Video: How the Jews broke into Historian David Irving’s apartment

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Here’s how a clever white man outwitted some creepy Jews back in 1963. The Jews were already out to get David Irving even before he did his Hitler work. This is the creepy story of how 3 Jews came and broke into David Irvings apartment and he confronted them. Due to his quick thinking Irving even had the Jews arrested and they were found guilty.

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  1. Excellent video Jan, I believe that the jews must be leaning on David and I fear that he has grown weary of the constant pressure that each new generation of lying jews bring. Nothing is beneath them and maybe his life and the lives of family members has been threatened as well as the power they have to destroy his livelihood. He has done more than many to bring the truth to the people now it’s up to others to pick up the mantle and carry it forward. We all do what we can in our own way to help get the truth out and to help secure he survival of our race.

  2. Greetings I believe I saw a video on YT and David Irving said his blood line is Scottish Blue Blood on the Bruce line Is British Nationalistic the Union Flag or separate English Scottish Welsh Irish with their Flags being England Is Jewland as United States is Jewmerica

    1. Thanks very much. So he has Scottish roots hey? I was totally unaware of that. Thanks for that. Well it’s been going the Scots would stand more firmly and even break away. Either way he’s a tough white man. He never fails to impress me. We need plenty more rough white men.

    1. You just need a certain flag in front of your house 🙂

      Did you ever get in touch with the SA old man who recently hoisted the flag?

      1. I tried. I wrote to the journalist a few times. The Bastard only replied once and refused to say anything further. They go and name this man in their bloody newspaper but give out nothing. I traced the historical group he belonged to. I sent them my website details and articles and asked to make contact. But nobody ever responded.

    2. Back in 2013 I attended one of David’s speeches and very soon after joined him on his historical tour of Poland. He did not like me and I could not understand why until one of his best friends (who he was very rude to) informed me that he is autistic.

      The jews have created vaccines that destroy the brains of their Goyims and then label their victims as suffering from “autism” which is a million miles different to natural autism.
      David is like a human form of a tape recorder because of his genuine autism, which is why he is so good at repeating his speeches day after day without any hiccups.

      However, the down side to David’s natural affliction is that he is extremely narrow minded which forces him to get very offensive to anyone who believes in; “Conspiracy theories”.

      Back then in 2013, he informed me that he was writing his memoirs and I suspected at the time that they would not be released until after his death because the memoirs probably contradict his then recent claims that the holocaust really happened after all.
      Also, from what I had gathered, I surmised that the jews had threatened him that if he did not comply with them, then more of his daughters would be murdered (the jews appear to have murdered his disabled daughter).

    3. I wish. That man was seriously brave. Truly awesome. I am too cowardly to be like him. He was incredible. I have more videos to do about him.

  3. Jan, I’ve actually met David Irving and was part of his Wolfs Lair tour in 2011. The Jews really did need 3 people as David Irving is a giant of a man of 6’3″ with a very large build.

    1. Hi,
      I’m very interested in hearing your opinion of him and if that tour. I’ve been very worried about him saying the holocaust did happen and as per the suspicions of the other commenter I had wondered if the Jews threatened his children. I’ve been wondering if they are blackmailing him and doing things that he can’t talk about.

      It concerns me greatly that he now says the Germans are murdering Jews.

      Look if the Germans killed Jews I’m totally happy about it. The Jews fully deserve what they get and they don’t even get 10% of what they really deserve.

      What concerns me is whether he is now putting out fake history under duress. That’s my concern.

      Also if the Jews are hammering him secretly that is also terrible.

      This again brings us to the point why whites will have to engage in revolution in order to be truly free. You cannot change the system from within revolution and force may be the only way and even the best way. You cannot drain the swamp from within. You must smash the system with force.

      But he and zundel did lay massive foundations for our race. But the job is far from done. Freedom must be obtained through blood it seems to me.

    1. Glad you liked it. Sorry about the problem with it. As time goes by I’ll have to debug more and find out how to improve things. Thanks for telling me what went wrong.

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