Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks


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A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life. This is a follow up on questions Alex Linder asked me about life in South Africa wherein he asked why black crowds are singing and dancing.

Christians pray every night Jesus must come… But I Pray for WAR!!!

[Below is what a guy calling himself Odin, wrote on my site. I must say I agree with him. My view, for us whites, is that we must prepare for a future of never-ending WAR. You may think this is bad, but I tell you, we’ll be much safer and in a much better position if we wage war FOREVER than to continue living as we do. 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since the so-called “peace”. I’ll bet that is more than died in most wars we’ve been involved in. Much more. A tiny portion of whites died during “the struggle/war” than died during peace. Therefore, PEACE is far more dangerous than war. During “peace” you can’t defend yourself. At least during war you can shoot back. The odds are far better. All of us whites have been screwed endlessly by “peace” and “politics”. ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE DID BETTER DURING WARS THAN DURING PEACE. LESS GERMANS DIED DURING THE WAR THAN AFTER THE WAR and so it has gone. War is the friend of the white race. This “Jewish Peace” is the greatest slaughter we’ve ever had.]

Christians pray every night Jesus must come…

I pray every night that war must come, Would love nothing more to cleanse the world from heretics.

humans (whites) has lost everything a LONG time ago… running around for paper money? Obeying orders from monkeys?

Letting your enemy rape you every night without a fight… Is it hard to see? I mean Imagine you just installed your fresh OS, and then you start installing viruses… it is exactly the same with this nigger world.. they have no respect, not even for themselves… they do not understand nature, nor do they know how to live in coherence with nature.

Race war is on the way, only a matter of time…

South Africa: Who is behind the Political Party calling for Cape Secession?

[One of my supporters sent me this email questioning who is behind this political party and whether it is a Jew. I think this is a wise line of questioning. If anyone has more info, please let me know. BTW, notice how the “Equality Court” says: “Fuck White People” is NOT hate speech! But what if a White said: Fuck Black People or Fuck Jews? I’ll bet you that would be regarded as Hate Speech! Thanks, Jan]

Hi Jan.
I’ve recently become concerned about this fairly new Cape Party who are calling for secession from the RSA.

I tried to investigate the Leader Jack Miller and his ethnicity.

I didn’t come right there, but he is a renowned businessman in Cape Town and was involved in the bringing a court action against the “Fuck White People” court case involving the Cape Town Gallery, in which the ensuing verdict of the Equality Court ruled, “Fuck white people” does not constitute hate speech.

I don’t know who this bloke, Jack Miler is. He seems to have popped out of nowhere.

In my life’s experience, the name Miller is a well used English name appropriated by the Jew for purposes of obfuscation.

He claims to be a Conservative Libertarian and his party has a membership of 10 000.

He also claims equal rights for all color groups in the North and Western Cape, parts of the Free State and the Eastern Cape.

I’ve a bad gut feeling about this bloke and I’m highly suspicious of him being a Jew shill. I don’t know; alarm bells just started ringing when I read the article in News24.

I tried to go to LinkedIn where he’s listed but my access there has long expired. I do imagine that more info about him can be obtained there.

Why I’m concerned is that he is also promoting the secession of Natal among the Zulu hierarchy and this could be the start of a lot of shit that can go down.

I’ll continue to search around for something but I don’t really have any sources that I can go to.

I thought it pertinent to let you know seeing as you have a wealth of resources and sources and it could be well worth looking into.

Video: Break out of your Death Cell, White Man!


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The White Race is on DEATH ROW! The Excutioner is the Jew! If white people studied this document and adopted the attitude suggested by its anonymous author(s) we would win. In this old document we see someone suggesting a total abandonment of all ethics and moral codes and a FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL UNLIKE ANYTHING ANY WHITE TO DATE HAS SUGGESTED.

We study a document written in the USA and distributed by chain letter, most likely long before the Internet existed. I’ve reproduced the full document below the video. It is a 4 page flyer. This document is unquestionably illegal in its suggestions and you’ll never see anything like this ever again!

Whoever wrote this had a good understanding of psychological warfare and military strategy, especially as it pertains to revolution.

Video: South Africa: Warning of attack & imminent Race War


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I received this voice message saying that an incident is about to occur in Pretoria which will result in an immediate race war. It comes from a man named Gerrit Visagie. Someone informed me he is from the Boere Legioen (Boer Legion), which is a right wing group. He also says that aircraft are landing in neighbouring nations and unloading AK47’s which will be given to the blacks to attack us with. I analyse the message and discuss my conclusions.

Video: Jewish Warfare versus White Race Warfare


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Most people think of warfare as being like WW2. This is completely WRONG! 95% of warfare is nothing like that at all. In fact, much of warfare is actually non-violence. I discuss the White Race’s unique style of warfare which is about applying the maximum violence in a highly structured way. Nobody matches our ability for the Intelligent use of EXTREME VIOLENCE! Jewish warfare is a newer concept. I think we’ve seen a rise in Jewish warfare since the Bolshevik Revolution which the Jews were instrumental in creating. The world now functions on these “Jewish principles”. I compare them and discuss various aspects of warfare.

Video: Jewish malicious rumours & Donald Trump


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I discuss various malicious rumours about Donald Trump that were spread in 2016 as well as malicious rumours that Jews have spread about Hitler.

South African Govt owns EVERYTHING underneath your property

What I do know as a fact, and I learned this from a man who owned a farm complete with mineral rights, is this: Anything on your property that is 1m+ below the surface BELONGS TO THE GOVERNMENT and that includes WATER and all MINERALS. There’s no such thing as mineral rights. The Govt owns everything. It took this away in the 1990s already. The Govt has the right to send a company on to your own property to mine it with or without your permission.


[I am not sure if this is true. The website that has this is a bit of an unknown quantity.

What I do know as a fact, and I learned this from a man who owned a farm complete with mineral rights, is this: Anything on your property that is 1m+ below the surface BELONGS TO THE GOVERNMENT and that includes WATER and all MINERALS. There’s no such thing as mineral rights. The Govt owns everything. The ANC changed the law to that effect in the 1990s already. The Govt has the right to send a company on to your own property to mine it with or without your permission. Jan]

Collecting rainwater on your own property can now lead to jail time, as proven by a farmer from the Western Cape who was just sentenced to prison for doing just that. Who owns the rain? The government, apparently, now. Not so long ago, it was common practice across much of the world to collect rainwater into man made wells on your property as a means of farming, irrigation, and having fresh clean water. It was just as common as canning your own food, having knowledge of at least some basic survival skills, and being self-sufficient.

It wasn’t even that many generations ago that all of this was common practice — people born before 1994 were pretty adept at these skills, as they were a necessity to survival. One of the main (and easiest) ways to ensure survival? Collecting rainwater on your own property. The practical uses for storing and collecting rainwater are numerous and many people across the world in rural areas still do it today for all of the reasons listed above.

However, since the Western Cape is suffering from a serious drought and water levels in dams are very low. The government has declared that it is now illegal to collect rainwater for yourself, even on your own property.

According to news sources, this is to ensure that rainwater flows into dams and rivers, so that everyone can benefit.

Mr. Nelson van Zyl, a 72 year old farmer from Cape Town was arrested on Friday afternoon for collecting water into his tanks and a small dam when a small amount of rain poured over the Cape. He is expected to appear in court in Cape Town on Wednesday next week.


Video: Turning Liberal America & Europe into Jewish Russia – Part 2


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What is the ultimate goal of Liberalism? I discuss my views on Liberalism and why Liberalism is a train. But where is this train heading? WHY IS THIS TRAIN GOING THERE? That’s what I discuss in this video. You’ll see what the Jews know and did and why they need to change all (white) Western nations.