Video: The Pope of the White Race

This is an important video, even for Christians. This video is an introduction to many things that are important for whites. It is the beginning of a series of many things which will tie together.

This video is long, but I touch on many things, especially spiritual topics. For much of my life I was a real Buddhist peace-nik just wanting to live in a cave and work towards nirvana and other things. But as I grew older I began to realise that even those peaceful principles are actually DEEPLY FLAWED.

This video is intended as preparation for us to launch into many new and important topics including what were whites really like before Christianity & what did they actually achieve? I discuss Ben Klassen and the excellent religion he invented called Creativity as well as a partial discussion of Nietzsche and his criticisms of Christianity. Do we really NEED a religion? I think so and explain why. Both Hitler & Klassen regarded ancient Rome and Greece as the epitome of white achievement. I discuss why the Romans and Greeks were special and why they remain an inspiration to this day. I also discuss various psychological and spiritual issues. Ancient Rome is going to be a very important topic that we also need to study as well as digging into why Christianity became our monopoly religion. Previously we had many religions. I discuss Nietzsche’s master and slave morality as it pertains to the Romans and Christians.

Youtube Banned & keeping Children away from my Hitler Videos!

Look at this video. It is 2 years old. But now they decided to not only ban it from you tube but to also mark it as unsuitable for children! There is no length to which these Jewish harassers won’t go to nibble away at everything from every conceivable angle. This video was up for 2 years without complaint and now they find SEVERAL ISSUES SUDDENLY!!!

Look at this screen shot of this video on Youtube after they removed it!

Why the White Race must NEVER GIVE UP & it would be a sin for us to die out

James of the Whites Will Win Party website wrote a nice article about my efforts. I was astounded to find that he had even been transcribing some of my videos. I’m deeply touched by his support. Admirable Jan Reports MASSIVE BANNING by the enemy jews

In particular he quoted this from a video of mine:
I still am quite awed by the fact that we’ve not found another planet exactly like Earth. … We have no idea how far away we’d have to go before we’d find another planet that’s got as much intelligent life on it as ourselves. And no matter what is wrong with this place, this planet Earth is special. It really is very special. … And our place here is very special. And I find it unthinkable and utterly illogical that we should give up anything here.

I think it is a sin, even in the physical material sense, it is an absolute sin: We would not be living our lives in accordance with nature if we Whites gave up. It is absolutely unthinkable that we should give up, surrender, commit suicide, even give up one grain of sand. …

We are the highest form of life that we have ever discovered. We’ve not come across anything that even comes close to ourselves. For that reason alone we should preserve ourselves at all costs. And we White people, we are the ones who built all the science and have acquired all this knowledge. …

The bottom line is that, mistakes and all, regardless of what we are, warts and all, we must cling to and fight tooth and nail for absolutely everything we have. And we White people must stop running, hiding, surrendering, etc. … We were the people who built civilization. … We as the creators of the greatest civilization this planet has ever known, we should fight tooth and nail, and work with each other and in support of each other, no matter where. …

Don’t give up anything. Don’t listen to the enemy. … We are going to create a whole new force. And you’re going to see, we are going to tear apart those who thought that we, the White people, are dead. They’re going to see, we are far from dead.”


This interesting article about South Africa appeared on a White Nationalist website. Its got lots of info: Click here to read the article


[Look at what’s happening in the former German colony of South West Africa. A few Germans live there and quite a lot of Boers live there too.]

Whites make up only about 6% of Namibia’s population of 2.4 million, but overwhelmingly dominate business ownership.

WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob has said Namibia will make it mandatory for white-owned businesses to sell a 25% stake to blacks, calling the country one of the most unequal in the world.

A draft bill on the Namibia Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEF) was expected to be tabled before his cabinet soon, Geingob said in a speech on Wednesday.

Whites make up only about 6% of Namibia’s population of 2.4 million, but overwhelmingly dominate business ownership.

Geingob said Namibia had not seen significant transformation in the 27 years of independence from apartheid South African rule.

“The majority of Namibians remain structurally excluded from meaningful participation in the economy and as we established earlier, inclusivity ensures harmony and exclusivity brings discord,” Geingob told the country’s lawmakers.

“We require the support of all Namibians to fix the obvious and dangerous flaws in our social structure.”

Last year, rating agency Fitch cited the empowerment plan as one of the reasons it had downgraded Namibia’s economic outlook from stable to negative, saying the policy would scare away investors who might not be willing to cede stakes in their companies.

The Construction Industries Federation (CIF), the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Namibian Employers Federation have all expressed concern about the empowerment plan.

“Any empowerment initiatives should not lead to distinctions based on race, as it would negatively impact race relations,” the CIF, which has a membership of over 470 companies, has said.

“Instead, poor Namibians, regardless of racial origins, should benefit through increased focus and monitoring of already existing empowerment efforts.”

The government of neighbouring South Africa has a regulation that at least 26% of the ownership of mining companies be in black hands. Companies say they should be considered to have met the rule even after black owners have sold their shares, which has become a bone of contention.

In Zimbabwe, the government is considering amending black empowerment laws that aims to transfer majority shares from foreign-owned firms to black Zimbabweans after it was blamed for deterring investment.


World Jewish Congress is behind Amazon’s mass book banning

Carolyn Yeager published this interesting article which shows that the World Jewish Congress is behind the mass banning of holocaust books by Amazon. Upon closer examination you’ll see the Jews lied about banning 3 books when in fact the banning was massive, unprecedented in fact!

THIS IS THE STATEMENT RELEASED THURSDAY by World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer praising the banning of an entire category of historical revisionist books by CEO Jeff Bezos. As you will see, Jews do believe (and want us to believe) that Jewish interests come before the interests of all others – especially the interests of the “notorious bigots of our time,” those White European-Americans who want to study and correct inaccuracies in the official historical narrative.

You can read the rest of Carolyn’s article here

Book: Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of their Secrets by GENERAL ERICH LUDENDORFF

[One of my video viewers posted this fascinating commentary by General LUDENDORFF. This talks about the Freemasons being one of the fronts for the Jews.]

Book Title: “Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of their Secrets”, by GENERAL ERICH LUDENDORFF, first published 1927. Translated to English by J. ELISABETH KOESTER in 1977. General Erich Ludendorff was Germany’s top General in WW1, he wrote this book in 1927, All copies of this book in Germany were destroyed by the Allies after WW2 because the book clearly describes how World Lodge Freemasonry creates Gentile Masons as “Artiicial Jews”. At pages 19/20 General Ludendorff quotes Jews speaking of their Masonic creation: (Vienna Journal for Freemasons, Manuscript for Brethren, second year, Pamphlet I, page 66):

“The greatest and wisest men gave our Fraternity a constitution the wisdom of which will last forever. We wander shrouded in threefold night in the midst of our opponents and see, unseen by them, their weakness, thus gaining power over their minds and their hearts. Their vices serve us as a spring-board from which we, unnoticed by them, force them, unperceived, to play a role of working unitedly with us whilst fathoming that they are satisfying their own individual desires. It would have been unwise to battle with them openly; by spreading ideas of Freedom and Independence, the highly towering monument which the Reverent and the Respectful had erected had to be undermined gradually. In the shadow of their own authority, Masonry works for the realization of the great entrusted undertaking (this means, for the erection of the Jewish World-Empire, the kingdom to come). The mighty, fear-inspiring Freemasonry is following your footsteps, detects your tracks, watches over your thoughts, your innermost souls, in the midst of the darkness with which you cover yourselves. Its secret, unavoidable influence shatters your plans . . .”.

General Ludendorff comments on the above quote by saying, “This is a war declaration of the Jewish people against all nations and is simultaneously the goal and essence of the World-Lodge, and they have thus acted accordingly by engaging Freemasonry. I have given proof of this in my book “Kriegshetze in den letzten 150 Jahren” (English translation: “War Agitation and Massacre of Nations”, The Coming War; Faber and Faber, Lim., 24 Russel Square, London.), also calling attention to the criminal freemasonic deeds committed during the first World-War (1914- 1918).”

How President Zuma planned to capture South Africa

I’m putting this online because this very strange, long, 19 page article is doing the rounds.

My views on it are the following:-
1. This was written by a white person who is very familiar with English.

2. It may have multiple authors.

3. It is suspicious that the authors hide who they really are.

4. This article has over 120 references to mass media articles in South Africa.

5. It is in line with the Liberal hatred for Zuma. I regard it as a propaganda piece that is meant to operate in support of the DA in their attempt to unseat Zuma.

6. Are they really out to unseat ZUMA or out to unseat THE ANC AS A WHOLE? (I believe BOTH!)

7. This is definitely PROPAGANDA, because in it are references to weird hypothetical conclusions. It refers to all sorts of things which may/did/might-have/maybe-will happen. Its INTENDED to portray Zuma in as negative a light as possible. I would regard this as DA propaganda while having “plausible deniability” because there is no overt link to the DA.

8. The crux issue herein lies with the Russians being allowed into South Africa and especially the tender for nuclear power. (But keep in mind that the ANC, African National Congress) always was a communist owned/controlled organisation and the whites warned of this beforehand. Now you’re seeing Zuma leaning toward Russia and China. Thus all the complaints and whining about his governing of South Africa is minor compared to what we are viewing here: A big clash between the West and its super-rich versus Zuma and the ANC communists.

9. This situation is almost 100% identical to that of Robert Mugabe versus the white farmers who were funding the MDC. The issue was not land. The real issue was that the white farmers were very wealthy and had played a MASSIVE role in creating the MDC. The DA in South Africa versus the ANC is exactly the same battle, same role players EXCEPT that the MDC had only local Zimbabwean money support (white farmers there) whereas the DA has INTERNATIONAL MONEY SUPPORT AND MEDIA SUPPORT TOO!!!

I will discuss these issues in one or more videos as is necessary.


Video: Syria – Our Attitude – From the Creativity Movement

[I’m a HUGE fan of Ben Klassen’s Church of Creativity! Reverend James Mac of Creativity put out this short video regarding Syria!]

You can reach him on Twitter: @RevJamesMac

Urgently needed: Donations for Legal Fees for Matt Hale – USA’s No 1 WHITE Political Prisoner

I got this note from Matt Hale’s mom.

Friends and Supporters: I had a call from Matt and he said he is feeling better just being out of that hellhole Terre Haute prison. He also said that it will take some time to get really healthy again. He will get healthy food from the commissary this Thursday. Matt will start the depositions soon and he discovered that the cost for a court reporter has gone up in the last 13 years and it is going to cost twice as much as he originally thought it would cost so I must ask for donations for legal fees. In addition to the $5,000 that we have, we need another $5,000 because it is going to cost $10,000 for the court reporter. I told Matt that he must do his best work and I will find a way to get what he needs. Please help Matt and send your donations for the court reporter. I did price around and I did not find the fees any less than what he was quoted. Thank you for your help!! Ms. H
Send your donation to:
Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
Washington, IL 61571