Audio: The Black Govt’s War to disarm White South Africans: Guns & Ammunition

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This investigation was triggered by a friend who told me the SA Govt was bringing in very large amounts of ammunition to use against the whites in a racial attack.

So we began doing some investigation. This investigation, along with information that I had accumulated in 2015, is the most complete picture I have on weapons in South Africa, and how things work, as well as where the leakage of guns and ammunition is to the criminals who are murdering whites.

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2 thoughts on “Audio: The Black Govt’s War to disarm White South Africans: Guns & Ammunition

  • 21st January 2020 at 10:56 pm

    2 stories for you

    1 guy I know went to hand in his weapon, 2 weeks later they break in. They walk off with computers, etc etc and ask for “guns, guns” the family go to the police station to report the attack and breaking. They recognise the seargeant called over to do the interview as the one who broke in and asked for the guns.

    one of my family members while performing a neighborhood watch was out & they fired a shot on the ground to stop a vehicle they thought was hijacked in the North of johannesburg. The guy called the cops, the cops took the details and that was it. The gun was confiscated from my relative, 2 weeks later they break in, shoot him and want his gun, luckily he fired a shot and didnt lose his life. He threatened to take the police commissioner to court over the incident and his gun was handed back to him.

    Jan, you need to cover the story how the ANC military was brought into the police. One cannot truly comprehend why our police are so corrupt & will not help whites until one fully understands that 30-49% of all the top police in every station are former soldiers of the MK vets and other organizations.

    Once that is understood, then you can fully understand why they are stealing weapons. They know that crime is part of their strategy 1. Terrorize whites 2. Make money from the terror 3. Steal the weapons for the coming massacre.

    Until the whites do what was done in North America, Canada, Australia, or other parts of the world. The white man does the right then when wiping out other races when clearing out land and location for himself. We cannot live with these savages, they need to all vanish like the dodo, they can go live in some northern country

    And fuck the world if they think we are racist, if you think we are racists, we will send them to go live with you for free, just send us your home address, you can have them by next week. Need to get rid of all shit skins all, ALL races within white territories.

    Notice, when India, Africa, Asia kicked out the whites, then its liberation.
    When whites want to liberate their countries, then they are called genocidal maniacs, racists, nazis

    1 rule for non whites when killing whites.
    1 rule for whites who never kill non-whites but are continually gaslighted about the past.

    In all those countries, whites were genocided nothing said. When the Jews massacred 120 million white Christians in Europe, nothing, no movies or anything.

    It is time for whites to rise up and anyone who thinks whites are the enemy, fuck them and screw people who want to stop whites. It is every white mans right to live in an all white country or territory and no one has the right to subject him to living with any non-white, subjecting him to that is the true definition of racism.

  • 21st January 2020 at 4:10 pm

    Sounds like Britain, they do things like this. It is whatt they have done throughout their colonies, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Seems like they want to come back in power here.


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