Attention: People who are angry with me over: Email replies, Unapproved Comments & Contact us non-replies

Just a quick note. I’ve had many people get very angry with me over not replying to Emails, not approving Comments and also who have left messages for me on the Contact us page.

I apologise to everyone for being behind.

However, I do want to point out that I’ve had many very serious problems including having my newsletter shut down among other things. I don’t think some of you realise how many technical problems I’ve had to fix by myself in order to be able to continue running my sites. I have to run everything myself because I’m banned from almost everything. Overcoming some of my technical challenges have really tested me to the utmost – where I’ve not even be sure sometimes if I can overcome the problems.

I did make a big effort a few months ago to reply to Contact us messages and emails, but I ran into problems there and people were not receiving my emails and I didn’t know why.

I’ve been busy this week with a major exercise to deal with emails and replies to my subscribers. I will then add in the Contact us page messages into the mix as well in the coming days and weeks. But just to let you know I’m sitting with well over 1,000 messages to go through. However, I’m doing my utmost to deal with the issue.

I will also approve comments bit by bit again.

I have wondered if there is a better way of handling comments. But I also do want to read the comments.

So this is just to let you know that I’ve thrown all my energy into it this week to see what I can set up for myself so that I can solve the problem.

I’ve had SEVERAL very angry people let me know that they believe I’m censoring their comments. The truth is that I censor very few comments. (I do censor when I believe someone is being full of shit though). I don’t want Jews and Liberals coming to my websites and annoying myself or my readers. They can f*ck off to their Libtard sites and go talk their shit over there.

So some people have been extremely angry over the comments – but the simple answer is that when I’ve had other problems that are more serious and which were preventing me from getting videos and content out, so then I focused on those issues and I let comments, Contact us messages and emails slide.

For quite a time I also did not realise that people were spamming my Contact us pages. I’ve put a stop to that now.

Also, my policy in the future will be to give my utmost priority to people who are subscribed to my newsletter. They will get my attention first.

2 thoughts on “Attention: People who are angry with me over: Email replies, Unapproved Comments & Contact us non-replies

  • 10th August 2018 at 2:16 am

    So sorry to hear about your difficulties, Jan. I have been afraid for a while that your content will go down by censorship. You have an amazing collection of knowledge here and I’ve learned a lot by reading your site and other material which you have put out (like your book).

    I am a software developer by trade and I have lots of experience with many different aspects of technology. If you need help with certain things on your site, I would be happy to help if I can. I understand that this requires a certain level of trust so I’m happy to discuss this in private. You really have some golden material here and I hate to see you fight it all out alone.

  • 9th August 2018 at 9:57 am

    Hi Jan. I tried posting this via Safari but a notice came up that the response would be posted via a non-secure method, so I have changed to Firefox. I just wanted to say I post periodically but am not precious about whether you respond etc., as i know you are busy. I was reading about the book you wrote on Hollow Planet and wanted to know the price, so clicked on the buy arrow but got a 404 Page not found, both on Safari and Firefox. Are your links being tampered with? Maybe some other readers could try as well. This was the link supplied Thank you for the work you do I enjoy reading your articles. PS I did not get an alert message from Firefox, so have posted this.


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