Coming shortly … a whole video series of a big S.African mystery…

I’ve been working flat out this weekend on a whole video series. I want to put the full thing out in one shot this week. So I’m trying to go as fast as I can. Its something nasty that happened here that most whites are utterly confused about and whites outside Africa know very little if anything about it.

The Liberals, Jews and blacks have been lying about it, but the Liberals especially have published so much utter nonsense.

Don’t miss it. Lots of viewing and lots of thinking. And it may give you some insights into some of the nasty things that have happened to you whites elsewhere. Our fate as a race has been the same for long.

My fellow whites … THE LYING NEVER STOPS!!! That’s all I can say. It never stops!

In the meantime, if you’ve not watched the video called: “Break out of your death cell White man”, then please do so!

What PW Botha told me about the Portuguese & Salazaar & Dr Verwoerd

This is just a short note. This is from my contact with PW Botha in 2006.

In my discussions with PW Botha he spoke highly of the Portuguese president Salazaar. Salazaar was almost like a Portuguese Hitler. And Salazaar did not want to give up one inch of Portuguese territory in Africa. I think (I’ll have to check my notes) that PW Botha also spoke about how Franco of Spain was friendly to the Portuguese and to South Africa during those times.

PW Botha also spoke extremely highly of Dr Verwoerd. He told me that Verwoerd wanted to see him urgently within a week, but Verwoerd was murdered before he got to meet with him. Verwoerd, in my view is the single most important white man in the history of Southern Africa since the Anglo-Boer War. The Jews HATED that man…

The Death of President PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies – Race War in South Africa

[I was going through my AfricanCrisis archives looking for certain things. I stumbled on this article which I posted on AfricanCrisis on 2006-11-03 a few days after the death of PW Botha. I had seen him 11 days before he died and he was absolutely fine. Interestingly, just a few days before I visited him there was a strange “scare” about his health and he was rushed to hospital. But during the week I visited him he was absolutely fine and I probably have among the few final photographs ever taken of him, none of which I’ve ever actually put online.

I thought I’d post this article I found from 2006 where an Afrikaans guy, Marius wrote to me about the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg. Here is the exchange between him and me which I posted. Marius was interpreting the prophecies and talking about how race war was imminent as a result of PW’s Death. You’ll see my reply to him below.

You will see, again and again and again how wrong prophecies are as a means of ever trying to figure out what is going to happen and Siener Van Rensburg’s stuff is wrong all the time. Yet, to this day, 11 years later, people are still running around quoting him. The Suidlanders now, 11 years later, claim that he is extremely accurate. Yet, for years and years I’ve heard people interpret this stuff and be WRONG every time.

It is the Calvinistic side of the Boer which believes in a pre-ordained future that results in this wrong kind of thinking. Earlier in my life I also had another means by which I believed the future could be foretold. And that too turned out to be utter rubbish.

For the record, PW Botha actually met Van Rensburg when he was a child. He was very young and people introduced him to this prophet. Interestingly, when I knew PW Botha, which was for a few months in 2006, he actually believed in the importance of Van Rensburg and these prophecies.

Returning to the Suidlanders, they’ve been warning of imminent race war in South Africa since their formation in 2007 and they’ve been wrong all the time since. I have no idea what the current status of Simon Roche is.

I want to do a full video series on Race Warfare in South Africa. I want to go over what I wrote in the past, and why I believe we can survive anything they throw at us.

According to my records, I had personal contact with President PW Botha from 2006-04-19 when he and I first spoke on the phone until 2006-10-20 when I left his house Die Anker after a visit of a few days. He died 11 days after without any warning. Jan]

I published this on 2006-11-03:

The Death of PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies

A reader wrote:-

Hello Jan

Do you know Siener van Rensburg an old proffit who lived about 100 years ago born 1862 i think,he said that with the death of a statesmen in the 3rd term the violence will start after the burial of that statesmen and that the blacks will kill many whites and this will spread through out the country and many people will not expect this i dont have all detail in front of me but do you recall this?

If maybe its Botha’s death then there will be big trouble in SA in 2 weeks time?

Can you colaborate on this?



Hi Marius,

I am fully aware of Van Rensburg and have read the book Voice of a Prophet. I doubt that PW Botha’s death is in any way related to this. Many people have been warning me for a long time now that in a mere few months the blacks will attack us – and one has that bit of “Afrikaner propaganda/psychological warfare” out there, “The night of the Long Knives” – which many people believe is real.

I don’t buy into any of that.

Interestingly, PW Botha did tell me that he actually saw Siener Van Rensburg when he was 9 years old. His father told him he must come to see a very important man and took him to see Siener. More than that he could not remember when he spoke to me.

But PW did say that he knew of highly trustworthy men like Boy Mussman who were of high character and who knew Siener very well and who vouched for Siener. PW Botha himself was a deep believer in Siener Van Rensburg. Jan

Video: We Jews own EVERYTHING! – JEWS103A: When Jewish Chameleons boast

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Here I have film footage of a Jew boasting about what they own! This is a follow-up video to my original one: “JEWS103: When Jewish Chameleons boast”. In there I discussed what my Jewish pals said to me years ago. What this Jew says on TV is very similar to what Jews openly boasted about here in Apartheid South Africa in the 1980s.

Video: Re-Release: JEWS103: When Jewish Chameleons boast

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Backup Video:

Nothing shocked me as much about the power of Jews as when I had direct discussions with my close Jewish friend of over 20 years regarding what the Jews are up to. In this video I talk about my discussions and what the Jew told me.

Video: Re-Release: South Africa: How they keep car prices artificially high

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I discuss how second hand car prices in South Africa are kept artificially high. Its a follow-up to my video: South Africa: The Land the Super Rich raped to death.

Help! PDF to Voice reading software – Especially for a Phone

Last year I got myself a Windows Lumia phone. I got a piece of software called Tucan Reader which could open PDF files. Then to my amazement I discovered that it could read a PDF as voice and I used it like crazy. It was the most awesome piece of software I’ve had on a phone.

But my phone had to be wiped clean and a new operating system had to be installed because of other things that stopped working. When I reinstalled the Tucan Reader I found it crashing a lot and not option for reader PDFs.

I’ll fiddle with my phone more. But this is a feature I was crazy about and now I miss it more than ever.

I also have an Android phone.

If any of you know of software that can read a PDF file as voice please let me know. Just let me know what software and which devices it works on. Its something I found extremely useful especially on my phone. I would “read” books while driving, etc. It was fantastic.

Another option, if there is no software for a phone is this: Software which can read a PDF file and create an MP3 from it. I would find this extremely useful. Any advice is appreciated.

Spain: The Jews that opened the gates of Toledo

[Someone pointed me to this yesterday. The Jews have worked with the Muslims against whites many times. In Spain this is definitely clear. In fact the white Christians of Spain were held down by Jews and Muslims for several centuries. The Jews even admit to PAYING the Muslim general to invade Spain and France – but the French smashed them – Charles the Hammer crushed them.

Now there is a question in my mind as to whether the Jews under the Ottoman Empire were perhaps instrumental in the several invasions of Europe by the Ottomans. Its a topic we must visit sometime. A Jew I knew claimed that under the Ottoman Empire the Jews were having an awesome time! He said it was a golden age for the Jews. But during this time the Ottomans were constantly attacking Europe on land and sea! So the question on my mind is this: Were the Jews behind the aggression of the Ottoman Empire against white Christian Europe?

But look at the Jews opening the gates of Toledo. Jews are doing that in the USA and Europe and Britain. They did it here in South Africa by working hard to bring about a black communist revolution against the whites here! Jews are always busy destroying the whites they live amongst. Jan]

During the 7th and 8th centuries Iberia (Spain and Portugal), was a divided kingdom ruled by the Catholic Visigoths, the region was home to a Jewish minority who suffered intolerable persecution under these Christian rulers.

In 558 Ferreol, Bishop of Uzes ordered the Jews of his diocese to convert to Catholicism, those that didn’t abandon their faith were expelled from the region

In 694 Catholic bishops issued a decree that the Jews were traitors and should have their wealth confiscated and face perpetual slavery.

In 654 King Recceswinth of Toledo forbade Jews from keeping the Sabbath, dietary laws, marriage laws and circumcising their young

In 633 the Fourth Council of Toledo even describes the Jews, who were allegedly proselytizing their beliefs, as “the Antichrist‟s ministers.”

In 633 the Fourth Council of Toledo declared that all Jews must be baptized.

In the spring of 711, a Muslim army invaded Iberia led by Tariq ibn Ziyad, serving the Arab governor Musa ibn Nusayr, at Guadalete they swiftly defeated Roderick (Luthariq) the Visigoth King and then marched northward to the Visigoth capital of Toledo. Both Latin and Arabic chroniclers record that the Jews of the city “opened the gates of Toledo” to Tariq, who conquered the city. With more cities to take Tariq left Toledo and entrusted its protection to a garrison of Jewish soldiers, whom had rose up against the Catholic Visigoths and opened the gates.

When Tariq’s master, Musa ibn Nusayr, arrived in Iberia with a large Arab force he seized Seville and like Tariq before him, he entrusted the city to its Jewish inhabitants until his return.

Had the Jews of Iberia not been the victims of such continuous barbarity from their Christian neighbours it is unlikely they’d have turned on them, but with the Muslim invasion this oppressed people tasted a freedom they hadn’t for centuries. There is no greater example of Jewish and Muslim coexistence than al-Andalus, the Jews not only fought side by side with their Muslim cousins, but under the caliphates born out of the conquests the Jews lived as a free and protected people who were able reach the highest of positions in this new society.


At this URL you’ll also find interesting references to the Jews opening the gates of Toledo:

President Trump’s WARMONGERING in Iran and North Korea

It seems to me every move Donald Trump is making is now for WAR. Iran and North Korea. Iran we were expecting. I’m so bored with his moves. I don’t see how any of this is what whites in the USA actually voted for. But it sure as hell will work for the Jews.

I see that the USA has now opened its first permanent military base in Israel. I just shake my head. The Jews have made the US Govt insane and the Elite and upperclasses are in with the Jews out on world conquest whereever the filthy Jew leads them.

I don’t see how either Iran or North Korea (even if they have nukes) is in any way a problem that the USA must solve. Consider China and Russia and Israel with their nukes!! You won’t hear a peep about that. So why go and beat up a small nation? If the nukes threaten Japan then let the Japanese solve it? But Jewish America does NOT want either the Germans or Japanese to rise again. The Japanese would defend themselves with ease.

Looking back on my life, I’d say the USA has never yet fought an actual war that deserved to be fought. When we were under real attack and threat the USA did nothing. Communism swept across the whole of Africa tearing up Portuguese and British territories and neither the USA nor Britain did anything substantive to stand even a little bit. Truly pathetic. Now America wants to smash North Korea down? What for? What a joke it is. Its just a Jewish agenda and last time there was a Korean war the JEWS were ensuring that the USA and the West did NOT win it. Even South Africans and Australians went to fight there.

These wars are a load of rubbish. They serve absolutely ZERO purpose. ZERO.

Video: JEWS105A: Jewish lies that work: The One Jew Lie

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Jews are extremely quick and glib and able to fool you in a second. They will successfully lie to you in the course of what you believe is a friendly conversation with someone who is a genuine friend of yours. I BELIEVED STRONGLY that the Jews I knew were my BEST FRIENDS and I would regularly entrust them with personal information and thoughts that I would deny to other whites whom I had known for longer.

This video is a follow on to my video: JEWS105: Jews are too sly & sneaky for Whites – In there I mentioned a common lie that Jews fooled me with dozens of times. I call it: The One Jew Lie.