Video: Please go Alt-Light on the Jews: Alex Jones & Stefan Molyneux & others…

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The Arabs really control the world! That is according to the Jew shill and fake patriot Alex Jones! We look at a short, excellent piece of film footage where we hear Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux speaking about the Jews. I don’t know who made this excellent little video but it has excellent photos and videos showing all the JEWS and their positions of power all over, while we listen to Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux trying to deflect us away from Jewish power. You’ll also see various mention of the Alt-Right and much more. I’ve always been suspicious of Alex Jones as well as Stefan Molyneux.

4 thoughts on “Video: Please go Alt-Light on the Jews: Alex Jones & Stefan Molyneux & others…”

  1. Many normies are called normies ,because they think jews roaming in alt right and other stuff like that…Even being conservatives.. is always a con !!! Normie is called only normie ,because he cant kill his / her own family members if you found out they jewish.. And many of them suddenly ,probably are somekind of mischlinka / mixbreed R.A.T.S
    Also normies are usually NOT racist enough ..Normies are not that because i know few things more than someone else…NOT AT ALL !!!

  2. “jews being the most intelligent group, ”

    Intelligent to (((them))) doesn’t have the same meaning as it does to us. Molyneux is a big suck- up on that issue. He knows that he can’t be truthful on that issue, he knows the consequences, so does Jones.

  3. Molyneux and his garbage about jews being the most intelligent group, what? Their natural level finds them turning cuff’s and pressing other people’s pants. They are not intelligent they are highly deceitful and manipulative, there’s a big difference. They are hated throughout the world for a reason, they are backstabbing scum and whenever it was realised they were booted out of the country they were currently fleecing. People like jones and molyneux have zero integrity and are simply in it for the money, that’s why the jews are able to control them so easily. The jews have few weapons in their arsenal but they are effective one’s, they have deceit and they exploit man’s natural greed, the jew can’t corrupt an honest man nor someone whom is not motivated by money. I’m amazed that people still take those two clowns seriously when it’s so obvious they are controlled opposition but that just shows you how deeply the conditioning has penetrated. On a brighter note, the message is getting through as I see the jews changing tactics and trying to get laws passed to jail us for criticising them in any way. This will backfire as people are getting sick of their chutzpah. Once the winds change and the corrupt politicians are routed then we will re gain control and once again boot out the criminal jew and strip him of his ill gotten gains before deporting his kike arse.

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