Video: South Africa: Land Reform: Expropriation without Compensation aka STEALING Land from Whites!

I’m interviewed by the Southern AF Podcast and we discuss all the claims, lies and hypocrisy surrounding Cyril Ramaphosa and

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Last Saturday Spears dropped me a message saying that AmericanCrisis was down. I spent a long time on the phone

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The Jews hit Dion Wehrwolf of Radio Wehrwolf: Double Hit: Paypal down … Bank a/c down…

[I was chatting to Dion the other day when he told me this had happened to him: About a week

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The First Alex Linder meme … and the answer is…

[Wolf created the first Alex Linder meme I’ve ever seen! Very cool! We know the question! Jan]

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Meme: When you’ve had enough of the Jewish Bullshit!

[This is where we are heading folks! Jan]

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Pic: White Genocide meme: Sponsored by Jews, paid for by your parents…

This is a meme someone sent me.

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7 Pics: Ultimate Jewish Hypocrisy: Serial Jew Paedophile Polansky Vs Christian Mel Gibson

[There are times when Jews/Liberals/Leftist lies are so glaring that it makes my jaw just drop. Consider the difference in

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5 Pics: Tim Wise: A Jew pretending to be White & knifing Whites in the back as a Career!

[Now here’s a Jewish piece of shit of note. When I dug a bit more into his activities it should

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2 Maps: USA: Very Important: Voting Trends by Sex and Race – Proof that White Racists were RIGHT all along!

[On Gab someone posted this fascinating map. Here you can clearly see voting trends by race and sex. If whites

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Video: A German Superman: Panzer Commander Hermann Balck

Backup Video: Hermann Balck is the greatest operational commander on the German side in WW2. He achieved unmatched success in

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