A Simple clue to all Whites that Jews are the Biggest, Boldest, Bullshit artists on the planet…

[In the days when I had Jewish friends, my “best” Jewish friend, who visited me often and we talked for long was pretty arrogant on various occasions. For example with regard to Christianity, he would say: “If the Christians want to know what’s written in the Bible then they should refer to us because we are the people who wrote it!” Back then I was foolish enough to fall for various Jewish claims like this.

But on a number of occasions my Jewish friend said something that the Jews everywhere claim. He said something like this: “We have a direct telephone line to God”. Now the Jews will go on and on about how they are the one and only chosen people and how they have a direct link to God which is exclusive and which nobody else has. They don’t say it exactly like that, but they insinuate that in their soft, lying, Jewish way.

NOWHERE ON THIS PLANET will you find any race of people, any tribe of people who make a claim as bold as these Jews. That they are the one and only people who have a DIRECT connection with God, a telephone line, if you will, to God.

This alone should alert you to the simple fact that you’re dealing with the greatest liars and bullshit artists on the planet. Nobody else, no matter how filthy or retarded they are, has this line that the Jews have. This alone should tell you what a race of bullshit artists you’re dealing with. Jan]

One thought on “A Simple clue to all Whites that Jews are the Biggest, Boldest, Bullshit artists on the planet…

  • 25th September 2019 at 3:52 am

    I’m not sure what you are implying here? You are aware that what is being said here is true? I mean, are you saying they are bull shitting you for telling you the truth here or have you actually bought into all that Jewish bull shit called Christianity. The truth is Arrius Calpurnius Piso and family wrote the entire New Testament under the pen name Flavious Josephus in cahoots with the Roman Empire’s who just changed hats to become popes and the entire Catholic church is a Jesuit owned entity. I mean Christianity is nothing more than consenting to Adreno-chrome (drinking of Jesus blood) & cannibalism (eating of Jesus’s flesh) and child sacrifice (33 is but a child to a god that is millions of years old). You gotta study symbolism and the Gnostics if you don’t want to end up spaced (heaven) away from the Holy Spirit (Gaia Sophia). And all of the great preacher’s like John Calvin, Martin Luther & Billy Graham were Jews. Billy Graham wasn’t, but all of sermons were written by the Jewish financed Tavistock Institute.


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