What has Jan been up to? Jan’s been busy…

Just a quick note. I have not posted anything on the website for a few days. But I am busy doing stuff.

  1. I have 3 people helping me to do a make-over of the historyreviewed.com website so that it looks better and is easier to use.
  2. After the farm murder protests I got information last week that the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) was going to have a meeting in the Free State where their leader would speak and other right wing groups were going to gather. I went there on Saturday. It was a long trip and I then spent half the day in Coligny checking out the places the blacks had damaged.

So I have *TONS* of info for you all. I even met people from new right wing groups.

So I’m busy with stuff. You’ll begin seeing updates here.

8 thoughts on “What has Jan been up to? Jan’s been busy…”

  1. Thanks Allan. I’m trying to get info on the supposed protest at the union buildings on 24th November and 1st December. I have no firm details. If anyone comes across more info please drop me a line.

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