Farm murders have INCREASED since Monday’s protest

The news is not good. Since the whites did the peaceful protest on Monday there have been 14 attacks on Farmers and 7 have been KILLED!

3 thoughts on “Farm murders have INCREASED since Monday’s protest”

  1. Protests, words, rainbow nation…They are laughing and saying that will get us one by one. Remember Haiti and the fate of French living there.

    1. The only way to hurt them is through publicity initially. What’s important is that we are learning team work. We know the blacks will do nothing. What matters is what we think and what we do.

      1. That “teamwtok” actually means – WE do everything and all other maggot corpses get all the benefits and credit.. That team work angle is something i will NEVER do with other whites .sry
        ( nor should you or anyone else either )
        Murdered people are usually bubble monkey fucks anyway. That saves me time shooting them later myself !!! problem with WW1 and 2 was really because there is hundreds of millions of these traitors available . Letthem suffer wor little bit longer now 🙂

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