Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 4 – Part 4 and 3 FREE PDF books!!

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Jews engaged in cannibalism, baby burning and human sacrifice. This 1936 book made very accurate predictions of what the Jews would do. The Jews believe THEY ARE GOD!

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He predicted their take-over of all media and forms of publicity. The Jews intend waging an endless espionage war against all non-Jews. The author explains how the Jews invented what we know as “The Star of David” or the “Shield of Solomon”. These are not Jewish, nor are they old. The author warns of the ungainly postures and moves of “the Jewish Mongrel ass” and says that they have ulterior motives as they always have had. He explained the Jewish links to communism. The Jews want to rule the earth and control the wealth of ALL nations and ALL peoples forever. Jews want to destroy Christianity and they especially want to crush the white race.

Here is the link for the FREE BOOKS:

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