Massive Influx of Twitter refugees to after the latest Jewish/Liberal/Marxist PURGES of whites on Twitter

There was a massive influx of Twitter Refugees on to this week! The Jews & Liberal filth have been at work. For the first time, my small Gab following is now bigger than my Twitter following! So I think there’s a clear sign that Gab is winning. Gab is run by a White Christian in the USA whose trying to make a difference. If these new platforms as well as our platforms can begin taking on the *MASSIVE* Jewish/Elite anti-white corporate system then we’re going to flatten our enemies despite the *ENORMOUS* difference in money! But we are white people after all.

Remember the Romans who lived in wooden houses invaded and conquered multiracial Egypt which was the “New York” of its time. The German rural people called NAZIS took over Germany.

Our little hodge podge groups of white people, working as #TeamWhite ((C) Alex Linder) can take on much bigger forces if we work with the same energy as the Romans, Germans, Italians, etc. Don’t worry about our little hodge podge setup. We’re going to show them what we’re made of. They’ve been screwing with us ETHNIC EUROPEANS ((C) Mike Walsh) – and we’re going to hit them in the kisser like the vastly outnumbered Germans did to the Soviet masses and SEND THEM REELING!!

Video: Nationalism & Liberalism CANNOT CO-EXIST! My Best Jewish friend HATED Afrikaner Nationalism!!

Right-Click here to download the Video

While I talk about Jews & Afrikaners in South Africa, this applies to ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE, especially the Germans.

I tell the story of my search for friends and allies for the whites of South Africa, ESPECIALLY the Afrikaners, and how it was that I came to realise that Liberalism is not what it appears to be. It is in fact, totally and utterly opposed to the Afrikaners as a group. Furthermore, Afrikaner Nationalism embodies Racialism – Afrikaners want all whites, not just Afrikaners in a single state, a VolkStaat, which is a RACE BASED STATE. This is like the Germans were thinking under Hitler. Thus the Germans are scripted for DEATH, as is the Afrikaner and as are ALL THE WHITES OF THE WORLD. I explain what my Jewish friend explained and why Liberals are probably the greatest RACE TRAITORS and the deadliest enemies of the whites and why you will find White Liberals and Jews being friendly to blacks like Malema. We whites are on DEATH ROW. We just weren’t aware of it and there is NO PLACE for the Afrikaner, just as there is no place for the German or any other white on this planet. The only path we are allowed to walk along is the path that takes us to OUR EXTINCTION! That is our future. There is no other future for us.

Pic: Excellent David Duke meme: White girls can’t dance!

[I was just LMAO when I saw this one. We’ve let the Jewish Liberal Communist dream go way too far. The new mass spreading of the meme “Its Okay to be white” is good, and I’m glad its moving around on a big scale. We need that. But, I think its a little to weak. White people ROCK! They’re not “Okay”, they’re GREAT! We are GREAT! And anyone who disagrees with that, must try his/her luck against us. We’ll fix them on short order!

As for the notion that “white girls can’t dance” … What utter garbage! Jan]

Carolyn Emerick goes to war: Sends Liberal Marxist bitch packing!

[Carolyn Emerick who has created the Europa Sun magazine (which is excellent and well worth getting – I’ve got my copy and am reading it – I’ll put a link to it shortly); she takes no nonsense from Liberal Marxist SCUM and sends them packing on short order. I must say, Carolyn is starting to look like the female version of Alex Linder – a word smith(ess?) of note and she takes no shit!

Learn from this white people … send the white-hating Liberals packing… send them fleeing like the Soviets on the Eastern front did when Hitler (and the VASTLY OUTNUMBERED GERMANS) smacked them in the kisser! 14/88 to that! Jan]

Las Vegas Massacre: Was I right? Paddock’s non-White Girlfriend might be withholding information

[When Alex and I were discussing the Las Vegas shooting I mentioned that I thought the non-white Asian girlfriend might be the key to this. Earlier this month one of my supporters brought this to article on the Daily Stormer to my attention. The Daily Stormer was referring to Fox news. Fox news said that the girl friend might be withholding information. Because The Daily Stormer is under attack and having to change its domain name from time to time, I’m going to reproduce most of the article here. In our most recent #TeamWhite interview Alex was mentioning that in this Internet age, the Jews are also having to devise newer methods of lying – and he also made comments about the Las Vegas shooting, how the Government is lying and how its “disappearing” off the radar. To me, any sign of a cover-up means that something IMPORTANT has to be kept from the people. Its very sad that we can’t get closer to the truth. Jan]

Here’s the original video I did regarding the Las Vegas shooting: Video: Mini 911: Las Vegas Massacre: Only ONE Group benefits from it!

Here’s where Alex and I discussed it in detail: Video: Las Vegas Massacre: Alex Linder and Jan discuss it

Another article I posted about it: Photo: Las Vegas Massacre: Official Antifa facebook page congratulated Stephen Paddock after the bloodiest mass shooting – Antifa page

Here’s the most recent marathon discussion Alex and I had where he also discussed the new Jewish lying techniques: Video: Alex Linder & Jan discuss White African News & much, much, more

Here’s the Daily Stormer article:

Vegas Sheriff: Paddock’s Flip Gf “Might be Hiding Something”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2017

Well ain’t this a sonovabitch.

New information.

Fox News:

Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend may be hiding something from investigators who are trying to piece together the motive behind the Las Vegas massacre, the city’s sheriff suggested in a wide-ranging interview with a local television station.

Here’s the interview. It’s an hour long and there isn’t much there.

He’s nervous and seemingly confused. He doesn’t know much about the investigation.

Marilou Danley, who is still a person of interest in the case, has told authorities that she never knew the attack was coming. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, in his first TV appearance in nearly three weeks, told KLAS that investigators he’s spoken to believe this assessment is accurate. But he added that something appears to be off about the manner in which Paddock amassed his arsenal of weapons.

There is a lot of people that have hundreds and hundreds of guns, but for this individual to do it at a certain point in time and to do it all with such robust action, you would think that Ms. Danley would have some information associated with that,” he said. “But currently we haven’t been able to pull that out of her, if it’s in her.”

Lombardo added that Danley will be interviewed again this week and he suggested she could have prevented the massacre, which left 58 dead and hundreds injured.


“It could have been prevented on many levels,” Lombardo told KLAS’ George Knapp. “Marilou Danley, his brother, anybody that may have had some modicum of information that would have presented this individual’s state of mind, but apparently right now we don’t know that.”

No motive for the Oct. 1 shooting has been revealed yet, but Lombardo said that since September 2015, Paddock – a high-rolling gambler – had lost a significant amount of wealth.

“I think that might have a determining factor on what he determined to do,” Lombardo said.


The sheriff said Paddock was narcissistic, had some bouts of depression and was very status-driven, based on how he liked to be recognized in the casinos and by his family and friends, which was starting to decline.

The shooting spree stopped after, according to Lombardo’s belief, Paddock realized the authorities were closing in.

“I believe the suspect believed the wolf was at the door and took his own life,” Lombardo said.

A hard drive that was missing from one of Paddock’s laptops found in the room after police entered has still not been recovered.

“The hard drive was not located in the room,” Lombardo said. “We may never know where that hard drive is. It could have been removed years ago.”


He’s been carrying around a laptop with no hard drive – meaning it cannot be booted – for years.

Security footage obtained by police from Mandalay Bay is still being investigated and Paddock was not seen in the presence of any other individuals while moving around the property, Lombardo added.

The sheriff also said “conspiracy theories and thinking that we are trying to hide stuff or are conspiring together to hide stuff is ridiculous.” He also blasted Internet trolls accusing the victims and their families of faking the injuries and deaths.

“I’m amazed at people’s mental state to post the stuff that they post,” Lombardo told KLAS. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I wish I could locate some of these individuals or have them present themselves to me personally and I’ll show them what happened out there.”

Yeah, of course the talk of “conspiracy theories” moves to people talking about crisis actors. Instead of explaining the actual nutty inconsistencies in this story.

Having a “conspiracy theory” about changing timelines, disappearing hard drives, mysterious break-ins, motives, notes, multiple vantage points, and the general lack of information being released by the feds, does not make one a crisis actor-believing kook.

No one knows what’s going on here but whatever it is, it is more than we’re being told. We deserve answers.



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Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe resigned – BUT he’s a billionaire & remember these points…

[Robert Mugabe resigned a few hours ago. BUT, remember these points:-
o Now that he’s resigned, it makes the coup LEGAL – so this lets President Zuma and the African Union off the hook
o Mugabe is a BILLIONAIRE in US Dollar terms. He owns a hotel in the UK, and has many assets elsewhere including Asia.
o Mugabe is NOT going to be prosecuted for anything – which means he gets away with ALL his crimes and mass murder.
o I hope he does not settle in South Africa – that would be bad.
o The good side is that it surely scares Zuma of South Africa – so Globalist Elite will like it and might even have helped support it.
o It is good that it will scare other black leaders and perhaps even Malema a bit – because it will show them that they’re not untouchable.
o He’s filthy rich and he and his family will be living fine whereever they go – which is sad.
o His one son this week showed a pic of his latest watch which he boasted is worth $60,000! – That’s the lifestyle these black scum communists are used to.

I suspect he resigned rather than took the impeachment. So the bummer is he gets away with everything and walks into the sunset.

o The ruling party, ZANU PF are communists with close links to (Jewish) Communist China.

On the plus side, I saw a news article which showed that the enmity between ZANU PF and the opposition MDC which was created by whites+blacks is as strong as ever. Blacks told me that ZANU PF will probably cheat at next year’s national elections. ZANU PF is somewhat amenable to white farmers coming back BUT ONLY ON THEIR TERMS (which I wish whites would REJECT). There might be slight improvements in Zimbabwe but I doubt things will change – nor do I care.

Even Mugabe realised and knew that his comrades in ZANU are themselves untrustworthy, so I suspect new problems will arise.

o Mnangagwa is a bad boy with spying CIO links. Chances are he’ll be ruthless too.

For us Rhodesians it is good to see Mugabe going down. He’s been in our faces for 37 years. So its a small victory and that’s good. But its not a real victory in a sense that means anything to whites.

The key thing the blacks want is for the economy to improve because its STILL IMPLODING EVEN NOW. But I really am AGAINST whites going there to build up a black state while having no power. We whites MUST STRIVE FOR OUR OWN POLITICAL AND MILITARY POWER.

Mugabe was a BAD INFLUENCE across Africa being extremely communist and very anti-white. He was seen as invincible. So I think the main impact will be on Zuma and on Malema.

Otherwise, as Dr Peter Hammond said, nothing will change. I believe we whites MUST NOT CO-OPERATE with blacks in their politics at all, anywhere.

But it does close a bit of a chapter for Rhodesians. At least we got to see this communist fuck standing down. BUT he did NOT get the treatment he deserved which was to be stripped of everything he had and to be hanged or shot.

We whites must now focus on ourselves.

Here is a news story about his resignation. Jan]


Thunderous celebrations have erupted in the streets of Harare as people sing and chants following the news of Robert Mugabe’s exit.

Zimbabwe’s Members of Parliament celebrate after Robert Mugabe’s resignation on 21 November 2017 in Harare. Picture: AFP.

Video: Zimbabwe’s strange Illegal Coup: Mugabe to be impeached – My Analysis

Right-Click here to download the Video

I discuss many aspects of this weird coup. I also read Dr Peter Hammond’s letter to me regarding the events in Zimbabwe. I point out black hypocrisy in Africa and the African Union and how the blacks have now created problems of their own where they break their own rules.

Is this coup real or a hoax or a trick? I discussed this with various Rhodesians as well as with blacks from Zimbabwe and I mention a number of facts that the Mass Media are not actually mentioning.

Also, will this result in improvements to Zimbawe? Should we whites care? My own view is that its good to watch our enemies fighting each other. This could lead to many problems for the blacks – whom I have no sympathy with.

Important: 645 page PDF of all S.African Farm Murders from 1994-2012 – Thanks to German Victims Website!

[For the record, the image I have on this page is a quote from the black commander of the South African Army. He said this on the social media the piece of shit.

Some kind white people sent me this 645 page pdf of all the murdered whites, mostly Boers, who were killed by blacks between 1994 (when the blacks took over) and February 2012. So this is by no means complete. But it is the first time I’ve seen such a compiled document complete with photos in some cases and also details of the actual murders large numbers of which were NEVER printed in the lying Jewish mass media. I think you’ll find it instructive to look through this. Here is a copy of it.

Click here to view & download it: List-Farm-Murders-of-Whites-South-Africa

Let me add that I got this from the kind folks at: I urge you to go over to that site and take a look. You might not be aware of this but MILLIONS of German men, women and children were MURDERED during and AFTER WW2 by the Allies. Millions of German men WERE STARVED TO DEATH BY THE ALLIES! Our crime and murder in South Africa is as NOTHING compared to the atrocities perpetrated against the wonderful German people. I urge you to study some of it. You will be shocked to the core at the crimes perpetrated against the Germans on the instruction of the hideous devils known as the Jews!

The SLAUGHTER of white people has been going on, on an unprecedented scale since JEWISH COMMUNISM took power exactly 100 years ago in the Soviet Union. There, 60 million white Christians were slaughtered in a genocide that nobody even acknowledges. The mass murder of whites is a real and ongoing problem – totally at the instigation of Jews. The Jewish communist, Kaganovich was known as the “Wolf of the Kremlin”. He personally oversaw the murder of 20 million people. But you won’t hear a peep about it anywhere because, as usual the lives of white people do not matter anywhere.

So this is nothing new for our race. Its just that the South African farm murders and the ongoing crime plague of South Africa are the latest in a long list of hideous crimes perpetrated against our race.

Tan Staafl: When Jews are Unmasked! – Only Spies & Saboteurs have a need to HIDE!

[Here is a link to Tan Staafl’s blog where he talks about Jews hiding and being unmasked. The reader comments are fascinating and well worth reading. You’ll see that even in ancient times Jews would even engage in surgery to hide their circumcision in order to fool other races. Jews NEED other races, ESPECIALLY WHITES! These filthy, lazy, race of habitual liars and thieves can ONLY function when they are busy sponging off others and cheating them. As Alex Linder says, we should not tolerate them in white society at all. Get rid of them by any means. Jan]

Click here to read Tan Staafl’s article