3 Pics: Western World gets more insane: No Bikinis at Miss America – Transexual becomes Miss Spain!

[Here we have Jews at work. Whites on the Social media in recent years have said that you just can’t make this shit up! The reality is more insane than anything you could think of. Well, here it is in photos. We can’t look at beautiful women any more. And non-women can now win contests designed for women only!

White men can’t look at and appreciate and dream of the beauty of their women. Its nuts. Its the most basic human impulse – the force that drives men and women into each other’s arms and results in babies and life itself.

This transsexual BS is more damned Jewish creepy rubbish. I was listening to music from the Euro-vision song contest which has run for decades. It was awesome listening to whites in different countries singing songs in their own languages and the best winning!

But then I saw that fucking Israel won the competition about 3 times! What the bloody hell!? Is Israel a part of Europe!? Well apparently bloody so. And it turned out that one of the songs that won was sung by a Jewish trans-sexual! A fucking Jewish transsexual at a Euro-vision song contest.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Then look at the bullshit below in the USA and Spain and ask yourself if the fucking Jewish hags are at work, fucking up the otherwise happy lives of white men and women and interfering with the most important impulse in life – the impulse to create life! Then you know why we’re in this hell. Jan]

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