Video: Whites: Power Politics: How to have tea with the Queen

White people everywhere are doing Power Politics all wrong. This is a nasty, tough video, but men especially must watch this, especially Boers. This is about the only law that’s really out there in the world. I used to joke on AfricanCrisis: How do you get to have tea with the Queen of England? What will make her want to have tea with you? This is the answer. This is how the world actually works and why we whites are continuously losing. The path forward is not easy, but its very doable for our capable race. Above all we must: MAKE THE WHITE MALE GREAT AGAIN! He must roar like the Lion that he is.

Video: Jews & Germans: My Furious Email to famous Author and Editor of BIG Newspaper!

A famous Afrikaans author living in London and I had some angry interactions. He was busy reporting me to the biggest newspaper on a continent to have me investigated because of the truth I speak about the Jews and other things. He copied a man whom he said was the Editor in Chief of this newspaper. We exchanged some emails and I then said my say. This was my reply to them. They never replied to this email which I am reading in this video.

Video: The Super Rich, 3 former Presidents & Jews say: Get rid of Zuma!

I analyse a story wherein 3 former Presidents of South Africa including FW De Klerk (whom I call “The Biggest Loser”) are all openly coming out to unseat President Zuma. The Boers were right all along. The wolf we feared is at our door now. I explain how the Liberal scum lied and tricked the whites into the situation we’re now in. I mention too the super rich Jewess Helen Suzman, who was a lifelong enemy of the Boers. I discuss the plan of the Super-Rich, Liberal scum & Jews to take over all of Africa’s businesses and what a flop that turned into. I discuss the joke Liberal concept from ten years ago of “The African Rennaisance”. I explain the real reason why the super-rich & Jews like Democracy and how these same people now openly attack the very thing that they helped to create because as always they do whatever the hell they please. Now they try to use Section 89 of the constitution to unseat Zuma.

Here’s the original story that I’m quoting:

Video: If Adolf Hitler had Internet access

I did this video for Adolf Hitler’s birthday in 2016:

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler! Hitler’s propaganda ideas were PERFECT for the Internet & Smartphones! In Chapter 6 of Mein Kampf, we study exactly how Hitler saw propaganda working and why it must be aimed at THE MASSES & HOW to do it. Many of the modern memes on the social media are perfect examples of the brilliance Hitler would have approved of. He explained why you need propaganda and how to carry it out. Adolf Hitler was only 34 when he wrote Mein Kampf. Yet his ideas were firm & very clear. We also examine lies told about German tanks especially during the invasion of France. I also discuss people whom I know who are dedicated NAZIS and who have lost ALL HOPE for the White Race.

Video: JEWS104: Secret Jews aka Crypto Jews

I discuss the topic of real Jews who are hidden. Other Jews know about them, but the secret is well kept. We focus especially on the current Pope as well as the DNA evidence that suggests Angelina Jolie is a crypto-Jew as well.

Video: Hitler’s Elite: The Laws of the SS Order

We study the first translation of a NAZI book on the laws of the SS order. We discover the wonderful values these whites were taught. This is nothing at all like the lies the Jews and others have told us about the NAZIs. Study their actual values and you’ll see that these are values that are natural to our race and they are utterly fine values that all our children could do with. By fighting the Germans, we chose death and suicide for ourselves. What a dumb choice we made. This is based on information given to me by Norlux Bellator in Bulgaria!

Video: What they don’t tell you about Africa’s Colonisation and Decolonisation

This is an interview I did with Ted of “A Stranger in my Own Land”. We discussed how Whites colonised Africa and what state Africa was in before whites came. Later we discussed in quite a lot of detail the many Liberation Wars in Africa and what really went on. Ted was quite astounded by the complexity of the many wars here against the whites and how the blacks were backed and funded. We discuss the many lies and misconceptions that the world’s Mass Media told about us whites in Africa.

The Rhodesians and Vikings made a BIG MISTAKE which Boers must never make

The Rhodesians and Vikings made a BIG MISTAKE which Boers must never make.

The White Tribe of Africa Youtube Channel:

I’ve created a special channel where Whites can get together. It is for Boers, Rhodesians, Portuguese, Germans and others from Southern Africa and those who are interested in our history. We have whites from across Africa now here in South Africa. This is our last gathering place… the place where we can make our last stand. Its our last chance to act as a GROUP before we flee Africa and break up. (I STRONGLY disagree with running and fleeing). Why don’t the Vikings rule Europe now? Because the Vikings BROKE UP and went everywhere and lost their collective identity. If we whites of Africa (especially the Boers) flee, then we’ll never be together again as a group. If we are truly DEFEATED then yes, then we can run. But we must NEVER run without a HARD FIGHT. NEVER! We must stand like the Germans and Italians and others did. We only run IF WE TRULY LOSE IN A BIG WAY. Otherwise, NEVER RUN!

I’ve uploaded all the videos on Southern Africa that I’ve done so far. These include videos I did with JB Campbell, Dr Peter Hammond and Alex Linder as well as others. So Stacks more videos are coming, even of the Portuguese in Africa, an untold story!

Launch of White Man Music!

The Whites will Win Party run by James has launched its “White Music page”. Please support him. Let’s see if we can get more whites to contribute their music and if we can get a bit of money to the people.

Click here to go to: Launch of White Man Music!

Contact James here if you have ideas or music or can put him in touch with people:

Video: Whites: Strategy Versus Tactics

I discuss my ideas over the years of Strategy and the top-down view versus the numbers problem that we whites face. I look at Strategy and Tactics from a military and survival point of view and I ask whether there is any hope for us, and if there is hope where exactly does it lie?