Video: Las Vegas Massacre: Alex Linder and Jan discuss it

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On #TeamWhite we discussed in detail as much of the Las Vegas Massacre as we know. We look at various aspects of it that are strange. We agree that this man had a massive motive – there was just too much premeditation in this. However, we can’t agree on which motive is the most likely. We examine this from every aspect we can.

16 thoughts on “Video: Las Vegas Massacre: Alex Linder and Jan discuss it”

  1. No matter how much insulting name-calling the self-anointed supreme thinker Alex Linder does against us, there are many of us out here who know to not take ANY jewsmedia reports of ANY events at face value.

    How many examples do we need in history before we rightly bring critical thinking to every supposed fact?

    Example: They told us Lee Harvey Oswald did the shooting their kill-jfk day. Later, we learned Oswald didn’t shoot at all.
    Example: They told us Arabs (but called “Muslims” in order to use a religion word and avoid race words) did 9/11. Soon, we knew that Arabs/Muslims had nothing to do with it. It was done by jews.
    Example: A young Mr. Holmes, so we were told, did the shooting in the cinema in Colorado. Soon, we figured out that Holmes did absolutely no shooting, as he was drugged and sitting locked in the back seat of his car.

    Linder tells us in regard to the Las Vegas event that we are idiots if we doubt that the jewSA’s designated culprit did the shooting. And he tells us that mentioning Crisis Actors makes one an insane idiot.

    Meanwhile, these insulting pronouncements were made while Linder brought very little knowledge and very little expertise to the subject. For example, he doesn’t know about guns. (I fast-forwarded through the video because it was sickening.) I heard no talk of the contradictory evidence in the photo/photos of the supposedly dead guy lying on the floor in the hotel room — such as two different blood pools at his head, and the open left eye not covered in blood, and more.

    There was shooting from the street at other hotels slightly earlier that same night.

    Photos of people running, people lying on the concert grounds, and then aftermath photos of trash lying there, none with blood.

    Just as a for-instance, it would be easy to panic a crowd if Crisis Actors were mixed into the crowd and upon a given signal, they burst their ketchup pods and scream and fall and carry each other away, etc. Meanwhile, if anybody really was shot and injured or killed, that could have been done by a highly likely second shooter. I say likely because of reports of a shooter at a much lower level than the two funny broken windows supposedly broken by the jewSA’s designated culprit.

    What’s the reason for the jews to inflict this event on us? Linder can’t figure out the obvious. As perceived by the masses who get their info from the jewsmedia, a supposedly White male (with money, with an easy life, yet with a mud shit girlfriend) went crazy with a lot of guns and ammo and killed a bunch of totally innocent people. What could be better for the jews’ gun-grabber agenda against us?

    I say the guy looks jewy. He looks like a near twin of a jew owner of a fancy coffee house I know. If a jew, then I say he’s not dead. His brother if pictured wearing a t-shirt showing his link to the jewess fake-video maker and Crisis Actors.

    You know, Jan, you ought to bring healthy skepticism to Alex Linder, the self-chosen Thinker Supreme on our planet, who despite his superiority has been a foolish Trumpette. There are many of us who knew from the first not to fall for the Trump Deception by the jews.

    And then there’s ISIS, a jew creation that Linder thinks is legit. Sheesh, man, if ISIS claims a hand in an event, and if you believe that claim, then you know it’s a jew event.

    Anyway, let me give you a couple of suggestions for strong pro-White anti-jew thinking:
    Northerntruthseeker, lots of evidence from various sources, rarely falls for the deceptions,
    MurderByMedia3, who is brief and incisive.

    And there are more.

    I offer this long comment as icing on the cake of the very good work you normally do, Jan. And I thank you for your work for our White race.

    Callahan Braun

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your comments.

      We did the video shortly after the incident and will see what other really data comes to the fore.

      I did mention in my pervious video and again that this benefits only the Jews regardless of the finer data. So somehow the must be a link that runs deep.

      But one thing I cannot accept as fact is the crisis actor thing. It’s something that people bring up but I’ve never found evidence that made me believe it’s possible. Real people do die. And I believe Alex Jones has been instrumental in pushing the crisis actor thing.

      I’m still waiting for more data to analyse before heading out on another angle.

      I am aware of the police recordings and I did hear how several things were going down. That is why I said there could have been non combatant assistants.

      So these thoughts are on my mind. Clearly the whole thing was tremendously well organised.

      So it the cops say there was only one one person then that would switch me off.

      What you are missing but I am cognisant of is the fact that secrecy may be playing a role in what the cops say.

      I strongly suspect that many people including police may themselves break out of the system in years to come to tell us more.

      I have always prided myself on my analysis. I won’t say I’m right always. But I do take factors into account which you might not.

      I have additional thoughts on these events and why some succeed and why others fail. You must remember that there must also be things which fail which you never get to hear about.

      My leaning as you saw was towards the liberals and Jews being behind this rather than isis. Alex had different views.

      We will have to see who is closest. Also Alex did say he was guessing on some stuff because he had no further info.

      I’d say we played cautious rather than going wild. With time we’d may forum much harsher opinions. I am keen to read and view any new info.

      Thanks for your comments.

    1. Caesar the long haired one was surrounded by enemies. The only one , that did not fully comprehend this, was the long haired one…

  2. Come on,just like every one of these there is no evidence…Background checks have been done on every victim,not a single burial….How about the victim who got shot in the neck,lolol,bullet lodged,and he is out in a couple days on CNN…no wound,no bandage… see it here at 5:20 into this video
    Steve Paddock has been filmed alive after the shooting playing blackjack.
    Not only that,a background check reveal his family ties to Ruth Bader Ginsberg the anti-gun Supreme Court rat.

  3. The long time between shooting and action tend to suggest nobody died and nobody got hurt. The police would then have no motive to arrest anyone as it was faked and noone would be forced to act under law. Motive: Fema failed taking Texan guns during the man made hurricane and flooding due to 3%ers and oathkeepers with guns during rescue operation.

  4. Health Ranger scientist and long range shooter Mike Adams (who also gets his videos pulled by ytube) and his excellent video gives the physics to prove there were 2 shooters and 1 of them was a lot closer than the Mandalay Hotel.He gives the radius and the likely spots – I love the cheeky address he makes to the F B I and police force giving them step by step instructions how to do this, then saying its very basic physics!

  5. Thanks guys. The smoking gun for me is the number of rounds fired continuously. I thought that was suspicious as I didn’t see any long magazines or barrel fed magazines in the leaked photos. I watch a video by a US military guy and he says that those rounds could only be fired by a BELT fed weapon.He counts over 70 rounds in one burst session. He mentions the SAW and 2 other light caliber options. Link:

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