Video: Jan & Alex discuss: Audio Books: Christian & Jewish history in Europe

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We discuss European history and the Roman Catholics, Protestants and Jews. How the Jews rejected Jesus and tried to find Jesus substitutes unsuccessfully. We talk about the early Protestants in the USA, the Boers and the Mormons and how they view themselves as old Testament Jews. Alex explains the “Soul Spying” of the Jesuits and how the Illuminati and Jews use these methods to control people. The Jews using Freemasonry via Britain and Holland created the French Revolution.

In this video we discuss some of the audio books that Alex Linder has done where he’s taken a written book and created an audio version of it. His library is extensive and its meant to give, by South African standards, a University Level education to whites. The word College in the USA is closer to the definition of University in South African terms. His audio books are intended to educate whites about themselves, their history and the enemies of our race, the Jews.

We focus especially on massive audio book series called The Jewish Revolutionary spirit which Alex created from Professor MacDonald’s massive work by the same name. MacDonald really puts a nice name to the spiteful Jewish maliciousness towards white nations for the last 2000 years.

One thought on “Video: Jan & Alex discuss: Audio Books: Christian & Jewish history in Europe

  • 26th February 2018 at 2:47 pm

    “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by Dr. E. Michael Jones is a great work.

    ‘Revolutions’ are usually kikejew operations:

    The Jew manipulates folks into revolution
    over any odd flaw in their heritage
    and then destroys it all !!

    First Things First : End Jew Influence


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