The BEST WW2 Summary EVER! – You call this a Victory?

[On Twitter I saw a white guy who calls himself "Full of Goy” posting this brief explanation of WW2.

Just today I had an idiot telling me with great intensity about Adolf Hitler’s “stupid military mistakes”. I said to him: Clearly you know NOTHING! What the Germans achieved was incredible! What is sad for our race is that Hitler and his allies FAILED to expand Europe Eastwards (into traditional Aryan/White racial territory I might add – Ukraine, Caucasus, etc).

This is what Full of Goy posted! I totally agree with his analysis.

For the record the 12.5 years he refers to is from the day Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany until Germany fell. Jan]

6 thoughts on “The BEST WW2 Summary EVER! – You call this a Victory?”

  1. The jewish lies seem to have convinced you phantom but I won’t be reading anything put forward by a loser like you.

  2. I think you need to go back to sleep “phantomas”, and leave the great nations rise again with great determination toward their true existence on Earth !!!

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