Video: They said: Jan is NOT a Team Player!

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This is how I turned the tables on powerful non-whites in the bank who set out to destroy me and run me out of the bank. This is how I fought for my job for over 6 years and how I survived in the face of impossible odds, while causing them lots of casualties. But the icing on the cake was when I turned blacks against Indian managers! They used their power to turn the blacks on me, but I turned the blacks on them and I succeeded!

4 thoughts on “Video: They said: Jan is NOT a Team Player!”

  1. Hi Jan.

    Thanks for doing this site and for the information you provide.

    Had same experience in the IT department of a well known oil company with a Black female manager trying to get rid of me and replace me with an incompetent black. Thankfully I have moved on to a better position.
    We white people must stick together – minus the liberals of course!

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for mentioning your problem. Its good to see I’m not alone. Among my experiences was that some whites were in cahoots with the non-whites and taking part in all their goals – despite the massive damage to the company. I’m glad you managed to move along. They have no problem getting rid of whites I tell you. Its best you lookout for yourself.

      One thing I’ve learned is that you must NEVER be “loyal” to your employer – especially if its a big business. They don’t give a fig about us whites and will easily have us all kicked aside without a hassle.

      Agreed, we must stick together – minus the Liberals. I hope you’ve found the website informative.

      Take care,

  2. I always spent 80% of energy on shenanigans and watching may back. Corporations are perfect example of values imposed by Jews: “By the way of deception”

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