Video: The Jew Stefan Molyneux: Alex Linder and Jan discuss him

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Don’t miss the first part of this including the videos! I give a lesson in the Jewish methods of lying and you get to hear and watch this and assess this for yourself! Jews are subtle liars. They will easily fool you. Then on #TeamWhite I ask Alex why he always refers to Molyneux as a Jew. We discuss Molyneux as well as various other problems whites are facing that were deliberately created by the Jews. Alex is at his best and funniest with his many remarks and observations.

15 thoughts on “Video: The Jew Stefan Molyneux: Alex Linder and Jan discuss him”

  1. Jews are clever?? Don’t make me laugh, they couldn’t write their own names in the ground with a stick, and that was in the 20th century. Why do you think they got the name kike? Because at Ellis island New York when they coming in to America in droves, the could not even write their names so they said make the mark X. The jews refused as they thought it was the sign of the cross so they agreed to sign a circle instead, hebrew for circle, kike. They were even a pain in the ass when seeking asylum. They were not nor have they ever been geniuses, their natural place in the grand scheme of things is sock darners and pants pressers, this is the truth, it’s only because they are such blatant liars that they have managed to get where they are today, by exploiting the good nature of the whites.

    1. I was unaware of the Jews signing with circles. So what exactly triggered the word kike? I have worked and dealt with Jews a lot and like you I have never seen anything they did that was great. They have no talent except lying and figuring or which lie is likely to work the best. They contribute nothing to this world.

  2. Nice work and insight my friend. I hope you get some good images for your site so when I share your stuff it has a picture along with the link. get more viewers that way… Here is something I posted to my daughter a couple days ago and a great pro-white we site picked it up…

    Race Mixing: is whoring yourself and your ancestors out to the enemy under the guise of love that ultimately destroys your own kindred people and nation = Treason.

    Race Mixing: is racial and spiritual warfare. There is no real cuteness or beauty within the amalgamation of racially different people through miscegenation when it is in fact racial distortion, unnatural ugliness, offensive, race baiting, and abominable.

    Did I hurt your feelings? I do not have to accept anything I do not want to or find anything cute about others irresponsibility within their self-eradicating life choices.

    I always lose a couple of friends over this but also gain new ones for stating the truth. I hope this helps you understand my insight into this nefarious topic?

    Skin color is just as big a part of a persons identity and the who, what , and where of it all. Africans have a racial manifest identity as do all the other races whether you leave the lights on or not… Mongrels fall in between the lines and is an abomination in the house of God.

    There may have been biological adaptation to environment internally and externally but external skin color was never really a factor in spite of the false claims of evolutionists. The hair would still be falling off the different types of monkey today as they depart the jungle. A hairless evolved spider monkey might then be called a chinaman…lol…

    Actually, the real scientific evidence shows very minimal evolution if any at all and minimal race mixing since creation. The proof is right in front of your eyes. If God were colorblind then we might all been created the same. The different races still exist after thousands of years. God made each kind/race/species for his good purpose and pleasure and said not to mix things up. God set boundaries for each of our habitats and violation of these creates cultural conflict and war.

    Miscegenation Attracts Unstable, Low-Confidence People…

    1. I love Alex Linder. One of the main reasons on how I found this channel. You should do a weekly deal with him. Alex Linder is a contributing factor as to why I’m on your mail listings.

      1. Hi nice to see another bid Alex Linder fan. Excellent. Please feel free to give me feedback. What touches you. I will definitely make a plan to do more videos with him.

    2. Thanks very much. I do enjoy working with Alex. He’s real fun. And I like his genuine anger and hatred of our enemies. It fits in with my own deep hatred. I have always sensed a genuineness in Alex that I like. Thank you for the compliment and suggestion. Team white was an idea he came up with and I like it. It’s totally racial.

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