Attention Whites! Let’s remember our White Brothers & Sisters in JAIL this Xmas/Yule!

Please folks, help me in the comments section by listing any whites in any country who are in jail this Xmas/Yule.

I’m thinking of Dylann Roof, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, her husband, Matt Hale … and aren’t there others in Germany? What of the Boers in jail for their Boeremag activities? There are many whites in jail in the USA.

Please list names if you can think of any who are in jail this Xmas/Yule?

Let’s remember them. Heroes for our race.

I have a real soft spot for Dylann Roof. But I want to especially also remember the whites in Europe and Britain who are in jail for pro-white activities for doing awesome things in support of our race like daring to tell truths that the Jewish filth don’t like. Ditto for Matt Hale. The Jews won’t let him out.

Aren’t there some people in Jail in Austria too? How many are in jail in Germany?

And some have DIED in jail too … in America.

This year we lost Ernst Zundel and Ingrid. These are our ancestors … people we must remember! We too will go down that road! So feel free in the comments to mention names. I’ll make a plan for doing something with that list.

3 thoughts on “Attention Whites! Let’s remember our White Brothers & Sisters in JAIL this Xmas/Yule!

  • 23rd December 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Here’s some of our guys who got arrested at Charlottesville:
    Daniel Borden, Jacob Scott Goodwin and Alex Michael Ramos – all arrested in connection to the beating of Deandre Harris. Although it’s funny considering Deandre and several other black guys followed the white marchers taunting them and challenging them to a fight, with one of them grabbing a man’s flag with the man trying to jab him with it in self-defense before Deandre hit him with a maglight before another one of the marchers peppersprayed a different one of the black men, who fell back knocking over Deandre while he ran off and a different black dude ran into the parking garage and violently shoved one of the marchers to the ground and got on top of him and started beating him before several of the marchers jumped in to help him and ran him off. Then Deandre got back up and refused to drop his maglight and ran into a guy before beating beaten on the ground. That’s basically what happened. About 5 guys who were with the marchers had beat him, but just so that the cameramen filming could capture it on video and they were later doxed and reported to police.

    All men are being held without bond and face several charges, including malicious wounding. Deandre was reported as having attacked one of the marchers and was brought to court but they dropped the charges against him due to a “lack of evidence” (which doesn’t mean he wasn’t going there to antagonize and provoke people into a fight, as evidenced by him carrying a maglight).

    Dennis Mothersbaugh – Arrested after a video surfaced of him punching a female counterprotester in the face after she spit on him.

    Richard Wilson Preston – Arrested after a video surfaced of him on Twitter shooting at a black counterprotester who held a makeshift flamethrower and was shooting flames at the marchers. He didn’t hit the target, but he’s being charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school.

    Chris Cantwell – Perhaps the most trumped up case of them all, Cantwell was arrested after Emily Gorcenski (a jewish tranny) accused him of macing her, when this didn’t happen. There was another person who had falsely accused him of macing him but this was later dropped too due to both witnesses lying. What’s funny is, neither of them were indicted for perjury, but yet Jason Kessler is facing perjury charges due to the fact that he supposedly “lied” about being assaulted by a guy when he likely didn’t know whether or not he had been struck deliberately, unintentionally or not at all. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but it shows you the hypocrisy and corruption of the Charlottesville city council and why the police are NOT on your side. He did however pepperspray two people, none of whom filed charges against him because they’re criminals who had attacked a man in a tank top with a blunt object at the Robert E. Lee statue on the first night torch march, bloodying him up, and then tried attacking Cantwell himself, which resulted in him defending himself with Pepper Gel. It was these two men who started the fight at the Robert E. Lee statue after the torch marchers had surrounded the antifascists.

    Apparently he pepper sprayed a third person, though he later admitted that he didn’t remember spraying a third person. At first he was held without bond and was facing 60 years in prison, but later after 2 charges were dropped, he was granted bond and he still faces 40 years on his remaining charge which is illegal use of tear gas or other gases. He’s been on many podcasts after he was released on bond. It’s funny that the charge is still pending, likely due to the fact that his supposed “victims” won’t come forward, likely due to the fact that they themselves are guilty of criminal acts of violence during that night in Charlottesville,

  • 23rd December 2017 at 10:33 am

    My honey´-pie is in prison for a “racist” crime…got 35 years for fighting a criminal mexican…no one died …one of the most knowledgeable people I know and a very proud, honorable white man…he has done almost 15 years in America (he is 35) my gods the stories he have…you would love talking to him ..the American Christians seem to be one of the most sickening, perverted twisted people on this earth and the most jew loving as well

    (I left a comment on the Olof Palme murder too)

  • 22nd December 2017 at 6:17 pm

    What ever happened to Janusz Walus?


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