroy the Boers first and then the Germans in 1894. Monica says she definitely saw it in the book. Here are the details:

The Secret History of South Africa – H. R. Abercrombie
The Secret History of South Africa: Sixty-five Years in the Transvaal by H. R. Abercrombie records the eventful period of the author’s life which includes the time of 1875-1910 where he not only lived but appreciated the movements of his times. His style is objective and he records many things all too forgotten; for example the the reality of the threat of a German Middle Africa, and its connection with the South African War of 1899-1902; the treatment accorded to soldiers in the hospitals of those days and its bearing on that given to the Concentration Camps; and the outstanding debt of the Union to Lord Milner for the creation of the civil service with its combined efficiency and high sense of public duty whatever government may be in office.

NB: Despite the above “official description” of the book, this guy is actually hostile to the Boers. You can see it in his descriptions. In my 2 part series on The Battle of Blood River, I focused on the section where he was talking about how the British “were trying to help the Boers” when they ANNEXED The Transvaal in 1880. I analysed it and explained why his arguments were utter rubbish. He tries hard to pretend he is not hostile to the Boer but when I looked at parts of it it was clear to me that he hated the Boers.