4 Pics: Shy Hitler and the beautiful girls…

I think I’ve found a photo that I’ve been looking for for years. I think this is it below. Look at Hitler in this photo below. I don’t know if its because of the way he’s perhaps holding his arm. But to me, in this photo, Hitler looks a little bit shy, whereas the beautiful women are BEAMING from ear to ear and they look as if they could “eat him up” they like him so much. Anyhow, to me, Hitler just seemed a little bit shy in this photo, and I like it. He was a very decent bloke.

This is another very cool photo of Hitler with young German girls. They look beautiful and healthy and extremely happy! Very awesome stuff!

And another… arm in arm with the women…

One thought on “4 Pics: Shy Hitler and the beautiful girls…

  • 12th March 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Excellent photos, many thanks for looking for these, the last two I have never seen before, though the top one I am quite familiar with, though he does inadvertantly look a little like Charlie Chaplin at first sight, till you see he is probably just making room for the young lady admirer to come through, and the photographer just caught him at that strange moment.


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