Video: RW02 – South Africa’s coming Race Wars

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This is the original Race War article I wrote in 2001 and which was published on Jeff Rense’s website. Jeff Rense said this is a must-read for all South Africans. In this article I pointed out the anti-white hatred of the black president Mbeki whom the Jews and Liberals loved! This long article became the basis for my book: Government by Deception and AfricanCrisis. I mentioned too the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg, the old Boer prophet.

7 thoughts on “Video: RW02 – South Africa’s coming Race Wars”

  1. The worst thing that happened to Africa the white man showed and left. Talk is cheap in Africa I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Africans attacking the white people, they have been saying this shit for years a race war. If you stand up to the Africans they will quickly retreat with their tails in between their legs they secretly cowards these South African blacks.

        1. I lived many early years in Zambia in the lovely town of Livingstone near Victoria Falls, also working there. I saw too many expats coming, making their money, then leaving back to England, no commitment to the country. Still have family there! When very young I lived in Lusaka on a hill above the racecourse in a house my father built himself.

  2. You at least earned credibility for saying that you never actually read the actual prophecies of Van R. Every idiot out their will quote snyman and say that it was Siener.

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